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Open, Complimentary Classes Schedule for USA

This complimentary class to learn about and try out Practice HORA.  The introductory class is a chance to learn about the practice, and experience a sample of the physical exercises. Introductory class covers two programs: HORA-TRACK and PRACTICE HORA.  Open class, mostly held on Saturdays' at 9 a.m.  If you cannot make it,  tell us when is the best time for us to meet for Open / Intro class

Tell us when you can meet with us:  Book an appointment with Salon using SetMore

Info on Locations & Programs: Wilmette, IL  

PRACTICE HORA is a completely new effective method of endurance training. The introductory class is a chance to learn about the practice, and experience a sample of the physical exercises.

To reserve a space, please tell us when you can meet with us:   Book an appointment with Salon using SetMore  or call Svetlana at 704.737.5353, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Practice HORA Introductory Open class is about 1 hour:

1. HORA-TRACK Exercises on the chair - 20 minutes 
2. What is HORA presentation - 20 minutes 
3. Interactive sample of physical HORA exercises - 20 minutes

Physical qualifications: One must be able to sit down and stand up from the floor, without  help. To participate in the sample exercises one must have shoes preferable with flat/thin soul and comfortable cloth.

Key Words: Dynamic Meditation, Revitalization, Stress Management, Natural-Evolutionary Health, Personal Success, Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA, Trance 

"20 Minutes" HORA-TRACK Exercises on the Chair (based on Trance-Evolutionary Meditative Dance HORA) 

HORA TRACK Training Exercises combo 2Web

Training of physical and intellectual super endurance.

This is an interactive training with social focus and benefits to the participants.

At the training, active participants follow the leader of HORA-TRACK Exercises by mirroring the moves.

It is a method of recover after any type of exhaustion and opportunity to break free from any type of addiction, stress or depression.

The bright and vital, evolutionary trance in which there is no tiredness — this is the difference of the HORA trance from all other existing trances. This bright trance, this dance of life against the dark, life-exhausting trances, including drug-induced trances.



Evolutionary-Wellness Program of Practice HORA — is a practice, a method, of awakening one’s natural-evolutionary health, and its conscious and continuous training. 

Practice HORA Sample Exercises 3

* The ability to always be in shape
* The ability to be highly competitive
* Clarity of mind – quick decision making
* An unyielding inner core, strength
* attractiveness – always
* Psychological comfort and self confidence
* An energetic and fulfilling life
* The ability to live without fatigue and not become depleted
* Effectiveness and productivity
* Resistance to stress
* Preventive wellness of the spine

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