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Open, Complimentary Classes Schedule

At our complimentary class you will learn about and try Practice HORA exercises.  The introductory class is a chance to learn about the practice and experience a sample of the physical exercises. The introductory class covers two programs: HORA-TRACK and PRACTICE HORA.  The open class mostly held on Saturdays' at 9 a.m.  If you cannot make it,  tell us when is the best time for us to meet for Open / Intro class

Tell us when you can meet with us:   Book an appointment with Salon using SetMore

Info on Locations & Programs:   3520 Lake Ave, Suite 101 Wilmette, IL  

PRACTICE HORA: is a completely new effective method of endurance training.

HORA-TRACK: Training of physical and intellectual super endurance.

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Charlotte, NC - Class Calendar

Class Schedule for Practice HORA participants in Charlotte, NC

Audience: Socially active people pursuing realization of their maximum potential. 

Monthly workshop usually held during the weekend: Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday. Workshop has 3 classes over period of 2 days.

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Brief Practice HORA USA Videos

Yelp Practice HORA USA Video

1. What is HORA


3. What do HORA students say

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