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What our users from Charlotte say 

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Tanja Bechtler

Tanja is is the founder and artistic director of the Bechtler Ensemble, Chamber Music Series Charlotte, NC .

The ability to perform as a cellist under stress and actually enjoy it has changed my life dramatically.
My life mentally, physically and spiritually is at a much higher level now, so that I sometimes don't even recognize the new me anymore. I walk differently, I sit differently, I play differently and I have more patience and compassion towards others.Read More


Lynette Pellegrini

Lynette specializes in land acquisition, Charlotte, NC.

A separate yoga or fitness practice that took many hours each week has been replaced by Practice HORA as part of my everyday life. Before HORA, I would be literally exhausted by the early evening.  Now I often stay up past 11.  I just do not need as much sleep.  And the quality of my sleep is better. Now, with Practice HORA, I wake up rested and refreshed. Read More

Wendy James 320X240

Wendy James

Wendy is an entrepreneur, Charlotte, NC.

The change in energy has been incredible and absolute. I now get 2 to 3 extra hours in the day to be productive.The very first time I did HORA I felt the energy — it surprised me since I had been searching, experimenting and spending enormous amounts of money to find something that works! Read More


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If you do not see schedule on the calendar, we probably have not finalized it. You can contact us @ 704.737.35353

Monthly workshop usually held during the weekend: Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday. Workshop has 3 classes over period of 2 days.

Practice HORA Charlotte Workshop Prices

Svetlana Baklanova (Charlotte)

Svetlana Baklanova (Charlotte)

Basic Program, HORA-TRACK Exercises on the chair. 


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