Open class mostly held on Saturdays' at 9 a.m.
If you cannot make it,
tell us when is the best time for us to meet for Open / Intro class

3520 Lake Ave, #101, Wilmette 704.737.5353 c


Tell us when you can meet

Practice HORA Workshop Prices

Charlotte - Practice HORA Traveling Workshop Program

Typical schedule: Friday, Day 1: -- 1 class, Saturday, Day 2: -- 2 classes per day.

Comparing Chicago Travel Program vs. Charlotte Traveling Workshop

Travelling to Chicago for Travel Program Charlotte Workshop Savings
Commute Expenses Quantity Sub-Total 1 Sub-Total 2
Arline Tickets to Chicago 1 $380 $0
Chicago Hotel 4 $600 $0
Airport Transportation $90 $0
  Commute Total $1,070 $0 $1070

Evolutionary-Wellness TRAVEL Program Type
First Grade Level 1 (5 Classes)
Adults $1,000 $0
Training Total $1,000 $600 $400
Total For Training and Travel
$2,070 $600 $1,470

** No need to take time off from social objectives, family and work 

Please select your class and follow instructions.  Payment is made via Paypal cart and supported with receipt.

Default Quantity is single set. Quantity can be updated at the time of the check out. 

Regular Price for (Adults Age 26 & Up) 
Single Class Option
Promotional Price for (Adults Age 26 & Up) 
Single Class Option
Regular Price for (Kids, Teens, Youth Age 10 to 25) 
Three Class Options
HORA-TRACK Training Exercises in the Chair
Three Class Options

* Rights Not To Accept Individuals To Class: Instructor may not accept individual(s) into a training program based on:

  • Their physical inabilities to perform exercises
  • Previous rejection of service by other instructors as well
  • Commercial trade/professional business reasons
  • Other logical reasons

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