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The change in energy has been incredible and absolute. I now get 2 to 3 extra hours in the day to be productive. Wendy James

Wendy James 320X240
I had a vibrant life — mentally, spiritually, emotionally — yet battled physically with exhaustion for years. 

The very first time I did HORA I felt the energy — it surprised me since I had been searching, experimenting and spending enormous amounts of money to find something that would counter my wild fantasies of a 7:30 bedtime. The change in energy has been incredible and absolute. With that comes the gift of time that has completely changed our family dynamic. I now get 2 to 3 extra hours in the day to be productive while working, a happy mom putting her kids to bed — focused attention on them and not my need just get it over with. I get time to connect and regroup with my husband after that.

I also travel a lot — night and day difference — my energy stays consistent and I am adjusting to time changes almost effortlessly.

And it’s is true – even when you don’t sleep and are really tired — your brain and mood function as though you were firing on all cylinders. After one of the Practice HORA weekends I was coasting on maybe 4 hours of sleep. I was fully energized while being physically tired odd tho’ that may sound — going out after a full day I was the life of the party — I was turned on mentally and spiritually and made people laugh all night.

It is amazing that a practice you do once a month (Charlotte Weekend Workshop) could have this kind of impact. I am so grateful. 

Wendy James

Charlotte, NC

June, 2013

A separate yoga or fitness practice that took many hours each week has been replaced by Practice HORA as part of my everyday life. Lynette Pellegrini

LYNETTE PELLEGRINI v320x240In 1994, I was in a very serious auto accident in which I sustained several broken bones, including a skull fracture.  My recovery was slow in the first few years as I was in and out of surgery, but gradually continued until I was left with residual pain and difficulties in my neck and jaw.  In 1999, I began practicing traditional yoga, which was a great help.  However, up until the beginning of this year when I began Practice HORA, I still suffered from pain in my upper cervical area, TMJ and carried a great deal of stress in my neck and shoulders. The position of my head in relationship to my shoulders has changed radically. The release that I feel in my cervical spine is remarkable.  TMJ is a condition knows as the inflammation of the temporal mandibular joint. At night, during sleep, I would clench my teeth and grind them back and forth, waking with my teeth aching.  TMJ is a condition which is very difficult to treat. I have worn dental appliances since the accident but they only serve to protect the teeth.  My TMJ caused headaches and the doctors would treat it with anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxers.  The muscles of my jaw in the front of my face were rock solid.  Now, I can manipulate the fibers of the jaw muscles.  No headaches, no sore teeth.

I was an avid yogi, practicing in several different studios each week.  I have narrowed my practice to one or two teachers and about once a week.  I do a lot more walking for exercise.   I have put on a few pounds, but I do not seem bothered by it and feel that I look good.  The standard for myself has moved away from perfection.  A separate yoga or fitness practice that took many hours each week has been replaced by Practice HORA as part of my everyday life.  I am currently on a flight from Charlotte to California.  As I sit, I intermittently press my feet into the ground and lift the crown of my head to the ceiling.  My shoulders drop and my chest opens.  My abdominal region engages.  A full deep breathe rises.   A sense of well-being bathes my existence. 

I also want to share that this practice (HORA) has effected my confidence level.  To me, my new level of confidence comes from the fact that I am relaxed.  As I mentioned earlier, the quality of breath that comes up naturally has brought a whole new level of relaxation to my life.  I connect the two: relaxation and confidence.  I worried a lot about whether I was doing or saying the right thing.  Now I am "comfortable in my own skin" so to speak which translates into increased level of confidence.

Increased and sustainable energy is another positive outcome from my practice.  The single mother of two boys, now 14 and 11, I have primary responsibility for raising them.  I am also an older mother, age 55.  Before HORA, I would be literally exhausted by the early evening.  I would get to the end of a day, and my body would almost hurt, I would be so tired.  I often fell asleep when putting my youngest to bed at 8:30-9pm.  I can remember standing at his doorway in pain, pleading with him to go to bed so that I could do the same. Now I often stay up past 11.  I just do not need as much sleep.  And the quality of my sleep is better.  Before, I was afraid to go to sleep because there was so much underlying tension that would manifest as teeth grinding and clenching. Now, with Practice HORA, I wake up rested and refreshed.


Charlotte, NC
June 18, 2013

I can confidently say that today I am a better teacher because of Practice HORA. My creativity has been unleashed. Most importantly, I am able to pass along to my students the value of concentration. Eleanor Nayvelt, Middle School Teacher, Chicago, IL.

Eleanor Nayvelt  HORA TRACK Evanston IL Nov 2012 testimonial v2WebI can confidently say that today I am a better teacher because of Practice HORA.  My creativity has been unleashed.  I design my own curriculum with excitement and anticipation.  I enjoy implementing my ideas, because they actually work.  My students are making progress. They understand the essential ideas and are able to take them into every subject area. I have allowed my students to function on a higher level.  No longer do I define their projects, but they create them and come up their own rubrics for evaluation. 

I can see the needs of each student, and I know how to bring him/her to mastery.   I have always been very structured, but now the structure I create has a deeper meaning.  I can pick out the most important concepts. Most importantly, I am able to pass along to my students the value of concentration.  They have acquired the ability to focus, thus ask questions, thus identify where they need help and finally, as a result, to exceed the standards.  My students and I have developed an "inner peace" which serves as a basis for a very dynamic and progressive environment that we create together as equals. 

My thanks to Master HORA from my family and myself.

Eleanor Nayvelt, Middle School Teacher


Testimonial from:

16 year old teenager (daughterL Liz Gorelik)
Mother, Eleanor Nayvelt and grandmother (teacher and university professor, respectively)

About the positive impact on character, grades, and family relationships from training in Practice HORA.

Practice HORA and Teenagers: Training of Endurance, Better Grades, Confidence, Better Future

Different type of interaction with people. Resistance and tensions in relationships change into cooperation with others. Endurance, significant, increase of stamina. You don't give up under any circumstances. Yury Reshetnyak 47, Entrepreneur

Testimonial from Yury Reshetnyak 47, Entrepreneur

Yury R

  • Correct body posture
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper concentration of attention
  • The body becomes light, totally different energy, it's hard to describe — one must experience it

My career path started as the head of a small department and advanced to the CEO of the company. From a junior partner in a business, I became a major shareholder in several companies in various fields. I am involved in finance, real estate and investments.

Success in business gave me an opportunity to combine work with a search for self-development in both the East and the West. This search was very interesting, and I even had some results, but frankly, they did not satisfy me. I always measure my results based on the amount of effort, and time spend on a task. I am a rational, goal-oriented person.

Two and a half years ago, I heard of Practice HORA, a new, interesting, and effective practice. Its founder, as it turned out, was among us and working to improve his creation. This chance was not to be missed.

My first encounter happened during a 3-day intensive workshop. We worked in pairs, doing exercises based on the Fundamental Principles of Practice HORA. My spine felt as if it started breathing; I felt very unusual sensations in my body. In the first exercise, one immediately finds himself in the correct, anchored position of the body. The breathing changes, the mind becomes silent. Here it was, that which I searched for in the East, for so long, and that which seemed so complicated. In this case, one is fully conscious, not disconnected from the world, eyes open, in control of the situation. There is no need to imagine or make anything up. Here the instinct is at work at a completely different speed.

I have been in Practice HORA for over two years. Now I no longer have plans to travel to the East. The Practice is very multidimensional, but I would like to highlight some aspects in the practice that are specifically helpful for me in business:

        A different type of attention. One begins to combine concentration on a goal and ability “to hear” everything around. An active type of attention and calmness at the same time. You are whole and you don't miss out on anything around you. For active people — it's priceless.

        Readiness to act with this different type of concentration of attention. You are not attached to anything. The situation constantly changes, and every time you need to act optimally. Calmness and relaxation are not wasted on irrelevant, emotional and insignificant actions. No distractions. It is easy to focus on what is important, and to screen out everything unimportant. This really helps the professional intuition to focus only on what is significant.

         Different type of interaction with people. Resistance and tensions in relationships change into cooperation with others.

        Endurance, significant, increase of stamina. You don't give up under any circumstances.

        Vitality, vigor and a superb outward radiance. Anyone can tell you that this is important! Just ask your employer or your partner in business or your family?

In the summer of 2011 Master HORA created a new Practice — TRACK exercises in the chair. This is a continuation and development of the Practice HORA, and based on the same principles: correct body posture, proper breathing and proper concentration of attention. Only now it is done to the rhythm of a specially selected music. Practice HORA is an incredibly effective practice for everyone, and it does not require any special readiness. You're sitting in a chair and copying the leader's movements. The body becomes light, a totally different energy; it's hard to describe one must experience it.

It's easy for me to write about it. I just shared with you, that which I have been looking for, for so long and finally found. Now I have something to rely on. Life ahead will not be easier, but my potential for survival is on another level entirely.

Yury Reshetnyak, 47
October, 2012


Read: More about HORA-TRACK Exersices

HORA-TRACK Training Exercises combo 3Web

Professor: Eliminating Migraines and increasing personal productivity with Practice HORA by Ariana Shahinfar (Professor of Developmental Psychology, Ph.D.)

Ariana Klotz May 2010

Eliminating Migraines and increasing personal productivity with Practice HORA
Please listen to the audio testimonial of Ariana and how Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA has help Ariana with migraines. (~10 minutes).

Audio File: "Eliminating Migraines and Practice HORA-MP4 Audio"


About 18% of American women and 6% of men suffer from migraine. This translates to over 30 million people in the United States alone! American employers lose more than $13 billion each year as a result of 113 million lost work days. Migraine ranks in the top 20 of the world's most disabling medical illnesses. Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households include someone with migraine. (

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