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The change in energy has been incredible and absolute. I now get 2 to 3 extra hours in the day to be productive. Wendy James

Wendy James 320X240
I had a vibrant life — mentally, spiritually, emotionally — yet battled physically with exhaustion for years. 

The very first time I did HORA I felt the energy — it surprised me since I had been searching, experimenting and spending enormous amounts of money to find something that would counter my wild fantasies of a 7:30 bedtime. The change in energy has been incredible and absolute. With that comes the gift of time that has completely changed our family dynamic. I now get 2 to 3 extra hours in the day to be productive while working, a happy mom putting her kids to bed — focused attention on them and not my need just get it over with. I get time to connect and regroup with my husband after that.

I also travel a lot — night and day difference — my energy stays consistent and I am adjusting to time changes almost effortlessly.

And it’s is true – even when you don’t sleep and are really tired — your brain and mood function as though you were firing on all cylinders. After one of the Practice HORA weekends I was coasting on maybe 4 hours of sleep. I was fully energized while being physically tired odd tho’ that may sound — going out after a full day I was the life of the party — I was turned on mentally and spiritually and made people laugh all night.

It is amazing that a practice you do once a month (Charlotte Weekend Workshop) could have this kind of impact. I am so grateful. 

Wendy James

Charlotte, NC

June, 2013

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