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What the Rulers of the World Could Not Conquer? What the Rulers of the World Could Not Buy?

pdfWhat the Rulers of the World Could Not Conquer? What the Rulers of the World Could Not

Let's start with the simplest thing of all (on the surface) ―[1] health. Subconsciously, everyone knows that health ― is youth.

Today, looking bad ― is improper. The other side of the coin ― is that you could end up without a job. Thus, everyone understands that a presentable appearance is becoming a necessity.

Appearance and attractiveness (shining hair, bright eyes, good skin, an upbeat look, etc.) are directly related to health and say that the person is young and productive. If you want to have a career, you should look 100%.

1. About the Biological Age

There are medical tests of biological age. Suppose a person is 80 years old, and his tests say he is 40 or 50, or vice versa ― someone is 40-50, but the tests show that one is 80. A question then arises: who should retire? The one who's older but healthy, or the one who's young yet aged?

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Today a good cosmetic surgeon not only tightens the skin, but tunes up the muscles as well. Through aesthetics one can be in good condition psychologically, but this appearance is still no guarantee of the actual biological age corresponding to the medical tests. At the age of 80, according to medical tests, one could be as good as at forty, and at forty a person can turn out to be a retiree. In order to reverse the aging "mileage" on the meter, a good surgeon is not enough. One needs the practice of rejuvenation.

The main qualities of a young, vigorous person ― are his endurance: his intellectual endurance, his physical endurance. When the problem is defined, then one know exactly what he needs to be solved, and what kind of practice needs to be fostered ― the practice of standing on one's own head or the practice of increasing endurance. And when the problem is not defined, you do not know what to look for. Meantime it is possible to lose a career.

Make the word "endurance" part of your arsenal and do not allow anyone to confuse you with the practices of "standing on one's own head," which does not increase endurance. Turning oneself inside out does not increase endurance either. If you want to be valuable in society and rely on yourself, you should begin to reflect on the simple word "endurance." Endurance ― is your efficiency in life.

Modern medicine and good cosmetics will make you look good. But without endurance you have simply rewound the mileage on the meter artificially. Such a tune-up does not add “horsepower” to the engine.

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