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Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga

Human Embryo Development 320WThis desire goes against the laws of nature, but remains our wish nevertheless. Humans subconsciously believe this is possible: the wish to seek to improve in every generation. This fear of dying off is what provokes the awakening of the great immortal Masters. This path is clearly seen in the world’s religions as a way to achieve immortality. Our ancestors understood this process, but, unfortunately, science was not nearly as evolved as esoteric knowledge. 

Today, in the entire civilized world there are several world religions that are saturated with the idea of how the world was created, its spiritual beginnings and also the teachings of God, spirit and the union of a human, earth and the universe, about Goddesses’ honesty and retribution for breaking spiritual principals and about recompense for sins.

For example resurrection or transformation to higher or lower planets, heaven and hell, destiny of a human, responsibility for their actions and recompense for destroying spiritual laws. All of these laws are reflected in the well — being of a human. In all of the religious systems, from the very beginning, there was deep purity. Constant control of it and maintenance of it is the cleansing act. This is the origin of a spiritual — moral based system. This religion is focused on developing humanism in society.

But this is also the basis for the psychological unity of a person, as well as the foundation for meditative yoga practices. Elevation into higher spiritual spheres is impossible without a constant, conscious cleansing act. All the mystical schools agree on this matter.

Yogi 320W

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