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Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga - Instinct of reproduction, higher consciousness

In Hindu yoga it is stated that the 3rd eye and kundalini have a complete, inner connection and carry within them the sexual symbols. The whole system of the 7 chakras, starting with kundalini, is nourished through the sexual center.

Therefore the sexual energy is the fundamental creative possibility for the consciousness to enter the higher spiritual levels.

All of life is built on this instinct of reproduction. Humans have the potential to absorb that energy and direct it into a higher consciousness. Suppression of the evolutionary instinct of life and suppression of the sexual center is the essence of extreme forms of yoga. Try to connect this suppression with the vigils of the Christian monks (not to sleep) and combine this with the concept of good and bad — and you can’t escape hallucinatory schizophrenic delirium. We have declared war with nature instead of learning its laws. This is why we replaced confessions with psychoanalysis. The problem still remains. Historical inertness stays the same, just a different cycle.

There are only a few yogis who went through the extreme forms of mysticism. The only salvation for those was love and the faith in their teacher, in the God-savior. The path was shown — to turn one’s will and soul over to the God-savior, which is a cleansing act from all kinds of brainwashing. God is the highest ruler, the highest judge; the soul belongs to him and only him. The essence of true believers is in being a strong, clear, spiritual personality — this type of personality cannot be broken down by anything.

The same but a milder form of spiritual development was among the masses, but the social ruling of the masses was brutally suppressing their will, freedom of their minds and their consciousness. After this it is almost impossible to retain normal psyche and to avoid social disasters. The rest is a development of 1000 years of Freud's social mentality, a violation of one’s own instinct of life. The consequence is a violation of nature which gives us our own life.

As a democratic society develops, freedoms are inevitable. We can clearly see this in Europe and in America.

In one human life span, several evolutionary eras took place. For the last hundred years or so there were incredible developments in Europe alone, that would leave its mark on the history of humanity; from the steam engine, to atomic energy, from telegraphs, to today's TV’s and computers; from gliders to spaceships and we could continue. The speed increases the farther along we go.

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