Open class mostly held on Saturdays' at 9 a.m.
If you cannot make it,
tell us when is the best time for us to meet for Open / Intro class

3520 Lake Ave, #101, Wilmette 704.737.5353 c


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HORA Chair of Mobilization is on Special Sale Now through Nov 27th

 Purchase the product this holiday season that makes you more productive!

We all constantly upgrade many tools and gadgets to gain efficiencies, increase productivity or to save resources. 

The chair is also an everyday tool, that must be upgraded.  Most of us use it for 6 to 10 hours a day.  This is one of the most used tools in our society.  

Thus, it must be upgraded to a version that benefits you.

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Video About History of Chair


HORA Chair flyer ergonomics mobilization 2017


Sitting is a new smoking HORA Chair Raisers 8.5x5.5 Front v1 800b


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