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Practice HORA Exercises


Practice HORA Samp Combo

Practice HORA Exercises

Practice HORA exercises restore, rejuvenate, and strengthen the body according to the natural laws of evolution.

HORA exercises are done in pairs. Each person works with a partner using methods of pushing and resistance. These exercises are designed to naturally bring out a breathing that activates the healing energy within the body.

During every exercise, the entire body is engaged, involving various groups of muscles thereby strengthening the core. Each exercise takes only a few minutes to perform. However, these exercises are very intense in that they provide the benefits of combining cardiovascular and toning exercises while reaching a meditative state.




Practice HORA Level 1 Visit: Evolutionary-Wellness Program by Master HORA

HORA students report significant improvement to their overall health after the first 2-3 weeks of practicing. Some of the results that have been noticed by students are:
• Normalization of heart activity.
• Improved dietary intake, and weight reduction.
• Effective purification of all systems within the body (digestive, urinary, blood, respiratory, joints, etc.)
• Elimination of various harmful substances like salts, toxins etc.
• Alleviation of sexual dysfunctions including restoration of reproductive functions and capability for natural conception, delivery, etc. 

The activation of evolutionary breathing heals the entire internal system, improves spinal posture, and strengthens the mind within the natural laws of evolution. These results lead to overall harmony and success.

We are conviniently located near these comunities: Arlington Heights, IL., Buffalo Grove, IL.,Wheeling, IL., Highland Park, Lincolnshire, IL., Deerfield, IL., Glencoe, IL., Northbrook, IL., Glenview, IL., Vernon Hills, IL., Lake Forest, IL., Wilmette, IL., Evanston, IL., Chicago, IL.

 Practice HORA Womens Program Samp Set1





St. Petersburg, Russia ― Women Extream Program. Visit: Evolutionary-Meditative Women’s Program by Master HORA

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