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VoyageChicago: Meet Svetlana Baklanova of Practice HORA USA in Wilmette

Today we’d like to introduce you to Svetlana Baklanova.

Svetlana, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I started attending Practice HORA classes reluctantly in the summer of 2004 after my close friends had been telling me about this practice for nearly 6 years, in St. Petersburg, Russia. My attitude was like, “I live in the USA. What kind of wellness meditative system can I discover in Russia.” My spouse learned about this practice while on his trip in Russia with his MBA program by watching old martial arts video related to the practice. So, between my friends and my spouse’s feedback, I decided to try it.

My first reaction after the first exercise was “Wow… I just did this simple physical exercise and it cleared out my head. My usually continuous cycle of thought just stopped. I mean really stopped…” This was the first time I felt calmness while I was active and it stayed with me through the day. I did not need to try to induce relaxation through gym exhaustion, a few drinks, or closed-eye meditation attempts. So, it got me intrigued and I came back for my second practice. I had tried regular yoga, gym, running, acupuncture etc., but nothing was so effective on me, the skeptical westerner, with little time, plenty of ambitions and a young child.

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Link: http://voyagechicago.com/interview/meet-svetlana-baklanova-practice-hora-usa-wilmette-il/




RWeek: HORA is a training to develop endurance and ability to overcome

0580 Svetlana Baklanova 460x285 200dpi

TK: Can you put it concisely so that an average person like myself would understand what Practice HORA is? Is it correct to say that Practice HORA is a type of fitness?

SB: One American electric power engine researcher, who is our practitioner, once was asked by his colleagues what he did. This is what he answered: It is not fitness. However, muscles and the entire body are clearly engaged. It is not mental therapy, but the practice brings about deep inner peace. It is not healing by a doctor, but recovery comes fast. The list can go on. HORA is a training to optimize life.

Our main foundational concept is support. To put it more precisely, it is evolutionary and instinctive support. A modern human does not feel support psychologically in his body. Natural support starts with our feet and legs. By training physiological instinctive support we develop a steady psychological stability.

A person with support is more charismatic and attractive.

The next foundational concept is attention, evolutionary and instinctive attention.

A constant flow of thought, social responsibilities, children, concerns, work wear down our attention. Exhausted attention gets in the way of reaching the goals. Without trained support our attention always meanders and gets out of focus. Practice HORA makes attention focused and mobilized through the body to the next qualitative level. It is well known that the mind's productivity depends on the quality of your attention. The longer you can focus your attention on a goal, the higher the likelihood of success in all aspects of life.

An attentive person is happier.

And the third foundational concept, which can be practiced and which is the result of the first two concepts, is breathing, the evolutionary instinctive breathing. RWeekly Svetlana Baklanova Article Cover May 20016 320x240

Stress disrupts breathing. Disrupted type of breathing disrupts psychological balance. If a person does not stop, a physical burning-out sets in.

Proper support engages instinctive individual breathing and balances the mind.

A composed and balanced human is more professional.

TK: What is training HORA?

SB: HORA is a training that enhances your living endurance. Endurance is required for overcoming difficulties and reaching goals.

A modern human looks for ways to be inexhaustible in order to enjoy oneself in all aspects of life. Practice HORA is the fastest method to train inexhaustibility.

A resilient person is more competitive.

TK: What does the word HORA stand for?

SB: The word means depth. In emotional moments a man puts a hand to his chest. And there, deep behind the hand, is the entire memory from this moment all the way to humanity's origin, the entire natural and evolutionary experience. The founder of the teaching and method of the evolutionary meditative Practice HORA is Alexander Atayan (Master HORA). Read more about Master HORA on our web site.

TK: How did the practice become part of your life?

SB: I am probably the best example of stubborn resistance. I observed the results of Practice HORA for over seven years through someone who was very close to me. Basically, a godmother. She was a physician and lived in the same house with me in St. Petersburg. She was healed as a side effect of the practice. But as a skeptic I attributed this result to her private achievement, luck, coincidence of personal circumstance.

But then my husband, who had practiced Oriental martial arts for 18 years, spent several hours watching a video of a dynamic HORA training. He told me with surprise that he had never seen results that the video featured. He was talking about the abilities to switch form soft fighting skills to hard and back. It became clear that the Master of the principles of all goals was before us. His reaction prompted me to familiarize myself with HORA and to begin practicing.

After my very first practice, I noticed that I had no trace left of negative thoughts and emotions, and that my bones were flexible as they had not been ever since I was little.

TK: From the very first session?

SB: From the first 15 minutes. And I realized that if I bring this training into my life, everything else will happen with more ease automatically.

TK: And what happened after that? Did you get the results you described after the first HORA session?

SB: I am a great example of the possibilities offered by HORA training. Twelve years ago I would go to Russia every six months instead of taking vacation. It was not enough for me. Over time I was able to become the leader of Practice HORA in the US. I switched careers and launched a startup based on a completely new philosophy. 2016 is an anniversary year for me. Practice HORA has been in the US for ten years in North Carolina, California and Chicago. We will celebrate the anniversary and the success of Practice HORA in the US by opening a new Center in Wilmette in late summer.

TK: Is it possible for a woman to achieve balance based on your practice?

SB: This is a very important question. The founder of Practice HORA raises the issue of women's health and success as an issue of national health. This means that the quality of future life is directly defined by the state of the mother's system. A woman does not only create a woman. She creates a man too. They all go through a 9-month period of pure evolution from an egg to a human child, and this all happens inside a woman. The quality of these processes depends on the quality of the woman (the state of her health, in a broad sense). This is the foundation of the path of every human. Evolution can be both positive and negative. Without a healthy woman a positive evolutionary development is impossible. Without her we have no future. And this is exactly why Practice HORA pays such great attention to women's health.

TK: Do you have a secret for success in business?

SB: I am a creative person and had to learn business as I went along. First as a fashion designer. I had a line for young professionals. Then as an artist, the founder of pixelpointillism, a new artistic style (2002).


Business success in Practice HORA for me is the result of my training. I do what I like. This is why I was able to overcome the difficult aspects of my stat-up. I was dealing with the economic situation, I was a woman business founder, a mother. I introduced a completely new HORA system in the West. Since we train inexhaustibility, the secret of my success is in offering a product that first and foremost helps me and gives me the strength to carry on. I am a clear example of the results that can be achieved with Practice HORA.

TK: How often does one need to practice according to your system?

SB: 8 sessions a month or twice a week will be enough to train and retain one's mental and physiological strength that is required to reach goals. The sequence of the results from regular practice is evolutionary. It is the posture, the way one feels, endurance, transformation. In the beginning our Center is the recharging center for your batteries. And then your development depends on how much you want to change.

TK: And how old is your son? Does he also practice?

SB: Of course! He is 14 and he practices regularly. If you give him a choice to play a computer game or go to Practice HORA, he will always choose HORA. You know that children only go to the places that interest them and where they can increase their strength. We have a class for teenagers where young people learn to overcome difficulties in sports, learning and in themselves through the principles of Practice HORA.

From this point of view I am very inspired by our HORA-ТРACK programs for students at UIC. The movement is getting stronger and our students provide assistance in organizing training sessions. They can feel the results and look forward to new events.

The main thing that I can say is that this is a career that gives strength while you spend it. The practice in itself organizes energy. This is why our practice is for active people.


The evolutionary Practice HORA is an ultramodern unparallelled practice. A practice of conscious evolutionary modification of the species. The goal is to connect the artificially disrupted link between the mind and the body into an evolving system which is one with nature. It is a conscious self-education, maturing, constant listening and oneness with the entire nature, without any disconnect with other business.

Practice HORA teaches you to respect and love life in yourself and in others. It fosters your own inner capacities and makes you competitive and valuable in society. www.horausa.com

RWeekly Svetlana Baklanova Article May 20016

Chicago Tribune: Wilmette Entrepreneurs Open New Practice HORA® Training Center in Wilmette, IL: Training Radically Improves Physical and Intellectual Strength, Endurance, and Well-Being

October 21, 2016

Svetlana Baklanova wilmette entrepreneurs open new practice hora 2016 10 25

Wilmette residents Svetlana Baklanova and Yevgeny Frolov will have the Grand Opening of their new Practice HORA® Training Center on Wednesday, October 26 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. The studio is located at 3520 Lake St. Suite 101 in Wilmette, IL 60091. The Grand Opening will feature demonstrations by current students and the opportunity to learn how Practice HORA® can teach one to use inner attention to improve physical/emotional health and inner resource management and how it provides a different path for self-development.

Ms. Baklanova and Mr. Frolov have studied, practiced, and led HORA® training for over a decade. During this time, the married couple has seen dramatic results personally and in others. "We are leading you to train your inner attention throughout your body in such a way that you see and process things more effectively," says Mr. Frolov.

Ms. Baklanova says, "Once your inner attention gets connected with your body and your own individual rhythm of breathing is awakened, you can perform better in sports, at work, at home, everywhere." She adds, "You will feel better after doing the exercises, but our goal is for you to feel and perform better during your work and home activities in everyday life."

"I can confidently say that today I am a better teacher because of Practice HORA®," says Eleanor Nayvelt, a Middle School Teacher in Chicago, IL. "My creativity has been unleashed. Most importantly, I am able to pass along to my students the value of concentration."

"It helps me in school," says Evan, a 14 year-old boy who has been practicing HORA® with Svetlana and Yevgeny for several years. "I used to be lazy and not able to do homework well, but now it just gets done…. If someone hurts my feelings, I know how to keep it from overwhelming me."

"This is the most alive I have ever felt," states Anzhelika Shatrov, a local businesswoman. "I've tried many different physical practices and HORA® is the first one that has made a real difference…. Professionally, I'm in a high-stress, fast-paced environment. I don't feel the stress internally anymore.…I feel unstoppable, like a teenager."

"I haven't been sick since I started practicing HORA® 5 years ago," says another student, Luda Boyce.

Svetlana and Yevgeny are leaders that are dedicated to high-quality results for HORA® students, helping them feel benefits quickly and easily. "Each student has his or her own life path and our training method develops different types of inner connections with the mind, body, and nervous system to achieve these goals," says Yevgeny.

Practice HORA® is a science-based training program designed to develop physical and intellectual inner strength, endurance, and the ability to be calm during activity. Classes and personal training are available for Adults and Teens. The new Wilmette studio will officially open Wednesday, October 26 from 5:00-8:00 p.m.

For more information about Practice HORA®, please contact Svetlana Baklanova at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 704-737-5353.

For information about class and training hours, please visit:

The Practice HORA® Training Studio is located at 3520 Lake St. Suite 101 in Wilmette, IL 60091.

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The North Shore Weekend, Chicago: Practice HORA exercises

Svetlana Baklanova, Leading Specialist of Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA was covered in the article by The North Shore Weekend newspaper. 

Woman champions exercise technique popular in Eastern Europe by Zara Husaini

When she teaches a HORA class, Svetlana Baklanova greets each student by name. She may even delay the session for a few minutes if one participant is running late. “I feel that they are part of my family,” she says.

According to Baklanova, the benefits of HORA — which has similarities to yoga and often includes dance — include its ability to energize participants, increase productivity, and even alleviate depression. The sole U.S. representative of HORA, Baklanova didn’t plan on bringing a new form of fitness to the Chicagoland area — but that’s what she’s doing. “I was not thinking about creating something good for others. I was really thinking about myself and my family,” she says of her decision to begin practicing HORA nine years ago.

The 42-year-old — who’s originally from St. Petersburg, Russia — earned two degrees in fashion design and planned to pursue that line before choosing HORA, which is popular in Eastern Europe. Baklanova hopes to bring HORA to more Chicago suburbs in the next five years (she once taught in Evanston and offers classes just outside of Northbrook in Wheeling). In Chicago, classes can be taken on Wells Street in the Loop. They cost anywhere from $18-$90. Each session has around a dozen participants.

Jenya Steinberg, a 38-year-old Glenview resident, started taking HORA classes three years ago. “I heard from different people how great it is, how great they feel after it, how much their lives have changed,” she says. Her verdict? “I have more energy during the day. I think [Svetlana] does it such a way that we learn about ourselves.” Baklanova agrees that HORA has the ability to energize its practitioners. She also cites its incredible calming effect, saying that rocking movements mimic the motion infants feel while in the mother’s womb. Baklanova adds it can keep its participants fit, helping them lose weight and build strength.

The exercises in HORA — often taught in 20-minute increments and occasionally while one sits in a chair — rarely induces sweat or leaves one sore. Yet Baklanova, a thin woman sporting a youthful look, swears her only exercise is the HORA classes she teaches. I saw the effect of me being younger, needing less sleep, needing less energy, less food. I was a new type of human being,” she says of her experiences with HORA. “To me, it’s not a miracle. It’s my reality.


The Daily Northwestern Newspaper: HORA-TRACK

Innovative new dance introduced in Evanston

By Junnie Kwon

Published: Sunday, July 29, 2012

Original Link:http://dailynorthwestern.com/2012/07/29/archive-manual/innovative-new-dance-introduced-in-evanston/

Junnie Kwon/The Daily Northwestern
Practice HORA sessions are open to children and teenagers. Michael Komarovsky, 12, says the dance is similar to swimming or flying.W01-HORA-TRACK Chicago USA 7.22 14

Tatiana leads the audience in Practice Hora movements. Baklanova says Practice HORA can relieve people of problems that come with age. In a room with club lighting, beating music and dancing people, you probably would not notice the lady in a sophisticated black dress standing in the back, stilettos kicked to the side.

The woman, Svetlana Baklanova, was the first official representative of Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA in America and the person responsible for introducing this new dance to Evanston. On Sunday, Baklanova hosted the 11th International Anti-Narcotics Dance Event at Hilton Orrington Hotel to promote her second U.S. studio.

A former fashion designer, interior designer and artist who catered to high-end clientele and led a successful career in Russia, Italy, and America, Baklanova explained that while she was nurturing her fashion career in Dallas, her friends were raving about the Practice HORA classes they took in Russia. Finally, she traveled to St. Petersburg to try it herself. 

“From the first time I tried the regular class, I understood that with age, we’re facing so many difficulties – inner difficulties – that we don’t want to have, and there’s no answer for them,” Baklanova said.

She said Practice HORA focuses on relieving people of problems that come with age, thereby extending youthfulness. After taking just one class, Baklanova was so convinced of Practice HORA’s benefits that she continuously traveled back and forth between America and Russia to continue with her classes.

I knew that each time I take (a) class, I have a boost of energy, I have a sureness of the body, I have stability, I have beauty from within, that I can do everything else in my life much better,” Baklanova said.

However, travel started to take a toll, and her family life was in America, so she said she decided to bring Practice HORA closer to home as a leading specialist.

Among the dancers was 18-year-old Katia Gofman. Although Gofman’s mother had been practicing HORA for two years, Gofman said she was new to the practice, and the pair came together to share the experience.

“I do ballroom dancing, which is totally different,” said Gofman, “This is a spiritual experience, I guess, that affects you, so it’s interesting.” Gofman said she had witnessed a change in her mother, who “is a lot more calm now” and whose “whole entire attitude towards things has changed.”

Behind the dance floor, younger students could follow along on a stage as well. Practice HORA offers four main training programs, which include a program targeting youth. After the 50-minute dance session, Baklanova gave the participants a chance to publicly reflect on their experience, and many younger partakers took the opportunity to share.

“At first you’re just going through motions, but then you’re flying, or you’re swimming, and it’s in the sea or running through a jungle,” Michael Komarovsky, 12, said to the audience, “You just feel so free, and energy is flowing through your whole body.” 

Practice HORA’s creator, whom practitioners call Master HORA, created a branch of Practice HORA called HORA-Track one year ago. He designed HORA-Track specifically to fight the use narcotics after witnessing his son’s friend’s involvement with drugs, Baklanova said. Although raised “in a good family, in a very safe environment, with a great education,” Master HORA’s son’s friend fell into drug addiction.

“He was just into it,” Baklanova said, “And that’s what Master (says): Parents are good, (but) the society cannot protect us or our kids from this type of difficulties in life, and it’s a disaster. So an anti-narcotic event is given from Master HORA to all the parents and all the children who do not want to cripple their life.”

According to Practice HORA’s official American website, www.horausa.com, the dance is a “bright and vital, evolutionary trance in which there is no tiredness,” and it is based on “the evolutionary-instinctual stability reflex.” This type of stability and lack of fatigue after practicing HORA is felt over a long period of time, said participant Andrew Ikon, 37.

“When it finished I felt really good... really deep relaxed,” he said, “So based on what I know, I probably need to watch myself for the next couple of weeks or even months to see those feelings.”

© 2012 The Daily Northwestern

Original Link: http://dailynorthwestern.com/2012/07/29/archive-manual/innovative-new-dance-introduced-in-evanston/

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