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Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga - Eastern meditative systems, spiritual culture

Here are the most common Eastern meditative systems, spiritual cultures. They are based on:

I    — Indian seven-chakra system

II   — Chinese system of meridians and channels

III  — Tibetan energy star

IV  — European modern medicine, psychotherapy

These meditative practices, especially in the East, are in direct relationship with the spiritual/religious life and culture of nations. However, the relationship of European practices and culture is not so obvious.

All these practices are united in: prevailing of spirit over material matter, understanding the unity of opposite energies and connecting with the harmony of nature and the balance of life.

Everyone would agree with the fact that consciousness exists. If the essence of energy, of consciousness would not exist as a substance from the very beginning, it would not be able to reveal itself.

Even if we see this world as the result of evolution, it is so astonishingly vast that it is impossible not to call this divine evolution.

This whole world is a manifestation of creativity, saturated with the energy of consciousness. The only way to realize that we are all part of one cosmic global super-consciousness is to reveal itself in one’s own consciousness and awaken one’s own soul.

The practice of yoga, to a greater extent, has sustained a culture of possibility, of awakening one’s soul within the world’s soul, recognition

of the initial emptiness. The consciousness expands into a unified cosmic consciousness — an awakening into energies and knowledge of the hierarchy of elements through one’s own self. This is an absolutely scientific approach: “I am a part of the world that carries the entire evolutionary path of the world’s creation within itself.”

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