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Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga - Magnetism, hypnosis

The result is a complete personal realization of a mystic-yogi, a self-born and realized Master who has conquered the entire evolutionary process from the world’s birth to the end of it.

These realized Masters have left us some methods and possibilities, which are spiritual/moral in nature, forced onto the masses or perhaps mystical practices and schools of yoga.

They are all penetrated with the idea that the prime cause of the world is the First sacrifice. The essence of that sacrifice is love. The diversity of forms in this world is a manifestation of this love.

Historically, psychoanalysis has its roots in the Christian — European culture.

With the formation of capitalism in the West (capitalistic economy) the wild state of magnetism was unleashed. (Magnetism has its own story and its roots go back to the East.) The characteristics of magnetism have a bright expression on sexuality which is far removed from the Christian based morality of Europe. Because of this, magnetism was branded with the word hypnosis. This influence suppresses the sexual center and the inner will, enslaves the consciousness, controls and regulates it. This in turn creates a psychology that allows for the influence of the masses, a state of voluntarily surrendering control of oneself. (Stalin and Hitler etc.)

Combine magnetism-hypnosis with confessions, and add to that thousands of years of development of humans with low esteem, adding guilt from sins, (the obvious connection to sexual love). As a result we have psychoanalysis.

According to Freud, civilization comes at the cost of knowledge of good and evil, a price which uncivilized tribes don’t have to pay. According to the Bible the price is for knowledge, and according to Freud, the price is for civilization: the terms are different — the meanings are the same. Throughout thousands of years, in the name of the highest authority, feelings of guilt were engrained on the masses — that emotional pressure, that psychological heaviness, would be too much for anyone to bear. It doesn’t matter for how long the spring is tightened, sooner of later it will spring back in a personality and in the masses. This is what has been proven throughout the history dating back to the biblical times.

This resulted in a new phenomena in Europe and a new term was born: spiritual crisis. I would add to this: inner crisis. Any society represented by laws and adhering to those laws has psychoanalysis as a demand of its own time — psychoanalysis. It is a method of its own time.

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