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Basic Training Program

008 Practice HORA Exercises iTraining of one’s natural instinct of psycho-physical stability.

This Is Not The Yoga You Know™!  Practice HORA training is the FITNESS of the Evolutionary Instinctual Health. It is a training of Trance Evolutionary Mobilization™.

  • It is a practice, a method, of awakening one’s natural-evolutionary health, and its conscious and continuous training.
  • Training of concentrated attention — a conscious, progressive, natural type of attention.
    (It is different from ordinary, natural unconscious attention)
  • Awakening of the memory of natural-evolutionary survival and natural-evolutionary health.

Basic Principles of Practice HORA® ― is basically the practice of survival. It is the training of: 

Training benefits for Competitiveness:

  • Ability to live actively at any age
  • Ability to be highly competitive and productive
  • Clarity of mind ― quick decision making
  • An unyielding inner core, strength
  • Resistance to stress and tension

Training benefits for Social life:

  • Increased emotional and physical attractiveness 
  • Psychological comfort and self-confidence
  • Ability to live without fatigue and not become depleted
  • Preventive wellness 

Trance Mobilization™  

Is a type of training whereby the trainee’s concentration of attention is deepened through narrowing the focus of consciousness to produce the maximum effectiveness. This training increases mobilization activity in person’s body while maintaining open eyes and being engaged in various activities.

If you are in business, Trance Mobilization will help a person keep your thoughts focused on the task for an extended period of time at the maximum level of effectiveness, with a completely different burnout rate of your intellectual muscles.

If you are in sports, Trance Mobilization will help you compete at a completely different and more sustainable burnout rate, and to concentrate the entire body on the goal of throwing, jumping, running, etc.

Trance Evolutionary Mobilization™ 

Trains a completely different type of connection between mind, body, and nervous system through a manifestation of the Evolutionary Universal Trinity Law:

1. Evolutionary instinctual anchoring/stability
2. Evolutionary instinctual breathing
3. Evolutionary instinctual attention

This allows a person to live in the universal informational union utilizing this different type of connection (mind, body, and nervous system) while being engaged in various business/social activities.  

PRACTICE HORA is a completely new effective method of endurance training. The introductory class is a chance to learn about the practice and experience a sample of the physical exercises.

Find out why it is better than other training options at one of our open introductory classes, try our HORA class. Or call Yevgeny at 312.709.5948 cell, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

027 Practice HORA Exercises i

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Brief Practice HORA USA Videos

TEDxWilmetteWomen: Mobilize Yourself To Transform Stress Into Productivity | Svetlana Baklanova |

Svetlana Baklanova shows us how to transform stress into productivity using simple, physical exercises in this groundbreaking talk. Through Principles of Nature and Evolution, Baklanova demonstrates how to consciously release tension and stress using gravity and the power of attention. Listen to the talk to learn more about productivity in your personal and professional life. Svetlana Baklanova is an entrepreneur who trains attention through fitness at her Wilmette studio, Practice HORA USA. Svetlana has spent 20,000+ hours teaching people how to transform their stress into more productive personal and professional lives. She trains ambitious individuals to develop new trance-evolutionary skills for success.

Yelp Practice HORA USA Video

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3. What do HORA students say

Transformation in Practice HORA

Svetlana Baklanova, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Baklanova, Practice HORA Leader

Elena Gakkel, Practice HORA Leader

Elena Gakkel, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Chistyakova, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Chistyakova, Practice HORA Leader

Ludmila Boyce, Practice HORA Student

Ludmila Boyce, Practice HORA Student

Andrew Ogay, Practice HORA Student

Andrew Ogay, Practice HORA Student

Svetlana Sedelmayer, Practice HORA Student

Svetlana Sedelmayer, Practice HORA Student

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