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Practice HORA and Athletes

Women athlets competeEmphasis on gaining super endurance that ensures success in sports.

Professional athletes who practiced HORA have achieved the following:

•    Reached and retained maximum peak performance and endurance before a game or a performance

•    Overcame physical discomfort of all types of illnesses

•    Relieved spinal/back pain and strengthened muscles supporting the spine

•    Improved concentration, focus, and attention span

•    Attained total readiness stage in calm and centered mind-set

•    Expanded cardiovascular ability

•    Increased flexibility and power of the body

Virtually all professional athletes nowadays have physical training in their schedule. It is easy to prove to them the effectiveness and usefulness of Practice HORA through people who were in professional sports. These professionals are aware of what a rise of peak performance is, and its decline (up ― down).  

In simple language: “down” ― vulnerability to stress and depression, “up” ― resistance to stress, and overcoming depression. Up ― is self-confidence, anyone who was in professional sports can confirm this.

A professional in down sloped performance state after the first exercise of the Practice HORA will acknowledge that he went into an ascending state ― the awakening of vitality, activation. It basically happens in a few seconds. Everyone who has ever trained professionally is very familiar with this wave of revival, activation. 

Practice HORA is tested in a few minutes; the result of the experiment is 100% clear.

This simple test proves the ability to change one’s biorhythmic wave (fall ― rise) and adjust it as needed.
For professionals in all areas it is ideal. The rise, awakening, strengthening of vital forces, the outcome is positive in all activities. 
It can easily be proven; on the spot. Any professional can get professional expertise (yes ― no), from a neutral person whom he/she can personally trust, bypassing any commercials and explanations. 

With this type of proof there is no programming or imposing whatsoever.

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