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Practice HORA-TRACK Exercises in the Chair

The typical professional spends 8 to 12 hours in an office chair. Today’s expectations for a professional is to live/work longer. To sustain this expectation, professionals must stay productive. The demand is to find a way HORA TRACK Training Exercises combo 2Webfor sustainable endurance.

Practice HORA-TRACK exercises in the chair is an interactive program in which a person sits in an office chair and copies the leader's movements. This class lasts about 20 minutes. It is based on the principles of Practice HORA: correct body posture, proper breathing and proper concentration. It is done to the musical rhythm in a dynamic motion.

The HORA-TRACK Exercises can be low or sporty intensity, but the results are incomparable to other 20-minute activities. This training can be performed in business clothing.

This is a very compact way of stress reduction and energy booster for socially active individuals. Achievable results are:

1. The body and mind become lighter
2. The removal of psycho-physical tension. — It is a totally different energy
3. Enduring meditative calmness. — It is a totally different resistance to stress

This is the perfect training method for the corporate environment, be it a trading floor, a conference room, or a boardroom. The classes take place 2 to 3 times per week. Contact us to schedule a demonstration at your office or at one of our locations in Wilmette, IL

Shake off your tiredness, fatigue, and stress! 

Get ready for the busy day, get focused!

HORA-TRACK Training Exercises combo 3Web

HORA-TRACK Exercises Training in the U.S.A.

— Morning: "Wake Up" Class, 20 minutes

— Evening: "Ready for More" Class, 20 minutes

If you cannot wait and would like to try it in downtown, then you can arrange classes for your office. (6 people minimum per class)

  • Boost your team's productivity and creativity
  • Think about the environment where everybody is awake, focused and productive!!!
  • Reduce stress before major team dead line or important meeting

What are you waiting for? Call us to schedule an active demonstration!!!  704.737.5353

Try it in our Wilmette, IL location: 3520 Lake Ave, Suite 101 on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. 

Risk-Free Trial — (100% Guaranteed)  Contact us:  Book an appointment with Salon using SetMore or 704.737.5353


The objective of Practice HORA is to enable career professionals to regain/strengthen four main components of a successful career/personal life:

   •   Ongoing pleasant appearance, charisma
   •   Consistent supply of energy
   •   Sustainable natural health
   •   Ability to make decisions faster 

Practice HORA classes result in long-term, constantly increasing endurance, increased natural health and the growth of personal potential.

"20 Minutes" Programs with No Monthly Commitment
(Individuals without health complications)
HORA-TRACK Endurance Training Programs Kids, Teenagers, Youth Under 25 yrs Young Adults
26 to 40 yrs
41+ yrs
HORA-TRACK Training Exercises in the Chair Promotional Pricing (call for more details) $20 $24 $24
HORA-TRACK Training Exercises in the Chair $24 $30 $40

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