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Practice HORA Youth Program

TRACK Youth Program v2 2012Practice HORA Youth Program is an up-to-date psycho-physical fitness for youth. Youth participating in this program values vital drive, thinks of success in modern parameters, wishes to achieve maximum efficiency both for themselves, and for society as well.

Practice HORA is an answer to a demanding lifestyle of techno-civilization. It is new tradition and new physical and intellectual aesthetics training. It is a way of complete development of the person where mind, a body, intelligence, spirituality, athletic, etc. develop naturally as one.



  • Becoming stronger every day (Anti-stress)
  • Changing a design of the body and appearance (Stable and confidant body position)
  • Feeling comfortable within the body without tension (Releasing the body pain)
  • The mood differences, uncertainty and fears disappear gradually (Helps with preparation for the tests, concentration of attention)
  • Strength, health, vital energy (Fearless state)
  • Confidence for the future (Self-confidence “I can” sate)
  • Intellectual and physical stability (Endurance)

The Practice HORA class for teenagers consists of the HORA Basic training program + application of its principles in martial arts-like physical exercises (e.g., push-ups, wheelbarrow walk, etc). In the HORA class, teens learn how to apply HORA principles in everyday life activities: sports, school, and communication. (see video from our teen class below)


HORA Teen Class EF

Social benefits of Practice HORA for teens:

  • A teenager will learn how to reduce emotional burnout and be trained in emotional stability. With such inner knowledge he or she is significantly less likely to fall into depression, self-belittlement, and the state of giving-up.  With time, HORA training leads teenagers to the ability to overcome challenges аnd rely on the inner-stability.
  • This is a training of different interconnections between the mind, body, and nervous system. HORA trains an ability to stay in attention longer, endure more pressure, and use one’s inner resources differently, i.e. more effectively.
  • A teen will learn how to stay emotionally neutral and how to train this ability. Also, he or she will be able resist copying weaknesses from the surrounding environment.

Through this training, teens will improve their body, overcome tension, and learn how to manage emotions. They will learn how to relax properly and stay calm in order to mobilize his or her nervous system, mental state, and body. This is the training of constantly increasing competitive advantage and it is — the Practice HORA.

  • We are not the Yoga you know™.
    • We do not sit down in a static pose to meditate.
    • We do not close our eyes during the exercises.  
    • We do not convince people to relax.
  • We train people in Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization™.

With HORA training, teenagers will save time on searching for stress management in diluted and incompatible Eastern methods of how to deal with Western lifestyle pressures.  Practice HORA trance training is not based on suggestive illusions or self-visualization of something that is not there. We do not tell people to “imagine you are by the beach or at the meadow…”  

To reserve a space, please tell us when you can meet with us:  Book an appointment with Salon using SetMore   or call Yevgeny at  312.709.5948, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HORA trance training is a clean method that shows results, can be tested and tried immediately with open eyes in regular clothes and shoes, while standing, sitting or moving. Such a union of calmness and actions, is an endless source of endurance for the person.

This union of calmness and actions cannot be taught only by books, videos, or lectures.  

A union of calmness and actions it is:

  1. Preservation of energy/resources
  2. Control of utilization of energy
  3. Continuous increase of resource capacity

Calmness is the ability to retain and accumulate resources/energy that can be used in your social environment while studying, working, or competing in sports.  On the other hand, relaxation is a loss of energy that takes away productivity and vitality.  

To understand deeper the meaning of training “union of calmness and action” it is important to understand mobilization and its different types.  Practice HORA introduces a completely different concept of mobilization through training of Trance Mobilization and Trance-Evolutionary Mobilization.  Below is a brief overview of this new subject.

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