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Practice HORA Youth Program

TRACK Youth Program v2 2012Practice HORA Youth Program is an up-to-date psycho-physical fitness for youth. Youth participating in this program values vital drive, thinks of success in modern parameters, wishes to achieve maximum efficiency both for themselves, and for society as well.

Practice HORA is an answer to a demanding lifestyle of techno-civilization. It is new tradition and new physical and intellectual aesthetics training. It is a way of complete development of the person where mind, a body, intelligence, spirituality, athletic, etc. develop naturally as one.




  • Becoming stronger every day (Anti-stress)
  • Changing a design of the body and appearance (Stable and confidant body position)
  • Feeling comfortable within the body without tension (Releasing the body pain)
  • The mood differences, uncertainty and fears disappear gradually (Helps with preparation for the tests, concentration of attention)
  • Strength, health, vital energy (Fearless state)
  • Confidence for the future (Self confidence “I can” sate)
  • Intellectual and physical stability (Endurance)

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