Trance Evolutionary Mobilization Chair

Charles Eames Lounge Chair Wood 5.28.16Charles Eames, is credited with the “Best Design of the 20th Century” by Time magazine for his 1946, Lounge Chair Wood, for comfortable position and innovative material.






HORA Chair HF1C015 320x240 v1We project that Master HORA and George Hora, will be credited with the “Best Design of the modern age” by the people, for its ability to protect health, increase productivity and training of Trance Mobilization™, and Trance Evolutionary Mobilization™ and potential to help every sitting person. 

Oh… Did we mentioned that in our chair it is impossible to sit with bad posture, even if one tries, he/she will come back to a long-lasting training of active individualized sitting posture.

(International Patent Pending: US20150265057)




Watch our video about the history of the chair.

Through the proper design of a chair /stool, the correct stability and anchoring of a person is achieved. On such chair of Trance Mobilization™, during the time of work or rest a person can increase the concentration of attention and its effectiveness through the increase of mobilized activity of the body. The chair is made as such that it collects the attention of the person, without tension, with consideration of the active center of weight of the person as the useful factor. Chair under the name of “Chair of Nation Health - National Safety From The Master HORA” having back legs that are 2.5 cm (+/- 5 mm) longer than the front legs creates in a user a stability/anchoring support from three points — a pelvis and two feet. The human active center of weight is quickly stabilized with the simultaneous strengthening of concentration of attention. Thus, new coordination interconnection between a brain, a body (internal organs), and a nervous system is created. A non-exhausting and constant comfortable tone is formed without any expansion of the effort.

This chair/stool passively trains the capability of the person to control the constant instinctive removal of weariness, which leads to an increase of internal control. This chair activates body mechanism that instinctive removes of weariness, a method for decreasing weariness of a person. It does not require a special, forced, debilitating concentration, attention switching mechanism occurs on an instinctive level and do not causes fatigue, tiredness, and protects against exhaustion. The chair creates such conditions for training without any special desire or any special learning.

That is why we also lovingly call this chair/stool as the “Chair of Nation Health - National Safety From The Master HORA.  But, you do not have to use such a long name, it is simply the HORA ChairThe chair that trains the Trance Mobilization™ and Trance Evolutionary Mobilization™.  

So what are you getting:

  • World’s healthies chair/stool in the history of civilization. The chair that protects health.
  • The only chair/stool in the world that provides the most value: 21+ health, productivity and development benefits.
  • The only chair/stool in the world that activates a human being's gravitational center.
  • The most affordable solid wood chair made in the U.S.A. Retail Price: starting from $320. Limited Time Sale on some colors: $288. Visit our HORA USA Online-Shop for to more specials

Expresso                                    Dark Rose                                 Clear Natural                                 

Expresso Color 700x320

DarkRose Color 700x320

Clear Natural Color 700x320

For all questions regarding testing and purchasing of The Chair of Trance EvolutionaryMobilization™, please contact the leaders of the Practice HORA USA. (832.283.2751 c or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

This model requires self-assembly. Assembles in 3 easy steps











Where to buy HORA Chair/Stool

You can try it at our US HORA studio location

You can buy it on our HORA USA Online-Shop and

VIDEOS: Nearsighted Person Reading Vision Chart @ 20 feet on a regular chair and then on the new Evolutionary Meditative Mobilization ™ HORA Chair





HORA Chair Options

Learn more about current HORA Chair Solid Wood Modelts

Learn more about current HORA Chair Solid Wood Modelts

Could it be that HORA Chair is the world’s healthiest chair in the history of civilization? Try it and decide it.

We think it definatly could be the best chair that you ever used in your own world!


Buy directly from us with 10% discount

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Learn more about Portable HORA Chair Raisers

Learn more about Portable HORA Chair Raisers

HORA Raisers that convert regular chair, without the wheels, into the chair that trains Trance Mobilization™ and Trance Evolutionary Mobilization™.

Regular Price $50.

Free shipping in the continental US.

Buy directly from us with 10% discount

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