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Book One: Zen Tales by Master HORA

Book 1 Zen Tales By Master HORA Eng Aug.13.13 456x730 B

Live’s Questions & Personal Grows

For seekers: this section is for people who are re-evaluating their path, seeking answers to life’s questions and their relationship to the word. We all have faced or will face the life questions related to the meaning of the life, personal purpose, relationships, nature.

This section captures the questions that people stumble upon within their life; irrespective of age, gender, nationality, geographic location, faith, education, and beliefs.

At one point in our life we all go through the phase of a seeker. We question the values we grow up with, we develop our own explanation in mind of how the world works. Moreover, sometimes we do this more than once, as our life brings in new information and experiences. To prove it: Retail sales statistics of just the U.S. self-improvement market is about $US 9.9 billion dollars industry (Marketdata Enterprises, 2017 study).

We organized this section of our site to present an opportunity for the youth to see the questions their peers and people who are 10 to 30 years older ask. What are the life questions on the mind of business people, mothers, or fathers as they travel through time.

This section’s objective is to allow people to learn from others who were able to form a question, nurture it from within, and had the spirit to ask this question publicly. We hope that the answers provided by Master HORA will help people to avoid pain, fear, anxiety, aloofness, self-belittlement, depression, and need for mind-changing substances, etc.

We hope that this section will prevent youth from losing time, during their productive years and prevent mistakes in their personal life and career.

You may not agree with all the answers or choose to skip some questions that do not sit well with you. However, we are certain that you will find more than one question in here that will help you to achieve your breakthroughs; help you to make a leap to the next level of thinking, career, worldview, life objectives.

If this book helps only 10% of our site visitors to overcome their challenges and to become better fathers, mothers, professionals, partners, friends, students, leaders, we know that the world just became somewhere better for a child, a parent, a partner, and you.

Please, enjoy and utilize this section for personal growth and improvement. Find those answers you’ve been looking for.


There are 112 Zen Master answers to the questions from doctors, musicians, business people, scientists, stay at home parents, and students from different parts of the world.  It is divided into four sections:

About Path
About Life
About Family
About Business

This book is about finding your way out of deadlock. It is made with a positive attitude.

It is the best NOT to read this book in the usual order, page by page. Rather, this book should be read while in the process of contemplation.The objective of this book is to awaken in a person the desire to change, to make a step towards real life.

This mean recovery and satisfaction of natural health, strengthening and satisfaction of your own psyche and increase of energy, vitality and potential.“If you have an emotionally flavored honest question, test yourself — open it at any page. Point at any line with your finger — there where your finger falls is here and now.

Up above the text is the cause — past, below the text is the effect — future. You can check 1,000 times if you wish on any generation. The main thing — is to ask honest questions. And if you do not get hundred-percent-correct answers, say, “no, this is not Zen, not a miracle”…

Master HORA®
The Future Chooses the One — Who — Chooses the Future

The book is in process of being translated to English. If you would like to place advance order, for this book please contact us.    

Buy it at

About Path (38 questions)

  1. Enlightened Master
  2. What is Humility? Types and Roots of Humility, Elements, Divinities. Acceptance of Reality
  3. Pity and Compassion. What is the Difference?
  4. Unity of Mind and Body. Control of Fear Through Breathing
  5. How to Control Ego?
  6. Influence of Church Rituals on its Performers
  7. Why Does Reincarnation Exist?
  8. What is Zen? Warrior and Athlete
  9. Where is the Power Point in the Space of the Universe?
  10. Electron Levels, Skies, Planet’s Orbits ― What is Behind Them?
  11. How to Function Without “I Want”? Ultimate Form of Training in the Martial Arts
  12. Who is a Mystic?
  13. Awakening of a Mystic
  14. Who is a Demigod?
  15. Faith. Doubts
  16. Buddhism. Religiousness
  17. Evolution. Creation Consequence. Cause
  18. Are You Enlightened?
  19. Speed of Transformation. Path From Above. Path From Below
  20. Ignorance. Point of No Return
  21. Building Block of the Universe
  22. Yoga. Main Asana. Attention
  23. Prophetic Dreams. Nature of a World of Dreams
  24. Path of a Warrior of Life
  25. Path of a Warrior of Life. The Truth
  26. Path of a Warrior of Life. Guardian. Creator. Destroyer
  27. Path of a Warrior of Life. Truthful Warrior. Bloody Battle
  28. Path of a Warrior of Life. A Man and a Woman
  29. Laws of the Whole
  30. Life and Death
  31. “Our Father…”
  32. Correction of Karma. 
  33. Spiritual Soul Crisis
  34. Apostles
  35. Chaos. Chance
  36. Perception of Emptiness
  37. Love. Suffering. Compassion. Buddha


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