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Personal Trance-Evolutionary Program by Master HORA

“For the Personal Program from Master HORA it is not important where the person is among billions in an amphitheater. He does not stray and is without a doubt knows exactly through himself that the Personal Program is a transformation, and this transformation cannot be named any other way but “Another”. Such a person knows without a doubt that this is the “Another”, instead of any other “Another”. 

Master HORA®, section «About the Personal Program»

Master HORA ― founder of the Trance-Evolutionary Teaching and Practice HORA.

A Brief Explanation of the Essence of the Training Program:

It is the union of one’s concentrated attention and calmness ― accompanied by the constant development of body, mind, and psyche.

It is the union of mind, body, and psyche in any order, depends on one’s personal priorities.

Regardless of priority, the Personal Program is guaranteed to bring you to another physical reality. It is the same as instantly switching from the speed of a horse-and-buggy to the speed of sound. Such is the guaranteed difference. It is felt, learned directly, and personally.

How is training held?

  • Training can take place anywhere and at any time ― while riding public transportation, on a train, on a ship, on an aircraft, at work, in a restaurant, on the street, at a shop, among the crowd, and even in wartime, etc. ... Place, time, and circumstance do not matter.
  • A training pose is irrelevant. This type of training does not require "Lotus" or any mats, etc. ― basically, no special conditions are necessary. And there is no need to convince yourself of that which does not exist ― to instill illusions as is common practice today. (It is important to understand that there is a treatment for those who have illusions. Modern self-meditation ― is medical nonsense. Those who encourage such medical practices are teaching what they are treating.)

How much time must be invested?

  • On training ― basically an instant.
  • Time of immersion in the program ― for example, in Trance-Evolutionary relaxation and calmness ― almost an instant.
  • Time required for coming out of immersion ― two instants, a little longer.

Anyone can easily check if my words are true, even those who aren’t professionally involved in yoga, meditation, psychological training or other medicine.

Watch the video of my gymnastics the “Deep Trance Psycho-Physical Relaxation” (20-30 seconds is enough), and then two very simple tests will convince anyone that regardless of your desire ― your muscles, your facial expression will prove to you that you are in the state of deep calmness.

Training of the practice itself is held individually, personally. This is not a video ― a moment is sufficient, once and forever. Do it, train it if you want to, or if you do not want to ― do not do it.  You are free, liberated.  You make your own decisions.

What you should know is that during a time when stress and depression have become the norm of everyday life, a human being as a system is being destroyed in all aspects (mind, body, psyche). A way a person trying to protect himself: alcohol, drugs, medicines, and all sorts of psycho-training. Who doesn’t really know this?

  • In modern practices, immersion in relaxation and the consequent result of calmness are reached by only a few people. It takes years to achieve this. There are even fewer (note: in a stationary position) ― who can teach it. However, people do not live and/or work in a stationary position.
  • In ancient, thousand-year-old practices, immersion in Trance calmness was achieved in even fewer cases, and for this result, a single lifetime may not be enough. Even fewer people can teach this ― in a stationary position. And this is a very high result. Now imagine that you are a drop in the ocean ― a single person in the human ocean, in the constantly updated ocean, and there are billions and billions of people, and suddenly you are ― that one, one of the extremely few. Without any miracle, you suddenly learned ― basically, a blessed calmness. What can be the price of this saved time? A drop ― is a moment in the ocean of infinity and eternity. Saved time cannot be measured.
  • You can agree with this: people do not live or work in a stationary position, and human society does not develop in this way either. Trance-Evolutionary calmness has no boundaries ― it is not constrained by any postures or actions.
  • What is the Trance-Evolutionary calmness no one has known to date? What does this knowledge/skill rely on? Click on Master HORA About Evolution.


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