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Executive (Women) Program by Master HORA

“A humane future for the world ― within a new, dominant women. A woman of yesterday ― is associated with kitchen and only the kitchen. A woman of today and tomorrow ― is associated with computers, the telephone, steering wheel, the office, and a child in the back seat…  And a calm, confident eyes. A Women’s Program ― is for smart and strong women.”

Master HORA “Circle of Eve”

Practice HORA Womens-Executive-Program P2 650WThe Executive and Extreme Women programs provide: 

  • Sexual attractiveness, youth, endurance
  • Modification of body configuration
  • Woman’s charisma – in body, in feelings and in intellect
  • Readiness and calmness as a union of body and mind as one
  • Comfort for prolonged negotiation (without tiredness/endurance)
  • Increase both the power and capability of a woman (without fatigue)
  • The ability always to be on the right level of endurance (control)
  • A program that is pragmatically optimized and designed for people who value their time

The Evolutionary-Meditative Women’s Program by Master HORA can be attended by both women and men  who have  experience with Practice HORA. (Additionally, the required level of readiness can be achieved through individual sessions with a program leader) 

A Brief explanation of the essence of know-how*:

Its extreme outcome ― combining action and calmness at the same time ― it is an incompatible concept for our culture and mentality.

The Women's Program ― is a type of training on a qualitatively different level for a person; progressive efficiency ― anchoring, inner natural attention, etc. (See: Master HORA About Evolution).

Evolutionary health in quality of control of natural selection is determined by genetic success, and is manifested in sexual attractiveness. Look at the leaders of the Women's Programs.

They experienced a modified design in their bodies (waist, chest, unfolding of the shoulders, neck, etc.). They know it through themselves, i.e. have inner knowledge in this regard (the essence: "I know this because I am it, I can do it and prove it").

Here, in brief, is what the Women's Program is (in practice, HORA) and what a leader is in the Women's Program.

Progressive attention, awakening and development of active internal attention.

The aim  is to reunite an artificially disconnected brain-body system; to awaken, revive and restore it as a unified system with an evolving nature; and to continue one’s own natural development in evolutionary channels of life. This means being an active participant in one’s personal development in the flow of the United development of life.

Practice HORA ― is not an Indian system, it is not a Chinese system. It differs from all existing systems. Practice HORA ― is a completely different, new system. In its foundation ― an awakening of memory, channels, etc.; of evolutionary survival. See the energy map of a fetus development in the womb ( "Place, role and purpose of yoga", 1999). This map does not originate from any of these systems, but they all do originate from it. This is a map of an absolute genetic success. It is created by evolutionary selection, – selection from the beginning of time.

This map-memory is associated with all the objects of this world. Recovering of memory, recovering of a map ― is a real restoration of a connection with the world, with all its objects.

No matter how the world will change in the future, for better or for worse, what is important is to be in the same current (stream?) with it, the stream of Life. See Personal Program.


How the Women Program differs from Eastern mystical dreams: take it, validate it, confirm it ― it works! ― pragmatically to the maximum. The program is pragmatically optimized and designed for people who value their time.

– Which woman would not want that?

– Only the one who does not know…


January 16, 2010, Master HORA®

* Practical knowledge and method behind the program, developed by author and founder of the Practice HORA. 


“… Women’s Program ― is sexual attractiveness, in the full context of this word. As long as sexual attractiveness is present in a woman, she feels healthy, both physically and psychologically; She feels self-sufficient, successful in harmony with the standards of nature”.

Master HORA®

© A.V. Atayan. 1999-2010. All rights reserves. When citing a reference to the author is required


Testimonial Women (Executive) Program

Transformation in Practice HORA

Svetlana Baklanova, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Baklanova, Practice HORA Leader

Elena Gakkel, Practice HORA Leader

Elena Gakkel, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Chistyakova, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Chistyakova, Practice HORA Leader

Ludmila Boyce, Practice HORA Student

Ludmila Boyce, Practice HORA Student

Andrew Ogay, Practice HORA Student

Andrew Ogay, Practice HORA Student

Svetlana Sedelmayer, Practice HORA Student

Svetlana Sedelmayer, Practice HORA Student

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