Difference between trance types

The bright and vital, evolutionary trance in which there is no tiredness — this is the difference of the HORA trance from all other existing trances. This bright trance, this dance of life against the dark, life-sucking trances, including substance-induced trances.

Bright Trance in HORA-TRACK™


Learn how to naturally:
- Raise energy levels
- Decrease stress
- Manage tension
- Enhance focus
- Increase willpower

No substances are needed to achieve these benefits.  HORA-TRACK is built on the evolutionary-instinctual natural stability reflex. This is training of inner strength and concentration of attention. 


Photo of people on the narcotics, or in the substance trance (Dark Trance)


The temporary relief from tension using substances has a high price. The substance trance achieved at the expense of the individual's mind, body, family, friends, social personal goals. 

See the list of notable people who lost their lives to substance and lost ther opportunity to create and add value to sociaety. 

The "Inner I" is resting, but the entire nervous system is in a state of shock. The mind grows more distanced from the body. The body grows more distanced from the mind. There are no moral, ethical or other constraints, and pseudo-freedom emerges. 

Photograph of people in a state of dark trance, follower of other famous systems


A number of modern youth superstarts, depend on substances for his/her creativity. What is being promoted in such cases? Allegedly, this person is experimenting, etc., because it appears as if he or she is a creative personality, and thus free. He deceives everybody in order to convince himself of the opposite — he is a person dependent on the substances, and advocates and promotes not freedom, but enslavement. When children start using substances, they are initiated into this by society and social environment. It allows all this to exist; it allows such a word as "experiment" to promote and instill in young people's psyche a pseudo-liberty — it is the dark drug trance. 

Compare  it to the Trance in HORA-TRACK™ 

In HORA-TRACK The mind and the body are developed simultaneously, not separately. HORA-TRACK provides an opportunity to rejuvenate and bring back from the point where life is disappearing. The principle of the Evolutionary Trance-Meditative HORA Dance (HORA-TRACK) is based on the ability to arouse the nervous system, to give the entire body a chance to ring in a state of trance. In short: activation to reach your life's maximum potential.

HORA-TRACK Photo Combo 3 Event 10th

As a result, together with stability, the primary and the optimal trance attention is developed. The optimal concentration of attention without a loss of strength, where the evolutionary unity of the mind and evolutionary unity of the body are united into one.

The dance is intended for everybody who is exhausted, and for every type of exhaustion. Not only the exhaustion from substance use, but also the exhaustion that comes from aging, stress, emotions, creative work, etc.

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Practice HORA Exercises


Practice HORA Samp Combo

Practice HORA Exercises

Practice HORA exercises restore, rejuvenate, and strengthen the body according to the natural laws of evolution.

HORA exercises are done in pairs. Each person works with a partner using methods of pushing and resistance. These exercises are designed to naturally bring out a breathing that activates the healing energy within the body.

During every exercise, the entire body is engaged, involving various groups of muscles thereby strengthening the core. Each exercise takes only a few minutes to perform. However, these exercises are very intense in that they provide the benefits of combining cardiovascular and toning exercises while reaching a meditative state.




Practice HORA Level 1 Visit: Evolutionary-Wellness Program by Master HORA

HORA students report significant improvement to their overall health after the first 2-3 weeks of practicing. Some of the results that have been noticed by students are:
• Normalization of heart activity.
• Improved dietary intake, and weight reduction.
• Effective purification of all systems within the body (digestive, urinary, blood, respiratory, joints, etc.)
• Elimination of various harmful substances like salts, toxins etc.
• Alleviation of sexual dysfunctions including restoration of reproductive functions and capability for natural conception, delivery, etc. 

The activation of evolutionary breathing heals the entire internal system, improves spinal posture, and strengthens the mind within the natural laws of evolution. These results lead to overall harmony and success.

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St. Petersburg, Russia ― Women Extream Program. Visit: Evolutionary-Meditative Women’s Program by Master HORA

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