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HORA-TRACK Tradition and History - Page 1: HORA-TRACK Tradition


The time goes by. Children grow older and become more independent. Their opinion increasingly counts for more and more. The constant breakdowns in society, the social glitches — not in the family — begin to cripple our children. It is not the family that cripples them — the children are good. They simply grow up and the parenting functions are assumed by the society and the social environment.  

About drugs.

The nervous system of the person who takes narcotics is in a state of deep shock, even though the drug user appears to be resting. The “Inner I” is resting, but the entire nervous system is in a state of shock. The mind grows more distanced from the body. The body grows more distanced from the mind. There are no moral, ethical or other constraints, and pseudo-freedom emerges.  

Energy channels in a human being are tightly interwoven with the life of the Earth. Life on earth can be compared to a child inside a mother’s womb.

The basis of life on earth — water. It is the main conduit of energy and the main element for the synthesis of energy. That is, the visible and the invisible channels are anchored to the laws of life on Earth, and one of the invisible and important ones of them — is gravity. It connects the entire system of life on Earth in a single bio-electromagnetic gravitational whole.

All words are clear and our youth is educated… And this brief formula describes the wholeness of life on earth, where all elements in nature need one another — the air, the earth, the trees, the oxygen. This simple, brief and clear explanation of bio-electromagnetism, gravity and water — this is what a human is.

A few more words about water... The human being’s water with salts and minerals is organized, aligned and harmonized around the magnetic axis (just like of Earth). The system of life and its repetitions are the same. In the center is the Sun — it is the heart. Then along one line, like along the spinal column, planets are aligned. When a human being traversed from wakefulness to sleep, his field begins to move within a space, harmoniously, like the planets around the Sun.  

Life takes on different shapes, but the idea is the same. Drugs affect all these energies that are visible to the eye and tangible, as well as those invisible to the eye and hard to detect. Electro-bio-magnetism and gravity cannot be seen by the eye or felt, but you all know that water is life.

Let me continue further on a subject of drugs. After the consumption of drugs, the heart rate changes, the breathing changes, body temperature changes, and water begins to burn out of the body. The brain falls into a dark trance, and energy shortage that is needed for trance begins to develop; inner water burns out, and the brain begins sucking in water from the large intestine. It requires no explaining as to what kind of fluid that is. It contains the waste of the bodily function. Through this process, the brain begins feeding itself with such waste.  

All drug users know what a hangover thirst is. The water from the intestine is sucked into channels, and by these channels it enters the brain. All drug users know that after this, the problems with bowel movements occurs. The reason — is the dirty water; its energy, through the spinal column, rushes straight to the brain. The solar system and its harmony inside the human body begin to crumble. An evolutionary deafness emerges, blindness with all its consequences.  

Video: HORA Gravitaneer

Gravitarneer, Part 1: The Heir of Earth

Who will inherit the Earth and what modern person has to do with this? How can a human make the next evolutionary step as a species consciously? The film about the gravitational trinity of nature. English and Russian - Subtitles are available

Gravitarneer, Part II: Evolution of the Soul

For thousands of years people have been searching for the ideal harmony. In the other words, human history is filled with wars and injustice. The global world today build on double standards and endless division into “us vs. them”. What is needs to happen for Humanity to prevail? For thousands of years people have been searching for the ideal harmony. In the other words, human history is filled with wars and injustice. The global world today build on double standards and endless division into “us vs. them”. The new documentary film “Gravitaneer, Part II: Evolution of the Soul" explains the root causes of this division. Human is the only known species on the Earth who can make consciously the next evolutionary step as a species. English and Russian - Subtitles are available

Gravitaneer, Part III: Smallest force In search of self, in search of the soul

Film Gravitaneer, Part III “Smallest force In search of self, in search of the soul” “Liberation of the soul — it is to become liberated from your inner-I; be able to stop it If this liberation happens, you become whole. The spirit itself, the soul itself and its power which resides in the body — is smaller than the power of the breath.” Master HORA The film is based on material taken from Master HORA’s conversations with youth at HORA Camp, August 2018. Watch previous parts I and II of the film at our Youtube playlist. Gravitaneer Part I, "The Heir of Earth" Gravitaneer Part II, “Evolution of the Soul”

HORA Trance Fitness in Chicago by Teens and Youth

Promoting healthy student lifestyle with the trance athletic training/work out exercises for youth. HORA Trance Fitness is a new and fun athletic training/work out exercises with the goal of preventing the decision fatigue, stress, anxiety, and reliance on substances as a relief. HORA USA Facebook Youth

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