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HORA-TRACK Tradition and History - Page 4: HORA-TRACK Tradition


In evolutionary truth, the mind and the body are developed simultaneously, not separately. You know how it happens sometimes — the head was sent to school; the body was sent to the gym, and everything seems good, but it is not so. Gymnastics for the mind and gymnastics for the body are united by a single concept — the evolutionary trance. In our culture, in our traditions such phrases are not perceived by our brains, the psyche is blocked. Evolutionary trance-gymnastic is necessary for the evolution of the human species. A human is not the final product, and should not be denied a chance, his ambition of independent development must be returned to him. There used to be a time when a human was afraid of fire. Today human is afraid of evolutionary development even more than fire. Of the same flame that makes human warm, the flame that made him civilized — a psychological horror has been created for the human, and this horror has been transferred on to evolution. Human — is not a final product, there is a lot of light in front of him.

So, if you do not stand in a position of stability/anchoring, if you cannot concentrate attention properly, you are not evolutionarily viable — evolutionarily viable, rather than by medical/ pharmaceutical standards. A child born of an addict does not stand in a position of stability and his own parents write him off. With medication and medical help, it may be possible to bring such a child to some normality if a hard effort is made. However, evolutionarily, genetically he has been written off — such is the cruel genetic truth. Nevertheless, no one fears this flame.

Walking upright but not able to stand, having lost the instinct-reflex of stability/anchoring — this is what the modern human is. Where there is no stability/anchoring, there is no evolutionary concentration of attention, and there can be no development of evolutionary life. In the end there will be only a resemblance of life. The natural life transformed to an artificial phase, and, as usual, this resemblance manages to come up with ethics and morality benefiting its own image and its own likeness.

You are young and smart people, and you know that this is what is already happening now — the adjustment of life to its own image and its own likeness. Children addicted to drugs — and the parents aren’t to be blamed. Normal parents are respectful of their children. Normal parents do not look through the keyhole; through the crack, they do not peep into what their maturing children are doing. Normal parents are not supervisors; they do not restrict their children’s freedom. They do not turn the child into an obedient slave. In today's world, maturity happens very early, and among adults, it is customary to be respectful with one another and to respect the personal space.

HORA-TRACK II is based on the effect of rocking the child. All adults are aware of the unconscious attraction to rocking. Kids love it when they are rocked, swung, rotated, etc. At that moment child is in a transition zone: from the coordinates of this world the child transitions into the coordinates of the other, from where he had come from. During rocking, a smooth gentle transition takes place between sleep and wakefulness.

All mothers know that at the time of transition a child clings to the world with his sight, and this is clearly visible. Thus, a track between gravitational coordinates in this world and the gravitational coordinates in the dream world or the subtle world is created, but the sight clings to this world. This way, a track appears — a tunnel through which a child, while being created, came into this world.

HORA-TRACK II is based on this truthful instinctual natural effect. The coordinates of the body change, but with your sight, you’re present in this world — it is a manifestation of love to the world. An angel, a child came into this world; he came fascinated by this world.

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HORA Trance Fitness in Chicago by Teens and Youth

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