Basic Principles and Effectiveness of HORA Trance Fitness (HORA Trance Gymnastics)

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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2011), there are more Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 illegally using prescription psychotherapeutic drugs (a.k.a. smart drugs/study drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin) than there are using cocaine and hallucinogens combined. For some, these substances are a way to communicate, make friends, and deal with pressure. 

According to the American College Health Association in its 2014 survey reported that:

  • 1 in 6 college students (14.3%) had been diagnosed with or treated for, anxiety. 
  • 1 in 5 of students (21.8%) of students said that within the last 12 months, anxiety had affected their academic performance.

Before it becomes a way of life, HORA-TRANCE FIT training offers an alternative and natural choice that will build self-sufficiency, self-confidence, increase energy, and remove tension.  HORA-TRANCE FIT™ is a new type of social meet-up, as well as fun and productive training for natural health. 

Our training sessions invite youth to experience for themselves how HTS (HTF) can manage tension, pressure, stress, and anxiety. A person can see how they feel and if HTS/HTF can offer an alternative to managing these items before considering over-the-counter, prescription, and other forms of substances. We are saying that this is the goal of this training.

* * The depth of your results is subject to your current state of physical, emotional, and mental health. We have free trials sessions online; you can try HTS standing or HTF on the chair and observe your derived effects and benefits.

The NCAA "Study of Substance Use and Abuse Habits of College Student-Athletes" study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine (2001) reveals that more than 50% of Student-Athletes rely on substances to cope with the dual demand of athletics and academics.

The best way, in the long-term, to pursuing personal goals without relying on pills and substances is to manage stress and pressures. We believe that HORA-TRANCE SPORT™ is a new type of drug-free, like-minded social meet-up, as well as fun and productive training for natural health. Regular training of healthy choices leads to a drop in reliance on pills and substances. We think that HTS (HTF) does this better based on the feedback shared with us and our own experiences. But only you can make a final judgment if HTS is the training method that can support your healthy life! HTS classes lead by volunteers and are free. You can try HTS and observe your derived effects and benefits.

Our exercises are done with open eyes; thus, a person is training to stay calm while adrenaline is activated. It is not the same as simple relaxation with closed eyes. This is supported by a survey of youth ages 16 to 27. The survey from our focus groups shows that after HORA Trance Sport exercise session (scale of 1 to 10):

-- Felt significant shift in calmness increase: 67.3% - sum of 8 9, 10
-- Felt moderate increase in calmness: 17.3% - sum of 6, 7
-- Did not fill change in calmness: 3.8% - sum of 5
-- Felt less energy: 11.5% - sum of 1, 2, 3, 4
*N = 52 (2018, 2019) Mix of paid study group trials and unpaid participants

Since 2011, 100’s of anti-substance and anti-narcotic training sessions and master-classes (large and small) have been held across the world at university campuses or public spaces in Chicago, Moscow, St Petersburg, Astana, Almaty, Helsinki.

HORA Trance Fitness gymnastics is built on the two basic principles common to a human being:Hora Trance Fitness FAST

  • emission of adrenaline that goes along with visible shivering in the wrists and body
  • elongation of the muscles, common to the young growing organism.

It is important to understand that elongation is not a stretch and is not stretching of the muscles.

  • Stretching and elongation is used by all who trains physical exercises and culture. However, no known sport nor the Eastern systems use the term “elongation” and they do not unfold the meaning hidden in this term.
  • Elongation is common to the growing young organism of the child.

These two interpenetrating actions of HORA Trance Fitness™ are designed in such a way that action and calmness unite into one system (frame).

The approach is to do an action with simultaneous submergence into deep calmness while being in the zone of adrenaline upsurge and the principle of elongation that is common in the young growing organism. This summarized information is directed towards professional scientific discovery and comprehension. The article below adopts information for the mass audience.Hora Trance Fitness SLOW

Everyone knows that the intensive growth of a young organism comes with emotional flare-ups. The growth of various body parts: hands, then feet, etc. creates definitive discomfort. From this comes emotional instability and irritation in this age.
Elongation — plasticity of a young organism — this is a necessary quality, that lifts compensatory pain shock. Moreover, the activation of the “adrenaline system” is necessary in order to overcome various setbacks. Adrenaline provokes internal shivering.

Elongation-plasticity and adrenaline’s shivering — are the two important factors in order for:
• the body to adapt to any physical skills.
• the brain to retain/imprint these skills and unite them into one system — the interconnection of coordinates between brain, body and nervous system.

Step by step, the personality is unveiled, and, at the end, we see a formed character. The formalized interconnection between brain, body, and nervous system can be labeled as a formed character or a developed personality.

Often as we grow up, the already formed personality/character reduces the ability of dynamic development, adaptability, flexibility that exists while we are in the adolescent age, and our final characteristics have been set — formed personality sometimes lowers the plasticity and interconnectivity with the brain. This is when the brain (during the process of such plasticity) also carries in itself qualities of playable perception and teachability, the psychological ability to acquire skills.

As a result, the training consists of two components of gymnastics: fast and slow fitness exercises.


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HORA Trance Fitness at UIC Chicago November 2017

HORA Trance Fitness at the Park, St. Petersburg by Teens and Youth

HORA Trance Fitness: Astana Kazakhstan, October 2017

HORA Trance Fitness in Chicago by Teens and Youth

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