Context Behind Fast Part of HORA Trance Fitness

In the fast part of the HTF training, the typical fitness/gymnastic exercises combine with constant shivering in the body, that is expressly visible in the wrists. This is a the provocation of adrenaline upsurge. This correctly organized training allows for a chance to submerge into calmness.

A good comparative example to increase understanding would be an athlete before the competition. Before the start of competition, an athlete’s hands shake; he is dumping tension from his feet, and it's hard for him/her to stay still in one spot. This is typical nervousness before the start. If an athlete does not move and does not do the action of dumping the tension, he may develop something similar to an epileptic shock. If one does not dump the shivering, then over-tension can lead to loss of consciousness.


Also, any tiny delay of the athlete at the start line can lead to his/her burnout, after which he can fall into deep depression, indifference, and apathy. A professional athlete intuitively finds a way to remove adrenaline stress by dumping the tensing and relaxing the muscles. He is striving to retain the state of readiness for action, but not able to obtain calmness.

This is the zone of mobilization, the place where athlete burnout can fall into depression. However, this mobilization zone can be strengthened through training with HORA Trance Fitness™.

HORA Trance Fitness can be trained by everyone, not just athletes. With correct technique, through the HORA professional, during the training, a person submergence into calmness and simultaneously increases his/her ability to be ready for any activity.

The body and brain in the developing/growing organism is pliable, and that is why the young organisms have the highest marks for ability to acquiring skills. HORA Trance Fitness (HORA Trance Gymnastics) composed from the two parts (fast and slow), creates the opportunity for a high level of ability to acquiring skills for the body and mind.

Thus, HORA Trance Fitness creates conditions for simultaneous training of incompatible opposites: dynamic action and calmness. This principle does not exist in the West or the East, neither as a training system, nor as a thought that this could be the basis for psycho-physical training. The examples are given so that a person who is not astute in biology, psychology, physiology, etc. can develop the understanding that such training step-by-step creates a high level of stress resistance (resilience).Hora Trance Fitness SLOW


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