Context Behind Slow Part of HORA Trance Fitness

In the slow part of the HTF training, the common fitness actions are combined with the uninterrupted concentration of attention and deep submergence into self. This awakens an inner power. The inner power differs from physical power by its ability to transform into plasticity — not the fitness flexibility, but into pliability, where power exists uninterrupted; such person in any position as if in the state of ready to release, bow-string.

What is important to understand, this training activates entire body into work, and thus the body forcefully becomes more and more anchored/stable.

As it was mentioned above, pliability is an important characteristic, which is common to youth. Plasticity of the body — it is a readiness to receive new physical skills. The body is inseparable from the brain. Power plasticity with the ability to elongate (not to be confused with stretch and stretching) changes the characteristic of the body. It returns to a person the ability to receive physical and intellectual skills more effortlessly, just like in young developing organisms. In two words — this enhancement of one’s own potential. (self-improvement)

As never before, physical and intellectual endurance is in demand in today’s ever-changing world with continuously increasing informational pressure. The volume of information that descends on the person today in just one year would take a thousand years to process for our ancestors. The volumes are irreconcilable. The world used to be slow. For example, a person traveling from point A to point B used to walk, now he travels on the supersonic plane.

Another easy to comprehend example. Everyone used to be young and remember how youth is attracted to dancing and doing sports.
The youth is drawn to dancing — because it is an opportunity to relax from the continuous informational pressure, looking for a distraction. HORA Trance Fitness — not just simply distracts, but creates a condition, promotes, helps to overcome the future pressure on a young person much easier. Training of calmness in action — it is a training of concentration of the mind while working with information.

The youth from different countries — Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Belorussia, Ukraine, etc. have started to train this unusual and beautiful fitness trance-method.

This method creates a transfer between mind and body — both mind and body mutually penetrate and mutually saturate each other. The mind expands its space with the help of the body and the body expands its space with the help of the mind’s space. The nervous system becomes flexible and pliable.Hora Trance Fitness FAST

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