Not only have I visited this unusual presentation. I was fortunate enough to participate in this dance-action. Tested by myself. Emotions are extraordinary. Ekaterina, 28, journalist, Astana

Ekaterina-Journalist-AstanaEkaterina, 28, journalist, Astana

On October 26, 2011 an international anti-drug campaign was held for the first time in Astana. The action has turned out unusually — there were no usual words about the evil of drugs. There were very few words — only a short introduction from the organizers for 5 minutes. And all the other 50 – it was a pure drive. This is exactly the way to describe HORA-TRACK-1 and HORA-TRACK-2 in a few words — trans-evolutionary meditative dance HORA as a method of restoring a man after drug exhaustion and possible cure from drug addiction.

Not only have I visited this unusual presentation. I was fortunate enough to participate in this dance-action. Tested by myself. Emotions are extraordinary. The action was attended by about 100 people, they came from different cities and countries — Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Ukraine (Kiev), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau, and, of course, Astana).

What won me over before the event — is nice, beautiful faces of people. Everyone shines a smile, success; open faces and a gleam in their eyes are talking about it. There were students, young people, respectable people, businessmen, famous persons. In the HORA-TRACK dance, we became a whole, we moved after the leader in the track of bright trance, and there was no discomfort. Absolutely none. You want more. You feel like your body and mind are freed from gravity, darkness and gloom. As your arms, legs, head are becoming light and smooth you feel an unusual influx of energy, happiness and strength. It is beyond words.

And suddenly, the light is turned on; we finished the Trance-Evolutionary Meditative HORA-TRACK. There is a question in your head — how? Finished so quickly? After all, we just started, just got to soar and gained freedom ... It turned out we were dancing for 50 minutes! And did not notice. These 50 minutes flew like 5! We never stopped once; the movements were quite rhythmic and fast. We actively worked all the muscles of the back and neck, arms, hands, fingers, legs. No fatigue and this is after I have not personally exercised for 12 years. Absolutely exceptional state of lightness, laughter and happiness. Just drive and positivity.

After a light meditative trance we, the participants, stayed. We don’t leave. It's like waiting for the music to continue to re-immerse ourselves in dance. We share our experiences. Someone knew about Practice of HORA, someone was engaged in the practice for years, someone heard the word HORA for the first time. But after a bright trance, we are all shining; we are beautiful, happy, and friendly. We're talking about our wonderful state, each seeking to convey the beauty that appeared in the mind and body. Unfortunately, the page cannot accommodate all that was said. One thing was very memorable, for me personally, "Finally appeared a pole that will give young people the opportunity to distinguish: where is a dark trance and where is a bright one. I am extremely happy and grateful to Master for the fact that now I can be calm about the future of my children and their children! "

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