I used to thinking of myself as a very constrained person. HORA-TRACK is freedom. HORA-TRACK is release. Tamara Pyrlik, 34, Freelancer, Astana

I used to thinking of myself as a very constrained person. Constrained — it rather means very closed, absorbed in oneself. And, you know, it's also a certain kind of addiction. Addiction, which leads me to weigh every word, every action ...

Somehow, I know for myself clearly, that one addiction may very well lead to another. It is unknown what kind of addiction — it all lies in the hands of a fate. But it definitely can. It's just a matter of fact — if you're prone to addiction, then be prepared for any addiction.

Addiction is not freedom. No matter what you're not free from. From drugs, alcohol, smoking, against all kinds of phobias and obsessions ... This is not freedom in any case, it is addiction in any case.

HORA-TRACK is freedom. HORA-TRACK is release. On October 26 in Astana I was not an active participant. Moreover, I wasn’t even an active guest. I was constrained. I was addicted — addicted to my attitude, addicted to the load gained from my life. 

BUT ... ...

BUT ... ... But it was HORA-TRACK. It overcame me. It helped me. It supported me. It led me. I trusted it, let go of tightness. Let go of the attitude. And just let go of everything...

And suddenly there was silence!

I have the feeling that it is still in me. And I have a feeling that I am breathing. I breathe with everyone who is in the hall. Together with those who are in HORA-TRACK.

And then ... And then — a new wave! But inside — peace! And the peace of mind. And delight!
And you want action, want achievements, want to come through!
Honestly, you want to be on defense bunker bare-chested.

And you want to stake a claim, cement, charge to further promote HORA-TRACK.
And you want to stay in it. To be in it. Be with it.
And you understand — HORA-TRACK exists.
HORA-TRACK is unique! It is free...!
And you're free with it. I was no longer burdened, I was immersed.
It was HORA-TRACK!!!

Tamara Pyrlik, 34, Freelancer, Astana

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