Basic Principles and Effectiveness of HORA Trance Fitness (HORA Trance Gymnastics)

History of Western Gymnastics

The Early History of Physical Culture:

Return of Physical Exercises to Europe 1800's:


Swedish gymnastics 1917

Women's League Of Health And Beauty (1930)

German Youth - Physical Training And Sports Meeting (1937)

JFK on Physical Fitness (1960's)

HORA TRANCE FITNESS is a set of organized, common exercises, with a principally different context that did not exist before. Moreover, they are fun, not hard exercises, that bring like-minded individuals with a focus on the future. It is a movement for natural health and uses natural principles of the evolutionary development of humankind. One of its main goals is to prevent the development of negative habits, anxiety, self-belittlement, and dependence on substances/narcotics in our youth. Since 2011, 100’s of anti-substance and anti-narcotic training sessions and master-classes (large and small) have been held across the world at university campuses or public spaces in Chicago, Moscow, St Petersburg, Astana, Almaty, Helsinki.

Healthy youth — are our future.

Healthy youth — are the future of the country.

Healthy youth — are the future of the entire world.

Healthy youth — are the future of Earth.

A short overview of the history of the HTF method.

The foundation of HORA Trance Fitness (HORA Trance Gymnastics) is the knowledge of Master HORA (its creator). It is the knowledge of nature’s laws of evolution that is billions of years. By consciously manifesting the laws of evolution, we advance the rise of inner knowledge and inner abilities that are necessary for us today. So, we would have evolutionary tomorrow by the law of nature and not just by the law of human society.

The social evolution that ignores the evolution of nature — is a stoppage of development by nature.

Computers are not nature; computers are technological help. Nature — it is a way to increase one’s own abilities to adapt to a quickly changing world.

The next evolutionary step of humankind a person will take consciously™. The method — conscious, evolutionary trance-submergence, the conscious awakening of evolutionary trance and its training.
Practice HORA® — it is evolutionary trance-submergence, it is not meditation in action. Meditation — in short, the meaning of this word is contemplation. Thus, meditation — it is only one of the thousand capabilities that exist within trance.

This article is based on the future dissertation materials of T.V. Atayan-Hora.
©All Rights Reserved, October 2017. Requires permission for the reproduction of text.

HORA Trance Fitness at UIC Chicago November 2017

HORA Trance Fitness at the Park, St. Petersburg by Teens and Youth

HORA Trance Fitness: Astana Kazakhstan, October 2017

HORA Trance Fitness in Chicago by Teens and Youth

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