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Starting Point

Accumulated damage of the material world:


Chronic fatigue

Feeling unwell



Back pain

Distorted posture


Scoliosis, kyphosis




Premature menopause


Worsening of memory




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Life Paths:

Search for immortality



Studying problems of philosophy

Spiritual crisis


Religions of the world



Eastern martial arts

Breathing exercises




Esoteric studies


Modern science

Personal development


Training of attention


Breathing. Gravitation.

"And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul" (Genesis 2:7).

Those words did not appear out of nowhere. The laws of the universe are the laws of God, the Creator. Only a mystic (Yogi) could say such words ―[1] and only such a mystic knows the breath of life through himself. I will say the same thing in modern language:

When you inhale, the diaphragm descends, air presses upon it ― gravity ― “breathes into the nostrils the breath of life." This is the same idea as that stated above, only in modern language.

When you inhale, the diaphragm descends, air presses upon it ― gravity is at work. This type of environmental pressure makes us breathe in life. This impulse ― represents a movement toward life. When you exhale, the diaphragm rises through effort, pushing up, forcing out the air ― thus, overcoming gravity. This impulse ― represents a movement away from life. The evolutionary pressure of the environment and the evolutionary resistance of the species are already programmed into this act of breathing/gravitation. These are two sides of the single law which lies at the foundation of evolution.

It is also important to note that inhalation and exhalation are impossible without a desire to expand ― compress. (The impulse to expand ― represents a movement toward becoming a being, encompassing everything, infinity ― Void. And the impulse to compress ― represents a movement toward becoming a point, reaching nonexistence, a zero ― Void). These impulses are founded in our breath and are characteristic of our mind, our psychological activity.

These connections are obvious.

This same action occurs when the planet is moving: it falls towards the Sun (approach, inhalation, the impulse toward life), and then with effort overcomes the force of gravity (withdrawal, exhalation, the impulse away from life). And the orbit expands and shrinks in the same way.

The laws of life ― the laws of the universe. The laws of the universe ― the laws of God-Creator. If initially there were no properties of conscious energy in matter, then it could not have been materialized.

We had the courage to believe in the invisible, now we need even greater courage not to deny the obvious.

In both cases, we see the picture: the egg and the cross in it[2], [3] . In the center of the cross is the Sun (Holy Son, the heart chakra).

Holy Son. We have accepted the light of salvation without even realizing it: we breathe the light of life, we drink the light of life, we feed on the light of life. All living creatures accepted this sacrifice without exception, including humans (see article Another III (comming soon in English), section: “three icons”). ...

Calmness within effort maintains the world's egg as a whole . No calmness ― no egg; No effort ― no egg (the orbit is destroyed, the trinity is destroyed). Realization of such a Trinity in man ― through proper concentration, proper effort, proper breathing ― is both a rebirth and transformation at the same time.

According to this small example, it is easy to see that the notion of proper training is inherent to the universe ― planets, stars, etc. The laws of Heavenly man ― are within you; whether you realize it or not is irrelevant. LIFE is a manifestation of celestial and terrestrial yoga. We are the actual manifestation of these laws, the fruit of this love, "in the image and likeness" ― from the seed of effort. All principles of the transformation of elements are in humans, and in all living beings (see the article Another III, (comming soon in English) section: three icons).

At the foundation of human life, from the center of this effort, grows the Tree of Life. Behind inhalation and exhalation lies the aforementioned chain of efforts ― the transformation of energy. The higher the meditative calmness, the higher the possibility of a consciousness in manifestation of this Tree.

A simple 20–30 seconds of recognition demonstrates the possibility of meditative calmness (see 20-30 seconds of the “Deep Meditative Psycho-Physical Relaxation” video). Human nature had no need for such perceptual speed, and therefore it was not trained within us. Nature handed this opportunity to us and said: "If someone becomes aware of this necessity ― everyone will understand in the end." And continued: "You're not unconscious beings of nature. Make an effort ― transcend to another level. At that point, different perspectives will open up to you. Then we’ll have an opportunity to talk."

The trinity of life in a human has not yet passed into the stage of being a conscious, trainable process, has not become Unified. If there is a necessity to write ― you’ll learn to write. If you need to read ― you’ll learn it. If there is a necessity to train the capabilities of meditative calmness in action ― you will train it. And there is a necessity: Otherwise, we eventually "break" under stress and continue to work for pharmaceuticals with great enthusiasm, patriotically increasing the gross domestic product... 

There are three centers1) correct center of focus, 2) correct center of force, 3) correct center of breathing. Their unity is possible only at the level of recognition. This recognition occurs through a change in the body, a change in the mind, a change in the psyche ― transformation. Through this Trinity, the gates of the Seven Heavens are revealed and internal elements continue their evolutionary transformation ― an internal evolutionary alchemy begins. And a human is returning to his original development in the image and likeness. For those who do not remember: a human being is not the final link.

Life ― is an egg[3]. By replacing the egg with a circle ― everything stops. A perfect balance ― is the stopping of the world. It is the stopping of breathing, the stopping of everything ― including the mind. It is not too difficult to understand such a stop. It is more difficult to understand that beyond this stop, there is no life, even for a particle of light. And even this could be understandable. But the above can be perceived only under one condition: "The goal is reached when the object of meditation becomes you" ― recognition.

Immortal eternity (i.e., the stopping, circle) gives birth within itself to two opposites sides (inhale ― exhale) ― an egg. And the umbilical cord connecting them ― the spirit of Life, the warrior of Life. Without accepting the Son, you won’t know the Father.

Speaking through the manifestations, I appeal to the warrior of Life within the human. He is the only one to live eternally by it [4] , but the body comes and goes. My arguments ― are for him, and if you agree, then you are waking up and recognizing yourself.

There is a path to God, and there is the path of God. And this immortal, indelible Way ― RECOGNITION ― is within you.

[1]. An explanation of Master HORA’s writing style and use of of the dash (“ ― ”) in the text.

       a. Communication style of the author, where the rhythm of the text represents the training of evolutionary-meditative consciousness and vector-thinking processes. The style teaches and directs a person to a new way of reflection. Please read: “Instructions On How To Read Master HORA’s Articles and Writings

       b. Pause

[2] Halo

[3] Form/Shape

[4] Through the manifestations

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