Energy map of human fetus development in a womb

Energy Map of Human Fetus Development in a Womb

When a human fetus is in mother’s womb, his sight is upturned. The fact that he is born this way is proof. His physiological center is
Human-Embryo-Developmentshifted towards the head ― not the way it is in adults, but the opposite way. When awake, his object-free attention, has its own center of gravity in the area of the stomach.

The center of the upturned energy body is in the area of the heart; his energy body is upturned compared to the physical body. While drifting asleep his attention, his sight, turns spirally at an angle around the energetic axis of the heart ― then he is in the body, like an adult.

His psycho-energetic substance, which is settling within its body, is closer to that of a somnambulist, an astral being, than that of a human, that has a molded consciousness and knowledge of his body (“This is exactly what I am”). There is proof of that ― during the first few years a child does not identify himself with his body ― he says “he wants” ― he is either an angel or a king.


As the fetus is feeding itself through the umbilical cord, the process that he goes through is as follows:


First ― The effort is transmitted from the center of the stomach towards the genitals, causing them to contract. 

Second ― The pressure of the tongue against the palate is passed higher up to the area between the eyebrows. 

Third ― The swallowing motion blocks the throat. 

Fourth ― The bent head is stretching out. The base of the skull is releasing and the neck is stretching, and the energetic pressure is shifting from the top part of the forehead towards the crown. As the shoulders lower and the armpits contract the area of the 7th vertebrae stretches. 

Fifth ― the heart is contracting and the spine is arching. Next, the inner effort moves the energy towards the lower chest area. From there, while the pelvis is being pulled down, the energy is flowing towards the sacrum.

The effort center of the stomach, the pressure against the palate, contraction of the anus, genitals, heart etc. ― in the fetus; this entire procedure is happening as a whole and it is smooth and gentle. The fetus is soft, he does not have any hard bones, and his habitat is maximally comfortable.

With bending and unbending, the release of all the blocks from muscles, bone and cartilage takes place, so the energy can complete its full cycle of a circular flow up and down from the pulsation of the effort.

From the effort of toned relaxation, calm consciousness in the body (not to be mixed up with tension and relaxation), the energy flows from the front, upwards and to the back, downwards ― and the opposite way during relaxation.

In the evolutionary stage of the fetus we can clearly see the entire spectrum of illnesses; this is their soil. 

In order to avoid the collapse of energy, or paralysis, an additional energetic and physical procedure ― which is stretching and growth, has been added to all of the above mentioned processes. 

First ― for a fluid energy flow inside the body, the whole process is accompanied by twists of the pelvis at the lower back and of the head at the neck, thus enforcing the two energy currents along the spine and at the same time taking pressure away from the head and the heart. The whole body is functioning as one heart, and the energy spreads through the entire body ― this is a united, multifunctional, energy dynamic of the fetuses growth. 

Second ― A child’s pelvis is open compared to the one of an adult; child’s legs are pulled up with its feet turned towards the inside. The movement of its legs are swinging, the pelvis bones assisting in contracting and releasing of the genitals in a pumping-type motion. The energy is flowing through the body towards the armpits, the shoulders are moving down and then slightly upwards accompanied by the breathing of the heart. The movement of the waist and the neck is accompanied by the wavy, snaky movements of the shoulders and the arms, pushing the energy upward. The energy moves towards the hands, and the various finger movements (soft, flowing gestures), those movements are the continuation of that energy flow. In those gestures, there are imprints of the worlds’ birth and destruction, war between the elements and their gods ― the fetus is accomplishing its dance of God, of Yoga, the one that gives birth and destroys the worlds. Evolution is a confirmation of this. 

We can see an example of this in Indian statues and Indian dances, that are flowing, pulsating, with vibrations of the body (demonstrating energetic ecstasy), with wide open eyes and a still gaze ― a state of being not alive and not dead, beyond all worlds. In essence it is a demonstration of awakening of the elements ― energies, followed by a moment of stillness, energetic trance, awakening of kundalini, its rising and, finally, realizing of its purpose.

The back of a child is stretching, and kundalini is rising through the central channel towards the third eye.

Collapse: an energy procedure takes place ― impact in the body, from the bottom upwards. As a vision, it is a dynamic image of a dolphin racing into a golden and shining sunny circle.

Those who practice yoga can see the origins of all the varieties of yoga in this partially described form.

In a short period of time the entire evolution since the moment of Creation, from the emptiness, falls upon this being; the entire infinity of cosmic time and billions and billions of years of the Earth’s evolution is being compressed into nine months. And still, the shock of birth awaits him ― he is not formed yet ― not as a person, nor as a conscious

personality, his sight is inverted, his personality is not yet aligned with the coordinates of this world; for he is a human child but not yet a human.

Even when the child finds himself in the coordinates of this world, in a completely different element, suffering through the evolutionary shock of birth, in a completely new to him environment, and not yet identifying himself with his body, his evolutionary process continues. Next, he receives linear memory, event-triggered memory, chronological memory, associative and chaotic memory ― all is being laid upon him at the same time. This is the formation of a human being, and it is driven by natural instincts of monstrous power. In this formation of the “I”, there is continuous stress and extremes.

Any stress ― suppresses breathing, a momentary death; then follows an inhale (the process of arousal). Stresses of various levels will accompany a human throughout his entire life.

With forming and toughening of the “I”, the ego is formed, it is clearly manifested in a child. Next, a child is under the pressure of its cultural upbringing, which suppresses the sexual center and the center of the will.

There are more than enough events during the first few years of life, for this new “I” to get completely tangled up. To resolve this, one would have to use the method of yoga or consult a psychotherapist.

Today, a child with allergies is considered the norm which did not exist yesterday. Soon, new norms will appear which are not normal today; it is possible that artificial fertilization will become normal for the masses. It is possible that geneticists will come up with some new modifications, and it won’t be too difficult to convince ourselves into accepting this as a norm.

The ecology of a person, ecology of a mother, ecology of an embryo are absolutely related to the ecology of the Earth, ecology of the cosmos. We are one with the earth, with the cosmos, we are the flesh of their flesh, the living part of it. This unity was recognized by all the masters at all times.

Master HORA®, Article Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga”, 1999

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