Rational Summary of Practice HORA Patent

Rational Summary of Practice HORA Patent


Theoretical Part

Every organ in the human body radiates energy that projects to an area on the surface of the body.

The body’s surface interacts with the organs and has absolute interconnectedness with the muscular-skeletal structure and energy channels of the organs.

The Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA states that unhealthy organs will misalign the muscular-skeletal structure, and vice versa, even if the misalignment is not visible. This misalignment of the muscular-skeletal structure will lead to weak and unhealthy organs, misplaced energy lines of the organs, and then misplacement of the organs themselves.

When this occurs, the entire inner energy connection between organs is disturbed. With this disturbance comes increased tiredness, which affects the joints and the spine by deforming them. The work of the muscles is in disharmony.

The spinal cord is displaced from the central axis of the body, and compensation of a support system will occur, displacing the spinal bones. The power line that lies through the joints and spinal cord becomes disturbed, and the point of balance in the feet is displaced.

The power lines of the muscular-skeletal structure become misaligned, and the integral joint pressure is completely distorted. By reestablishing the power lines in the joints, we restore the currents within the energy channels. The areas on the body’s surface that carry distorted projections of the internal organs become alive and straighten out the energy axis of those organs, positively affecting them.

The placement of the bones in a power lines centralizes, strengthens, and changes the spinal column according to the laws of evolution, freeing it from the feelings of heaviness and pain, returning the feeling of lightness and vitality to the legs, calming the breathing and the heart. A sense of power flows into the fingers, the muscles of the entire body come to life, awareness become crystal clear, and the mind ― tenacious.

After performed training, a person knows what one should aim toward, and this realization comes at a conscious, muscular level.

An interest and a will to recover become awakened inside of the person and, especially important in this practice, a person’s bodily system knows exactly what its food intake limits and norms are.

The person’s internal psycho-physical reserves become engaged. A person is ready to enter the next stage of the recovery process, with the deep inner knowledge of how it should be done.

Practical Part

In Practice HORA evolutionary-wellness classes, interaction between participants is done in groups of two or three people. From the outside, the training looks like specific body positions with pushing and resistance.

The principles of Practice HORA processes, positions, and actions as a practice are patented by its founder and cannot be used to work with other people without his written permission (license). Under no circumstances can these exercises be performed independently. They should be supervised at all times by a leading specialist or leader’s assistant.

These positions and pressure are designed in such a way that, by interacting with the partner, a participant engages partner’s entire body in to action, which forces him or her to engage in an active breathing through resistance. This interactive cooperation only happens when a partner engages the other in an active process.

By using the activated breathing, which naturally emerges as a result of pressure and resistance, we produce heat in the entire body, and also force willful breathing ― willful consciousness. This results in the active work of all of the body’s systems, allowing for an increase in joint mobility and muscle elasticity, thus strengthening and improving the overall body condition.

As a result of such action, Practice HORA restores, strengthens, and normalizes the spinal column’s performance, as well as:

  • Normalizes and improves heart activity by using the method of workloads and relaxation.
  • Heals, revives, and rejuvenates the internal organs and places them into their natural, evolutionarily-intended positions.
  • Normalizes the reproductive system’s functions by using the force of breathing. This releases the physiological issues related to the problem and establishes physiological balance.
  • Normalizes the diet and digestive functions.
  • Awakens the dormant evolutionary potential for survival of the human species, through willful breathing.
  • All work is performed through the method of producing internal heat and liberating the body from the illness (in the spine, in the organs, etc.) by the person him- or herself. Any change in the body occurs with the involvement of the entire body in the action of resistance. This results in an integral, harmonious restoration of the entire body.
  • Evolutionary-Meditative Practice by Master HORA allows for any negative issues in the body to be used towards a positive work outcome. While placing the internal organs in their correct positions, a person’s body, mind, and breathing have to perform an act of overcoming (i.e., an act of evolution).
  • A person’s psycho-energy resources are awakened and his psyche is strengthened.
  • A person’s mind and body unite to form a whole, integrated, stable system.
  • A person’s natural evolutionary potential is awakened. This produces a personality developing harmoniously with the change of spine and posture and a restored psycho-physical center according to the laws of evolution.


  • In the Evolutionary-Meditative Practice by Master HORA there is no special intervention with the intention to position the vertebrae or spinal discs; all of the restoration is supposed to occur naturally, integrally.
  • The exercises are only performed in comfortable clothes and shoes. This maintains the physical and ethical hygiene of participants.
  • In this practice, a participant is not considered a patient, but rather a student who takes part in one’s own recovery of health as well as his or her further development.

Master HORA

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