A Line of Clean Hands

A Line of Clean Hands; It has Three Centers: 6, 5, 11 and 33
(From the article by Master HORA Deep Track of a Snake, 2002)


What does it mean, from your mystical experience: “When one hand suggests 6, another writes 5, and hands turn around three times?” (From the article "The Stream". Evolutionary-meditative Consciousness. Article not yet translated)


... Hands are naturally folding one on another, palms upwards at stomach level. If you lift them upwards along the body, the hands naturally turn around in three centers: the stomach, the heart, and above the head.

(see the video “HORA. Deep track of a snake”)

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The track movement of the hands reminds an inverted Latin “S”. Hand turns occur in the end and in the middle of a hand movement, and correspond to the ideal centers of concentrated force. Each of them has its own functions and purpose. As an example, the top center ― is an ideal place in which a gaze, the length of a hand and an object naturally connect at one point ― a factor in the formation of a human as a conscious being (see "The Stream" – Article not yet translated to English).

A hand is inseparable from the mind, and a hand’s movement is a natural Key of the super-compressed memory of the Life-Existence evolution in dynamics. This natural evolutionary program is very small in appearance and is simple at first sight, but all the energy-informational Stream of the Life-Existence evolution is stored in it. And in this Streamis transformation energy, a memory of human development from the source.

Deep snake track (a line of clean hands) ― is an evolutionary memory, in it ― is the Life program. A hand is inseparable from the mind ― it is confirmed by modern science. A line of clean hands ― is an invisible snake track (the path of Kundalini) its existence is proven through my experiment by the whole population of our planet. And the only natural option for the further development of a human being ― is the conscious evolution of our species. Unconsciously, it is possible only for animals.

How the sleeping snake Kundalini looks ― see the lecture of Master HORA in Moscow, 1999: three and a half turns (Link on “a sign of Kumdalini, Foucault pendulum, Petals, Sahrashara”)

Addition to the 1999 Moscow lecture:

The experiment of a line of clean hands. It occurs at an instinctual level, irrespective of the person. Anyone can try it.

Correlation: hand, instinct, brain and only the fourth one in this chain ― is what yogis point at (a rising path of Kundalini in a backbone, on a subtle plane etc.). The hand, as well as consciousness, is connected with all subtle planes. And thus, this Kundalini track ― invisible before, indemonstrable, simply taken on trust from ancient authorities ― this Kundalini track becomes a tangible reality for any person. It is because it is this way. Trust your eyes as much as you want, but the earth is still round. It’s the same situation with Kundalini. This is what I am proving. It’s not of a lesser scale. And for civilization ― it is much more. This is the value of such proofs; this is what you should see and understand; what I do in REALITY. Through these signs I prove the Universe in human being, I actually prove God in an human. I show the way of development that always existed in him, lost, but not disappeared. Such knowledge is not necessary for nature: it stays in faith, as a whole, develops as a whole and follows the way. But a human needs to comprehend the spirit of belief ― otherwise he’ll find himself detached from the way by his own blindness ― out of knowledge, out of belief, out of  the way.

Remove any of these four points (hand, instinct, brain, and what yogis point at) ― and that which ties mysticism to science will momentarily collapse. (The score is unequal: 75% science, 25% mysticism. And this is basically true for everything.)

No one can see that the Earth is round ― what everybody sees is that the Earth is flat and is covered with a cylinder cap. But we believed that it is round. Thus, we don’t believe our eyes, we believe scientific facts.

Eventually did we believe that the Earth is round? ― you stopped believing your eyes. The same is true for this chain (hand, instinct, brain, and what yogis point at) you cannot see that which does exist, but you can be convinced of it. As a result, you cannot ignore the obvious ― you will believe; just the way you started to believe your intellect and stopped believing your eyes.

For thousands and thousands of years people believed their eyes ― and only through fires/burning they started to believe in the intellect. Knowledge ― is like childbirth, painful, destroying the habitual way, compelling one to think differently.

The reason for today's evolutionary stagnation: modern civilization can hardly understand the above mentioned, but it never knew that such proof existed; consequently, it never occurred to it that evolution of the specie can and must be continued through practice (conscious training). It makes sense to listen to the one who has demonstrated and has proved it …

The natural does not evolve in a state of ignorance (does not know how to do it consciously); it is under an informational pile of searches on the ways of how to develop civilization. And a person involuntarily searches for his further development in informational variety. I have to reduce this diversity to a certain optimized level, and summarize. The given example-proof (see above: experiment) is such optimization-summarization. Final summary for the evolution of a human kind: ritual ― maximum optimization. It will simultaneously develop a human being as a kind both spiritually and evolutionarily. It is another mental organization of a human being. Evolutionary-ritual-can be carried out only consciously ― there is simply no other way for a human being. In this is a difference between a human and animals in further natural development.

Without having keys, no one will spend a millennium on searching with no guarantee that the natural evolution of the species is possible. The only guarantee that it is possible ― to know it from the beginning. Otherwise this topic will smoothly flow from the area of reasoning to the area of endless reasoning ― not realized.


In conscious evolutionary ritual a civilization’s achievements (variety) will start to develop through a compact optimization ― another qualitative level. But at first a person should learn to distinguish the natural compact optimization (summarization) from a dead-end infinity (informational chaos) which is a priority for us today.

Three points of anchoring/support in a line of clean hands ― is a memory, a school of evolution (species success) in which millions and millions of years are collected in the compact optimization. As you can see, this trinity carries the proof of success in evolution. So far it is difficult to understand for a person that behind this compact optimization ― an unbelievable energy information of Life-Existence. But, so far for now.

Three points of support in a line of clean hands correspond to three centers ― the stomach, the heart, the head ― and they make the number 33 (see the proof below “How we get to the number 11”). The mystical number of the Savior. This number is divided by itself, by three, and by eleven. But a person does not know how to connect and develop these centers― a ritual. For now one does not know. Also, one does not know what lies behind these numbers. This is supposed to be this way till time …

What we should see: the biblical tree of life, without which immortality (evolution as a minimum) is impossible, and a snake track demonstrated by hands ― are the same. The whole Life is embodied in it: the track of a hand movement is both in consciousness and in body. From this tree of knowledge Adam did not taste, therefore our science has a bit of an unconscious character. It does not know who stands at the base of the sciences and does not see the set program of development, which is in a human himself (a direct way). It is impossible to develop what you don’t know and did not know. All problems come from here…

… Each person bears the Number 33 in himself. A human being did not know this number either through science (see the proof below), or through himself (awakening-realization). He carries it in himself at an unconscious level. But the next step in evolution at such an unconscious level is simply impossible for a human being.

A human being did not know through proof that he is in Christ (thirty three). Trinity has been shown by the Savior ― Ritual in flesh. And those who believed in it are worthy of respect, without knowing the evidence in themselves. Three centers of anchoring/support in a line of clean hands ― the head, the heart, the stomach ― correspond to the main Christian symbol of faith. Trinity is united.

The awakened Trinity ― is Another. That one has been revealed in yogis, mystics, saints, that had been standing at a source of science. Mysticism, religion, and science initially made up a single whole. They have originated from one Source ― realization of inner knowledge. It is the smallest caste on earth ― Knowledge carriers. Unfortunately, the majority of them were destroyed in the Middle Ages from lack of wisdom ― see the history of the Middle Ages. But ignorant ones did not know that each person bears the number 33 (in Christ) within himself, including them …

When this number is divided on itself, we receive one, which means ― Trinity is whole. Remove any of these three points of anchoring/support ― and a human being will disappear as a species. It is slightly another kind of mathematics, which lies in the evolution program ― hands turn around three times, and this geometrical track ― is in your consciousness. This optimized mathematics of evolutionary development is in us in a compact optimization from God.

How do we get number 11 (A proof)

When breathing through the left nostril the right hand instinctively writes a sign of 6 petals (see the Moscow Lecture video footage). A hand movement from one point instinctively writes a comma. It instinctively moves clockwise as well as counter-clockwise. As a result the hand writes a sign of 6 petals. The same hand writes a sign of 5 petals, but when breathing through the right nostril. The left hand does the same. Two hands as a result, when one writes 6, and another writes 5. We get 11. An internal foundation ― the program from which sciences originated.

It is known today that number 11 approximately makes up a solar cycle. How is this approximation reflected in a human? While changing a breath from one nostril to another, both short-term breathing by two nostrils, as well as an absence of breath, is possible. Thus appear numbers 12 and 10 through hands. Add 11 to them, and the result will be 33. As a result, the number 33 lies in the breath of a person.

Thus, I, without going too deep, made a summarization and showed you a correlation between Practice HORA and evolution, mysticism (yoga), religiousness and modern science, and also the unity of mystical evolution, religious evolution, and scientific evolution. All the above mentioned summarizes the compact optimization ― a line of clean hands (a snake track), numbers (signs), and unites them is an instinct of life (maximum evolutionary optimization). But it is still outside of ritual and unconscious. In this case information is not knowledge until it is realized (ritual ― HORA).

Read carefully what an instinct consists of and what results from it. And not so convincing for rational consciousness theories of Kundalini-seventh-skies, which came from the same source, develop  conclusive characteristics. Thus, you can see how evolutionary summarization is extremely compressed in person by the Laws of Life-Existence ― informational searches (theories).

The core of HORA ― is exclusively principles. Each principle ― is a maximum optimization. Principles of Practice HORA cannot be disproved ― they are conclusive, from the beginning based on human nature and on his minimum logical common sense). A result: HORA ritual ― is a direct way of natural evolution of the specie.

Remove all above mentioned sciences ― and this minimum (a track of clean hands, signs) will not disappear from the tree of knowledge ― IMMORTAL. What needs to be understood. Who could know this when sciences didn’t yet exist? ― Immortals (Person ― Ritual). That’s the whole difference: in order to comprehend the mentioned to a person (mortal), it is necessary to search, prove, explain, and for the realized ritual (Immortal) it is not necessary ― He is It. The path of salvation.

The shown optimization (principles of HORA) works as a filter and allows one to discard an astonishing number of speculations, imaginations, reasoning and papers. They are built on an idea that there can be multiple points of view regarding the truth. They are many, because they aren’t within the truth themselves. There can be multiple points of view on what I said also, but when the stated information (principles) will be realized in a person, he can only have one point of view ― realized.

There is knowledge from God, and there is knowledge from a Master (to prove). As you can see, the Knowledge is put in all of us conclusively. It is a confirmation by all the population of the earth of the mystical experience of the awakened Master ― realization of knowledge through ones’ self. From time to time Masters share knowledge when it is necessary. Necessity is obvious. The time has come to wake up from sweet dreams. The next evolutionary step as a humankind, a human being will definitely make consciously. And it makes sense to listen to these words. This simple explanation of Life-Existence is not taught in academies...

The next evolutionary step of humankind a person will take consciously™. A reason: degradation is accumulating in any case, we do not win over illness ― we suppress them. Let’s agree, we cannot overcome them in a natural way; either we forgot the way or have our own agenda. As a result degradation is transferred, accumulating for generations ― thus the memory bank of an evolutionary genetic inadequacy is formed. Healthy in appearance, but in fact ― ill. We have ceased to shine with natural brightness, we shine from "make up" … The quality of existence defines the quality of transfer, which defines our beliefs, (see above: negative consequences).

A person can understand the above mentioned, in order to start restoring a healthy genetic relay race. Such a program ― evolutionary memory bank of a survival-competency of species ― is also existing in a human being. The genetic relay race begins with an understanding of evident facts: an accumulation of the suppressed illnesses as a result can cross a line, after which there is no return for a specie. We are moving toward it "with inspiration”, amicably and in a civilized way.


Each person carries the number 33 from birth. Being in Christ, he yet did not know it. These numbers ― are in your hands, in your body, in your consciousness, in your breath.

If there were no energy of consciousness in a matter initially, it could not have been realized. A line of clean hands is an evolutionary memory of the Laws of Life-Existence (seven skies) which requires its further development (evolution).

Addition to the above text

A partial description of the transformation of energy:

Number 12 ― the element Air, the heart center …

Number 10 ― the element Fire, the solar plexus …

Internal alchemy ― (see pragmatic patent).

The element Water ― is a sexual center; any exercise in practice wakes up the effort center by breath

The element Earth ― the base of the spine; any exercise in practice expands an entire body (spine) in action by the center of internal effort …

If the practice is not conceptual in the element Earth (the first Sky) all other Skies for a person ― and for all nature ― have no value. There is no one to lean on for Skies.

The practice and concepts of HORA are inseparable.

The first step of HORA ― is a conclusive practice of Seven Skies, confirmed by a rational patent and mystical experience (see The Place, Role and Destiny of Yoga). I have slightly opened one more side of the first level practice to you, about which I have been speaking, from my first article.

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