Kundalini Signs, Pendulum, Petals, Sakhasrara

Kundalini Sign, Pendulum …., Petals, Sakhasrara

Today a yogi would state that there is Kundalini, which lies in the tailbone region, and that it is curled up 3 and a half turns.

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They are stating this and there is no proof of it. Do I understand this correctly? There is no real proof, there are only statements.

Everybody who is sitting here can see clearly that all of this exists in reality.

If our hand is open enough and not blocking our body, nor is it blocking our breathing, and our mind is not programming anything, then while making a free circle our hand would definitely make 3and a half turns, in either direction.

The circle can be any size, but the path would be the same ― 3 and a half turns exactly. This explains that our hand carries the knowledge and can demonstrate it.

In addition to the 1999 Moscow lecture:

This happens instinctively, regardless of the person. Anyone can test it.

Correlation: hand, instinct, brain and only the fourth one in this chain ― is what yogis point at. Thus, these threeand a half turnsbecome a tangible reality for any human being.

Remove any of these four points (hand, instinct, brain, and what yogis point at) ― and that what ties mysticism to science will momentarily collapse. (The score is unequal: 75% of science, 25% of mysticism. And this is basically true for everything). I did what no one has ever done before ― that what is invisible and blurry turns into something visible for the mind and clear.

No one can see that the Earth is round ― what everybody sees is that the Earth is flat and is covered with a cylinder cap. But we believed that it is round. Thus we don’t believe our eyes, we believe scientific facts, ― we easily overstepped faith and the traditions of our fathers. And we began to assert substantiated faith. Faith ― is great, a man without faith is like brainless livestock. But if a man with faith has no intelligence, try giving matches to such man ― the whole planet will burst into flame.

Eventually did we believe that the Earth is round? ― This is how we stopped believing our eyes, we began believing in the eyes of the intellect. The same is true for this chain (hand, instinct, brain, and what yogis point at, the Kundalini track) you cannot see that what does exist, but you can be convinced of it. As a result, you cannot ignore the obvious ― you will believe; just the way you started to believe your intellect and stopped believing your eyes.

An instinctive handprint is engraved in a brain and engrave in a spine ― as a movement of forces with three centers of anchoring/support. That’s why the Kundalini carries psychological power: a precursor of real super-consciousness. A kind of Bickford fuse, which explodes the brain with super-consciousness.  A path of knowledge is awakening itself and everything around it. And around it ― is a human being himself, and a cosmos with all its elements, in which one exists. An ocean of information. An ocean of awakened consciousness. And in general: you in the first level of Practice HORA, without knowing, are practicing both the Kundalini-yoga and Tantrism. But not in the style of an Indian yoga, or the style of Tantrism, but in my evolutionary style. This is a different kind of yoga, intelligible today, and intelligible tomorrow, and directed towards life, towards sober-minded people, and not towards people who have not achieved realization, and make their living by fooling others.

For thousands and thousands of years people believed their eyes (the Earth is flat) ― and only through fires they believed in the intellect: the Earth is not flat.

After all, there is a track from the rising of Kundalini in the human; it exists.

What you have to understand, why I respect yoga so much: if this knowledge did not exist, if they did not preserve this, I would have nothing to prove ― I would have to claim it. And this would be possible to do; not now, but thousands and thousands of years ago. They would have believed me back then. But now an illusion is created that a human knows this ― he is informed about it, he does not know it. To know ― is when it is realized, opened up inside: you are it.

Continuation of this topic ― rise of the Kundalini, conclusively ― see topic a Line of clean hands.


Everybody knows the principles of the pendulum, the way it moves ― this is a law ― law that exists in nature, a law that exists on earth.

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In any case the pendulum will move in this certain way. Furthermore, everything that is moving with the gravity of the earth, including sun rays, does not move straight but in a circular motion, meaning spiral movement, and not any other way.

Our sun, that we are connected to together with the earth, in the same way is subject to the influence of the center of the galaxy. The path is much longer than it seems. That path ― from the galaxy to the sun and from the sun back to the earth looks exactly like this and not any other way. I was not the one who came up with this. It has already became common knowledge. This simply is a principle of a pendulum. All the movement that is happening here, is happening in the spiral movement, turning this way in space. This way an image is formed that is reminiscent of the rising of the Kundalini and of the chakras at the same time.

In this particular case we are talking about the astral chakra system that starts with the six petals, lying this way. All the chakras ― are the 6-petal ones. I am only talking about what I know and what I have seen ― and nothing else. Even if the entire Hindu yoga community will stand up and disagree, they will not be able to convince me. Later on, in the process of this conversation, it will be clear, that if necessary, I will re-create yoga the new way.

After 10 years: I did it. See the main page of the web-site: “founder of the Evolutionary-Meditative Teachings and Practice HORA”. I did what I said.


If we allow for our arm to move from the center, it will definitely draw a 6-petal figure, whether we want it to, or not. Any person can confirm it for him or herself.

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This indicates that our arm carries the sacral knowledge that has not been proven by anyone until now. They only made a statement. And Moses did not show the signs ― the signs of God on Earth, signs of God on human. There are such signs. The arm can prove it. Any person can confirm it for him or herself.

There is a left circle; there is a right circle. There is an influence of a moon, and there is an influence of a sun. We all know it perfectly. Those are two completely opposite turns, movements. They affect the earth, they draw the leaf. You can take any leaf from the tree, and look at it attentively. It has left and right side, and a spine in the middle. I.e. it’s own central channel. Which means that this universal sign exists in nature, and we cannot escape it.

If we start the circle in another direction, we will get 6-petals ― no more, no less. Any person can check it. The arm won’t lie to you. Your own intellect may trick you, as may your own conclusions. Yet our body still carries something that we have lost in the process of the social evolution.

When Kundalini rises and reaches its highest point, there is a pyramid standing on it ― no more, no less. That pyramid has an absolutely white glow ― both inside and outside. I don’t think you can find this written in any yoga. The living specie will never reveal itself fully until it sees the pyramid, inside and outside. I am holding some things back, not because I want to ― my heart is open ― but there are certain things I should not speak of yet. Where is the astral Kundalini located in space, and where in space is located the vital Kundalini; and how is it located? Everybody knows where and how it lies in the body. The doctors have proven: yes, it is true that in the seven―chackras system there are zones of nerve connections. On the astral plane it looks this way. It looks the same way in the vital plane.

At the time I was awakened, my training went this way. Buddha has shown me The Pure Hands. It is a very simple thing, it looks like this. Everything that exists is in these hands. Literally everything. We can think of anything we want, and all of it will still be in these hands.

If we turn the arms this way, and allow for a hand to draw a circle or a point, it will draw a point at the lowest position, and it will draw a circle above. The higher the position of an arm, the larger the circle will be drawn. When elevated to the zone of a third eye, the hand will draw a point again. When raised above the head, the largest circle will be drawn. If we move along these circles, we will see exactly what the Hindu Yogi talk about. The lowest chakra ― has 4 petals; the highest one ― a thousand. And the rest of them will match exactly.

No one has proven this so far. Yet, anyone can confirm it. That is a proof. If I did not know this, if I haven’t seen this, then obviously, I wouldn’t be able to talk about it. So they are right. This is the vital chakra, and this the mental one. They both don’t have a core, it is absent. They are located in the clear fluorescent space, and their color is absolutely golden.

Yet Sakhasrara opens in front of the astral chakra, and it is directly connected to death, ― whether we like it or not. Meaning that the rise of Kundalini is accompanied by the death of all deaths. Hardly anyone can get out of there. Usually those who do come back, end up either sick, destroyed, or insane ― that is a quite dangerous thing. Yet, those who did come back have brought the knowledge to us.

Since I have described the fetal developmental stage of a human baby... ― there are scientists to check it, there are ultrasounds, some other equipment ― they can verify if I described the stages in the right order. These stages correspond with the stages of the practice that I have created.

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