Reptile and Two Triangles

Reptile and Two Triangles

I will describe how chakras started, and how a specie ― reptile ― is our distant relative, it cannot not be called anything else.

About 700 millions years ago ― plus or minus 50 million ― it is not the time to niggle about it. How did that reptile look like? Here is its position.

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This is showing us that when the right arm is moving then the left foot is also moving. Also when the left foot is moving then the right foot will move as well. This is this type of movement. What was happening with it during that moment? In order to move normally, to have a push, ― I’m talking about a transitional stage, the appearance of warm-blooded animals, ― it absolutely needed to have a tail ― and the tail had to move from side to side like a pendulum causing a push. With every push energy was moving this creature forward. Because one foot was going in such a circle-like movement, creature’s head was taking turns falling backwards and moving forward. At the moment of backward movement the tongue was sticking out, and when the head was stretching forward the tongue was going back in. This is the purest form of a yoga. Those who extensively practiced yoga will already see a yogi in that reptile. Meaning that this reptile is our very ancient ancestor, back then it was already doing yoga. Without even realizing it, it was honestly doing its work.

What was happening next? Because of this movement that was like that, and it couldn’t be any other way ― the central part of the body has eventually defined the waist. That was the place of impact where energies collided. It was a diaphragm. On top of it is the heart. Sooner or later the heart had to light up.

How was the reptile breathing? When its right foot was moving forward Its right nostril was breathing. Any person can check this by simply moving arms this way, and his/her lungs will take turns breathing. That is not difficult at all, and it is very easy to confirm. The main idea is not that you would have 2 lungs breathing, but you would feel exactly how one lung works, and the attention shifts towards it.

The creature that moves like this[1], in circles, makes the first circle, the chackra, the largest of all circles. That large circle lays this way, it is the first big circle. The left side is like this[1], the right side is like this*. This reflects the influence of the same moon and the same sun, and also the magnetism of the very earth, its poles and its equator. And the entire drawing is simply starting to reveal itself.

(This can only be seen in the screen. Many of you have probably heard the term “screen”. Many of you are probably familiar with the term “astral tube”. People encounter it at the time of death, there are descriptions of it, Masters work through it. It is called an Astral Tube. It is considered beyond time and space. It doesn’t matter whether the request comes for millions of years to the future or to the past.  The rest ― depends on the power of the particular Master.)

That creature could be flat. The sign is earth. In the end ― it comes to actions: that creature had to survive, it had to move on. That was the beginning of differentiating of species. As soon as the speed of movement increases, the creature’s feet shift from this position into this position. It begins to move differently, meaning the beginning of getting upon the hind legs. This is the transformation in species. If I keep going in that direction, then, following this chain of links, in the next 10 min ― we would slowly get to a human species. So we have an enormous amount of relatives here on planet Earth. And when I say “younger brothers”, I understand clearly what I am talking about. Those really are our younger brothers.

Why does all of this result in number seven? If those circles are connected, three and a half on the left and three and a half on the right, we will get the number seven. A triangle that is placed like this[1] is a symbol of Earth, in its highest state, in its realization. I.e. this is the symbol of such an evolution, that should be realized on Earth in the human consciousness.

There is the top triangle, it was created right here. With this type of movement, this exact triangle is created. Any human can just simply move their arms this way and see how his or her breathing will draw this triangle, regardless of his will. All you have to do is to be a little bit aware of the energy flow. Just a little bit. And it will be instantly visible.

Two of these triangles as a result are connected in the heart. The heart lights up. There is a fire coming from the heart. That was an absolute horror. A lot died out. It was a very serious impact.

When the movement becomes like this[1], two flows of energy begin to connect. This happened slowly and in stages. Yoga speaks of these flows. There is nothing to add to that ― that is why I respect yoga so much. Everything is clearly explained in there. The only problem is, there are so many talks around all of this, it is easy for a normal person ― to get lost in all this, it will be very hard to understand. It actually looks like that.

So there is nothing difficult about this. All the energy is imprinted upon us. It exists in us, and it makes sense to train it. But it also makes sense to learn to use it through specialists, the Masters. To practice yoga ― it would be the best to train with a yoga specialist. To practice massage it would be best to work with a massage specialist.

I am creating a new practice, completely new. It is much more simple. The breathing procedures in this practice do not happen like in yoga. On the first level the breathing is happening naturally. All the breathing procedures that were ever described in yoga exist in our system and achieved by enforcement technique.

Those who practiced this know. Their breathing would switch from a piston-like style to a complete stop. When you know the symptoms you can compare them. There is nothing artificial here, ― we do not count. Because in order to tune the breathing of a student, ― one cannot gather 60 people and go like, we all will be breathing now, I will teach you how. It doesn’t happen this way. The breathing gets tuned, and the master tunes it individually. To say more, for every student ― it has to be done separately.

No matter what the sequences are in yoga, no master would use that sequence for each student, it never happens this way. The student will always be more advanced in one area and less in another area. He has to be balanced. I would say: his mind, his spirit and his strength should be balanced out, because there will always be something that takes over. For example, if he is way ahead intellectually, then he won’t feel like going through some physical procedures.

But the essence of nature ― is enforcement. When somebody asks a question: “So I’ve exercised for a month, now what?” ― you can ask the same question to a nature: “So we lived for a month, what’s next?” It doesn’t happen this way. Either we exercise of we do not.

It is not a coincidence that the practice stays under the sign of evolution; that the next evolutionary step of humankind a person will take consciously™.

If you wish, I’m the messenger of this movement. If you wish I’m the prophet of this movement. If you wish I’m a Master of this movement. If you wish, I’m a specialist of this movement.

The next evolutionary step as a humankind a human being will only do consciously. It will not be any other way, and he will force himself.

Мастер HORA®09.18.1999.

© Atayan A. V. 1999.

[1] See video segment above, from Master HORA's 1999 Moscow lecture.

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