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Transformation in Practice HORA

Practice HORA announces a definitive report about its effectiveness in increasing the life potential and endurance of individuals, required to succeed in a competitive environment.

Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA (www.horausa.com) presents a report of the effectiveness of Practice HORA.

The potential to survive and succeed in a competitive environment is the main request of business and career-oriented people. HORA is a method of reversing biological age, maintaining youth, natural health, and reaching one’s potential. It is a completely new method of endurance training.

Professionals with sustainable endurance are guaranteed to have an advantage, it is always a potential.

Through adherence to regular training the result (changes) becomes evident and visible. Ten years ago, a challenge was given to Practice HORA to prove this concept: “I’m changing and everything around me is changing”.

Ten years have passed and now it is proven many times within Practice HORA. The essence of that proof are visual pictures below across time: visual positive change in relationship to one's biological age (youthfulness), natural health, constantly increasing individual’s potential; when these things happen, time becomes a friend.

This report includes photo samples of transformation in Practice HORA, short test of awakening of vitality and activation through any exercise of the practice and 6 minutes video with Master HORA.

I am changing and everything around me is changing”  effectiveness of Practice HORA and how it is done. A few examples of proof:

Proof 1: Photos of personal transformation.

The Photos show how Master HORA is changing in the time frame of 10 years and how people are changing around him. They are transforming into incredibly attractive, strong, energetic and productive people. It is visible, and it is done by Master HORA through his method.

Photo 1. Footage from three video documentaries of Master HORA, the creator of the Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA:

1999 (Moscow, Russia), 2006 (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and 2010 (St. Petersburg, Russian) 10 years have passed


Photo 2. More pictures from 2010


Photos of the three leaders of the Practice HORA Women’s Program.

Photo 3. Svetlana Baklanova:  Passport photos: 20 years old and 33 years old (before Practice HORA) and 2016, 12 years later.

Svetlana Baklanova Transformation Practice HORA 800W


Photo 4. Elena Gritskevich: 2006 (before HORA) and 2010, 4 years later

Elena Gritskevich Practice HORA Transformation 800W 

Photo 5. Jacky Dobrig: September 2008 (before HORA) and two images from November 2010, 2 years later


Photo 6. Elena Gakkel: January 2008 (before HORA) and two images from August 2009 and November 2010, three years later

Elena Gakkel Practice HORA Transformation

Any one of the leading specialists in Practice HORA can take their photos for a similar period of time and see ― the trend is the same. Participants from their classes can look at their photos ― the trend is the same. This gallery can be continued.

This is the case of "I am changing and everything around me is changing."

Photos of the Women’s Program leaders clearly demonstrate the transformation to a different level of endurance, to another energy level, to another potential, to the new level of social standing.

IMPORTANT: Leaders spend as much time in the training as participants. Through adherence to regular training, the results become visible ― look at the photos, look within the classes of Practice HORA.

Proof 2.
Short test of Practice HORA through sports professionals

Virtually all self-respecting business people nowadays have physical training in their schedule. It is easy to prove to them the effectiveness and usefulness of Practice HORA through people who were in professional sports. These professionals are aware of what a rise of peak performance is, and its decline (up ― down).  

In simple language: “down” ― vulnerability to stress and depression, “up” ― resistance to stress, and overcoming depression. Up ― is self-confidence, anyone who was in professional sports can confirm this.

A professional in a down-sloped performance state after the first exercise of the Practice HORA will acknowledge that he went into an ascending state ― the awakening of vitality, activation. It basically happens in a few seconds. Everyone who has ever trained professionally is very familiar with this wave of revival, activation. Practice HORA is tested in a few minutes; the result of the experiment is 100% clear.

This simple test proves the ability to change one’s biorhythmic wave (fall ― rise) and adjust it as needed.
For professionals in all areas it is ideal. The rise, awakening, strengthening of vital forces: the outcome is positive in all activities. 

It can easily be proven on the spot. Any businessperson can get professional expertise (yes-no), from a neutral person whom he/she can personally trust, bypassing any commercials and explanations.  With this type of proof, there is no programming or imposing whatsoever.

Proof 3: Video with Master HORA Video (6 minutes)

A fragment of “Mysticism and Evolutionary Transformation” (a primate’s hand, a child’s hand, a human’s hand and the hand of Another; the next one in the line of human evolution) from the new video: “Master HORA’s Meeting with Members of the Extreme Women's Program group, 2010.”

In the video, Master HORA is 57 years old. His energy is equal to a controlled hurricane and it is visible. Around Master HORA there are attractive individuals practicing HORA in classes.

They are also involved in this transformational process: not only are they changing but everything around them is changing. Practice HORA is provable. And it is proven life.


The photos, test and video show what Practice HORA can give to an active person. A direction of change is evident. The fact that this method is super-fast is also evident.

HORA is responding to the main request of business and career-oriented people: the capability to survive and succeed in a competitive environment.

  • To feel 40 years old when one is 80, and 25 years old at 50 ― this doesn’t exist anywhere; this market is empty. HORA is the only proven option in it. It offers long-term increasing endurance, increased natural health and the growth of personal potential as a result.
  • Practice HORA is next-generation technology; it offers a completely new product. In fact, the value of this product is health, time and life.
  • The practice increases one’s efficiency factor ― for business people it is like having a 25th hour in the day, the one that is always needed.
  • Practice trains endurance; and to always have endurance is to be young, and youth is always potential. It builds professional image.
  • HORA is for those who want to never stop and be active in society until one’s end.

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  1. For socially active people with ambition: "What the Rulers of the World Could Not Conquer, What the Rulers of the World Could Not Buy."
  2. For those who are interested in dynamic meditation practices: What the Western youth is looking for in the East, and what they will not find; read “Zen-Do form Master of HORA.”
About Evolutionary-Meditative Practice HORA

There are over 20 training centers around the world. Founded by Master HORA in the late 1980's. It is a method that allows one to awaken and constantly support youthfulness. Youth is lightness, feeling alive, vitality, and a clear mind. This will increase and extend productivity. Practice HORA presents a unique natural psycho-physical training system where mind and body develops naturally as one. Through this practice ONE WILL DEVELOP CALMNESS IN ACTIONS THAT CANNOT BE DESTROYED BY STRESS.

Practice HORA is based on the evolutionary-meditative teaching and physical practice created by Master HORA, and is ideal for today's busy environment. Practice HORA is a training method of growing individual life potential, natural health and reversing biological age. Practice HORA is for those who value their time, and require both creative productivity and youthful drive.

Signature of HORA: proof through experiment, pragmatism with nothing superfluous, efficiency through speed of decision making and effectiveness.

Transformation in Practice HORA

Svetlana Baklanova, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Baklanova, Practice HORA Leader

Elena Gakkel, Practice HORA Leader

Elena Gakkel, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Chistyakova, Practice HORA Leader

Svetlana Chistyakova, Practice HORA Leader

Ludmila Boyce, Practice HORA Student

Ludmila Boyce, Practice HORA Student

Andrew Ogay, Practice HORA Student

Andrew Ogay, Practice HORA Student

Svetlana Sedelmayer, Practice HORA Student

Svetlana Sedelmayer, Practice HORA Student

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