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About love and energy. AI-KI.

Eastern religion is impossible without eroticism, our religion is impossible with eroticism. Eroticism-sex can not be dispassionate in our culture, it is impossible here, that’s all. In our mind there is no part capable of understanding it. We are different on a psychogenetic level. Maybe this part is still there in a brain, but the mind is already programmed for a conflict with its own brain. Because our culture is impossible without passion.

Why am I saying all of these? You are practicing — I emphasize — dispassionate eastern martial arts. Where sexual energy for unity, life balance of body and mind is vital. Life, BALANCE OF LIFE, is impossible without sexual energy. No matter in what age the Master was born, his center on a forehead and center on an abdomen if — separated, it means the Master’s heart cannot be born from a human heart. The reason: there’s no Balance between Forces of Life, i.e. there’s no harmony between mind and body, no core, no support and a search of the way — search of DO — can last forever. As a result we have “piles” of master of searches, and not by realized fact. Ask yourself what kind of passions you follow and what are you finally developing — becoming.

It just happened that there’s a way from above and everyone knows that there’s a way from below and everyone also knows about it, and what is generally known somehow cannot connect together. And this is not all. The paradox that EVERYONE is aware of: even Christ was baptized on a forehead, an abdomen and a center of dispassionate, a center of control of all passions — a heart. He wasn’t dividing a life above and a life below; he was uniting them himself, in his heart. Those who baptized him, weren’t making Life collide with Life in the heart, weren’t forcing a deadly clash of a head and abdomen in the heart. Using religious terminology, they weren’t causing a clash between Father and Son in Spirit, weren’t causing a war between them. They weren’t creating a war between Heaven and Earth.

Couple of words about the way from below.

How can a way from above be possible, if God breathed life into a human body, but “specialists” called it a way from below.

It’s for the “advanced” a “physical training” — is a despicable way from below, but for me it’s Life given to me by God. This is a meditative breathing in a correct meditative position. God breathed in life — God breathed in KI. You are breathing It in with every breath you take, this is a little bit about KI for you. 

Lower level — meditative “physical training” — is impossible without meditative education, without meditative enlightenment, without meditative upbringing, without meditative and so on… — and this is the first stage of Buddha’s life, the beginning — the beginning for those, who are different on a psychogenetic level. It’s a painfully simple concept. In my way of thinking there are no racial prejudices. But the difference between one and the other is visible even simply from the outside.

Everybody wants to see the king, the president in splendor, glory and power. It turned out that everyone — all nations of the world — want to see the lower level — of “physical training” — in a deserving splendor, that is how it is. Now I think, I hope, you’ll understand why silence is necessary in the broadcasting airwaves. It’s necessary to see the obvious, to recognize it. No need to be a genius for this, no need to have extraordinary abilities. Life is impossible without the way from below; it is possible only for those, for whom this way from below is closed. They raised impotence to some level of “holy” order, and called it the way from above… … … and they were believed in. They, in fact, to speak in religious language, kept a part of the cross, the top, and thoughtlessly, absurdly, cruelly blocked the lower part of the cross. Invite them at least on a soft tatami with such noble ideas. Let’s them show technically how to achieve a way from above.

Lower level —

Meditative technique, breathing:

1) control of an energy in a body,

2) correct constant posture,

3) posture, evolved into a meditative dynamics.


Overall, it’s obvious that we are not in the dark: three centers are vital for meditative asceticism, like in our Christian cross.

The one who controls inner passions controls himself.

The one who controls passions in his heart, governs a kingdom in himself,

Sits on a throne, that is DO — Development,

Constant Development, endless Development, Eternity of itself in itself.

Buddha, achieved Eternal kingdom by refusing a royal throne — King amongst kings, Master, Hunter on hunters, Hunter after hunters.


Extremity: can you imagine yourself being dispassionate in sex, is it possible?

And is sex possible if you’re dispassionate?

Sexual passion is animal KI and the brain, of course, also… not very sophisticated. What kind of AIKI can result from this? — only of an animal type. Question: How many people do you know among us in the West, who were capable of overcoming this animal, cultivating eastern martial arts — AI-KI? Religion is impossible without eroticism in the East.

Meditative journey without sexual energy — i.e. without energy, generating passion — without knowing how to control it, how to manage it — is impossible. Ask yourself another question: do you know many people, who are dispassionate in sex? In general, this is a test — are you a master or who? And generally a test on all western civilization.

In our general conception impassivity, especially in sex, is a cold iceberg or a corpse.

In relation to meditation our civilization is trying to follow Buddha’s premeditative path. We have a meditative consciousness and we are trying to awaken what was left far behind in a blocked archaic consciousness. We are not brought up in meditative culture, we are not educated by meditative culture, not enlightened by meditative culture, and our intellect is cosmic, integrally-infinite, and integrally dark in this very meditative question. Which was left there, somewhere there…very far behind.

How can we move to the next stage — asceticism? If WE put sex (lower plan) and spirituality (upper plan) against each other, like warriors fighting to death. Where we have an intersection of the cross we created a battlefield. I repeat: Where we have an intersection of the cross we created a battlefield.

We obsessively clashed Life with Life in our hearts like deadly enemies.

What should be understood. A life without spirituality is not a life, it’s a life of a cattle. But a life without sex — without it even the primitive creatures do not procreate. There is no imagination enough for such alienation of a Life from Life. Nevertheless WE managed to do that. And present it as the highest achievement of a human spirit: we have a way from above and we have a way from below. Above — can never come down to below and below — can never go up to above. Here it is, our civilized life — here it is a payment by Freud, price for civilization: “stupidity” mortally tied on the lower plan. Welcome psychosis, welcome self-selected Freud psycho type.

I will show you three possible levels of living in love and sex.

First level — amorousness. Common to all, animals during a mating season.

Second level — love. Peculiar to all races and nations and understood in a different way by everyone.

Third level — infatuation. Peculiar to the whole world. It’s non-racial, non-national, free from any directions.

1. AMOROUSNESS. It’s difficult to imagine a poet, musician, artist without amorousness.Amorousness is keeping a person in artistic tone. In our culture it’s a kind of creative way from above. But some of the characteristics of amorousness are— a short life span, unreliability, instability, endless dissatisfaction and a search… Amorousness, is — a road of eternally immature, young, searching for a vigor or inspiration. It’s all unreliable. It’s clear in nature: mating season. In humans — how to prolong it — prolong it forever — this mating season (tone).

2. LOVE. Love is a word, with which poets can juggle forever. But in everyday life — a modern life has proved it — love has become temporary everywhere after the end of joint farming (a cow, a cart, a field). “Get attached and follow your husband or wife until the end of your days” has vanished from our lives. Modern civilization itself has ruined traditions. You can’t juggle with these two watermelons in one hand — and this is exactly what they’re trying to do. And Freud’s psycho type is close to going haywire.

How it was: love plus joint household is a constant compulsory mutual support. As a result the one you lived with was the one you loved, a Friend, accompanying you in life — this is how this person was called. Culture, tradition, government and unity of Heaven and Earth were built on such daily household economy; this is peculiar to all races, nations and divided by borders, traditions, ideologies, cultures and languages. It seems like everything should be the same in the world — but that’s not how it is. Love in Japanese is — ai — is not the same as Russian love.

But this is not all. There’s a continuation.

A different time has arrived… arrived everywhere, and the world has changed everywhere.

A traditional “household” friendship between a man and a woman cannot be replaced by sex. Even men have forgotten how to be friends, and this is much simpler then friendship between a man and a woman (men are prone to be collective, women — are not, this is known to every man and a woman). Love has come to an end together with the joint household — daily life, economy etc. have changed. Traditional family friendship has vanished, but remains sex and amorousness of the satisfied.

And this sex + amorousness is called love nowadays. This is a result of modern civilization — and this is what a modern civilization can not exist without. And this is one of the main reasons of stress, depression and collision between men and women. I am not a psychoanalyst. And most likely neither is the reader. Ask a neighbor what he/she thinks about it. If everything is how I say it, then I am a Master among psychoanalysts. The divorce rate is showing that I am certainly right. The number of potential partners is growing — no, I am not right: there are more and more of them. You can recognize it when meeting with your eyes. And these “wide-eyed telepaths”, unlucky ones are searching for tradition, but it disappeared together with the village. Together with the agricultural economy, a horse cart, peasant sandals, landowners and serfdom, all those remained in the Middle Ages. Choose which stresses are closer to you — modern or those of the Middle Ages.

You no longer know the traditional meaning of this word — love, but it doesn’t mean that love has vanished; it energetically rolled down to the level of amorousness in a spatio-temporal stretch (Klondike river, for lawyers and psychoanalysts). And that’s why you are subconsciously trying to realize this word — love — through Japan, through their traditions, which has already mutated. But what you get is an interpreter-lawyer-psychoanalyst. And a jumble in the head — in which half the world has a financial interest: in entangling — untangling — earning.

In all: you’re looking for a dream. In someone’s past. You live in your present and want to step into a meditative future — from where?

Future is integration and you have to grow to its level — different consciousness. Because it is already a different tradition, different economy, different daily life and completely different love, the DO (way) of love will be different… and even the language will be different.

You should understand me correctly: we have lost the meaning of words. And with these lost meaning of the words we are trying to understand the thought from the other side of the planet, where similarly the meaning of the words have been lost for a long time. They are searching for something in the West themselves — they are wearing our clothes in everyday life. You’re only changing during the training — in what they haven’t been living for a long time, they live in our modern clothing. Ask yourself a question: why? Because they’re a comfortable clothes? — no. They live in our modern clothing and we — are trying on their past. In my thoughts there are no racial prejudices.

If you decide to train, you must be honest — in our clothes, because it turns out that this is the truth of life, this is what a modern civilization resulted in. This is how a new, modern, integral tradition will appear with integral meaning of words. 

3. INFATUATION. What infatuation is can only be guessed by women and a few men. Infatuation is different from amorousness and modern love, because at all times it was and remains a state of spirit. Difficult to access.

Infatuation can change a human being forever. And crisis’s caused by infatuation are spiritual. Those, who were in love, know it EXACTLY — that this is not a crisis of a human being who loves or crises of amorousness, it is spiritual. It transforms, it makes us shine even in crisis.

Infatuation is integral at all times, it’s not connected with household, economic, ideological or other human interests.

Infatuation absorbs a human completely, saturates a human entirely with it, filling out the whole space in the mind and body of a human being, without leaving any gap for the mind or body. Practically making him/her insane.

Such insanity is a symptom of spiritual illness: a human being is awakening from himself. Awakening and salvation in this insanity is called faith.

  • One quality of faith is invariability. Meaning something that will never change.
  • Such faith transforms a human on every level, making him devoted forever.
  • Eternity — is God.
  • God is a Meditation of Existence, Being — in everything.
  • Meditation — is Infatuation.
  • And, those who are in such meditation, contemplate and exist in Eternity.
  • Who will say that such infatuation is not a paradise?
  • Three centers — a forehead, an abdomen and a heart. When they are divided into a way from above and a way from below, then amorousness, love and infatuation is being mixed up. Words loose their KI — energy-power. And DO — WAY is lost.


What are you looking for at the remnants of fire?

Answer: Searching for the truth.

Equality is in ashes, also in Knowledge, but the Truth…

Maybe it is that AI, which you translate correctly and looking for in the ashes, you are not living in it, not existing in it — but still searching and searching.

* * *

Your question:

«What is missing in a method and what should one focus the attention on in Aikido practice?»

What is missing — and not only in Aikido — I have already told you.I’ve told you about AI — love, its basics, energy — KI.

I’ll continue to answer You about DO and a way towards a unity of mind and body.

All eastern martial arts, as well as Aikido, are trying to achieve the Unity of Mind and Body in a human. These words seem to be familiar. But here it’s the same story as with AI, with KI and with DO.

Our bright, clear, enlightened brain will never ever be able to understand their DO. We can’t even sort out our own…

I am watching them — flying to space, building skyscrapers, railroads, bridges, robots, computers…and meanwhile they keep going on and on with their DO, and absorbing DO of others without any damage, finding the strength in themselves for a compromise.

How we differ from them: by unbelievable aspiration for integration, absorption — our DO is civilly-aggressive. Business has made us like that — it started somewhere since the fall of the Byzantines. We are kind of always changing, we seem to be very compromising, but in fact we’re — aggressive. We are trying to brake, seize and take it under control. Meanwhile smiling politely, even expressing curiosity: you know that we wish good to everyone.

What can be said about us that is positive: though unconscious, we are evolutionists. It is obvious in the history of social development, science, philosophy and, most importantly, in democracy.

When a human being is content — dressed, has money, — he/she has free time and with this spare time emerges two ways: the folly of a “romanticist” or the search for himself/herself.

One way — is to satisfy your centers in the abdomen. Another way — is to actually satisfy your abdomen center.

You chose the second for yourselves — You want knowledge from a Tree of Life. But Your road lays through a branch (Aikido). You are trying to enter either the Tree or to go to the roots through the branch. I am already talking about roots, the Tree. I will continue this thought and at the end of the question you will see: I am talking about the Tree of Life.

But I would like to remind You: their religion, like ours, their mysticism, like ours — are aimed towards the exit from life, to ultimate personal gain. And this ultimate personal gain is not called “ego.” It happened so that for me it is ego. I am attuned to Life. My ego — is Life. I am serving the Life. And I am sure that I have the most correct way, for one simple reason: What are you expecting yourself? What are all religions expecting? What do all mystics and prophets indicated? I am reminding you: to the Kingdom of God on Earth, in eastern language — fair reigning of Buddha… — it is mainly the same, i.e. arriving of others, arrival of the perfected world, arrival of the perfect. Another world — is others, it’s not you, it’s from you — and others.

We are unconscious evolutionists. I am talking about life, not about departure. You, like Adam’s children, lost the Tree of Life and are looking for its fruits all over the world — looking for a fruit that Adam didn’t taste.

Eastern specialists cannot quite understand what it means — this notorious unity of the body and mind. I’d like to say: unity of consciousness and the Tree of Life. It suggests itself: it is a product of an exit — way — DO — from unconsciousness. Not the truth, but very close to it.

In the East nothing is moving past statements and poetics in the matter of mind and body unity — haven’t moved for thousands of years. And we are pragmatic, left-hemispheric, dressed in European clothing, we require understanding by all means what is behind those words anyway, we are trained so by business and democracy. It happened so that for us — a short profitable way is important. It’s the main difference between Europeans and the people of the East: not to walk towards the goal, but to run. Even if we don’t get there in thousands and thousands of years and after many incarnations, better to die on the run. In the East, time is prolonged with life, that’s what psyche of time turned out to be over there. For us — the opposite. Time shrinks with age, that’s what psyche of time turned out to be here. This difference happened in our psycho-biological clock. Some perceive time as galloping, others — infinite.

We have a big problem: if we understand a word, then we don’t need a realization, not that we don’t want it — we want to be able to do something else. In general, for us a prayer (a word) is psychologically important, more important than prayer-ness — we don’t have enough time for prayer-ness. For us, understanding of a word, interpretation of a word replaced its realization. Prayer-ness — I guarantee with my word — is meditation.

It’s quiet, without words. Prayer-ness, I guarantee, it is infatuation, it is luminosity, and the one who is in it, doesn’t completely understand these human words, because he is realized and his PSYCHE is on a completely different level, above-human.

What is understood by the term “unity of the mind and body” in the East — is to be able to meditatively concentrate attention from the head, from the brain in abdomen, a little bit below the navel, in order to realize this very unity of the body and mind. In the abdomen — meaning:

1) in the center of physical balance,

2) power, which is in the same place —

3) sexual center, which is in the same place —

4) center of nourishment inside the womb — inner umbilical cord, not external.

It’s the center of satisfaction and an effort of satisfying yourself in this center.

What you should understand: whatever you do in life, beginning from the primitive creatures in the evolutionary chain and further to more complex ones, to primates, to human beings, — whatever the creatures do, their center in the head is always connected to the order from there, from an abdomen — if you need to show strength, satisfy your desire of food or sex.

Life’s concentration in humans — life of the mind and life of the body — is unconscious. But the fact that two “I” (inner self), two centers, two rulers in all creatures exist, is not hard to see. What I said is not such a difficult thought. Everything is so simple, that a question comes to mind: where is the problem coming from?

I am reciting:

1) lack of knowledge, terrible ignorance,

2) lack of understanding from such terrible, unbelievable ignorance and

3) what can ignorance realize?

And what kind of DO can result from this tripled-repeated, dense, dark ignorance?

What kind of AI should one have to go through such KI…?

From what has been said by me so simply, comprehensibly, with the most trivial logic — how many people were able to realize this in the history of East?

Answer: very few.

This same “primitivism”, triviality were realized only by a very few. And they couldn’t illuminate the ignorance with themselves. They only were able to stand behind their points strongly, in their Faith, in their AI. And those devoted to them followed. And to this day the devoted are following this DO, keeping and concentrating their attention from the head in abdomen. Kowtow to them. This is a high culture, high tradition.

In all: only very few have realized it, and millions and millions are following the indicated way. Of course time to time someone among them will break through. Practically they are ALL following this way. You should remember: only very few break through. And how do You suggest to appear among these unpredictable very few individuals, if primitivism of such concentration didn’t engulf you 100%.  

Can you imaging: being in such concentration your whole life? Can you imagine a human on Earth, who would be able to be in such concentration all the time? A human can barely tolerate even several seconds of concentrating on one object. And how do you suggest — a creature that doesn’t know how to concentrate even for a few seconds can be engulfed in concentration forever?

Why niggle: we are Western people, we like to discuss God, Cosmos, infinity, eternity, space-time — why niggle and artificially limit ourselves? For our grand brains — such triviality — what if it’s beyond our power?.. I hope I could explain for our intellect the global-ness behind such a simple, accessible technique, (concentration in abdomen) for everyone. 

Simplicity of concentration. It lies beyond any boundaries of genius-ness that one can imagine.               Global-ness.

You are lucky with O Sensei — you are following a worthy road, concentrating, joining with love your ki-attention with ki-body. Simple and genius. You should show determination and strength of mind of an eastern man in this — timelessness — and not of a western man (not enough time) — you’re only good for amorousness.

And leave all hopes that infatuation will respond to you by infatuation. Don’t expect anything. And then forget even these words.

Just follow. Where all hopes end and you’ll even forget this word — maybe then…Here everything is not in the Russian way and not by Western. We have faith, hope and love. Faith for them — is duty, and then — a faith with love for doing one’s duty, and for them it’s more important than our hope, that you’ll be rewarded as a result.

Faith for them — is a duty, and after that — a faith with love for doing one’s duty, for them it is a hope in its purest form — salvation and result.

I’ll say so that it is close to our mentality: in Your chosen way a reward — is not a result. But the bitter understanding, that the result was at the beginning, You have missed it and wasted time away. But after completing the circle you’ll be returning to the beginning. Remember yourself at the very beginning — just try. And do everything so that neither amorousness nor love would bury infatuation, fascination.

You have a little problem: You have temperance of mind, pragmatism of thought is not happening. You are as if thinking, but all of these are non existent. Why am I judging You with such conviction: I remind you the topic of impassivity in love. You have the same passion towards Aikido. Instead of AI love you have AI of a passion.  

Passion is temporary, not infinite, it’s prevailed by animal KI, lack of mind clarity, clarity of thought. Animal KI of passion dries up — always dries up. Together with it DO is drying up, the way is drying up.

And in front of my eyes is only one picture — desert.

Endless desert.

Anyone can enter such a desert.

To go through it will be —

I’m giving a clue —

the one that is crazy in love.

That’s why only very few go through it.

All the others dwindle and disappear in a desert.


Infatuation — is a prayer-ness.

Prayer-ness — is a faith.

Faith — is being in meditation.

Constancy in meditation — is an eternal infatuation.

Eternity — is God and an eternal Life.

A problem of meditation — basing of attention on the abdomen — indistinct, vague not only for us, but even in the East — maybe even more indistinct and vague. But they are following their authorities, we have — a democracy, it’s not very customary for us to follow authorities, here wherever you point — free, creative human beings. A free, creative human doesn’t follow authorities, he is all-sufficient, self-satisfied, there’s no space even for the proving of knowledge, never mind an authority.

In the East millions and millions are following an indicated way. Only very few go through.

What you should understand: this fact is SCREAMING - that they don’t have clarity in this matter. That’s where indistinctness and Your questions come from — what is missing in Aikido. It’s not in Aikido; it’s missing in the East. Proof: very few.

They are glaringly few, this is a proof, that the center is indicated correctly, but either something is wrong in the technique, or something is not right with the understanding. To be more exact, something is wrong with both aspects at the same time.

There is neither conceptual nor technical clarity and any understanding is missing as to why a modern man would need this. Maybe there was something in the past, — but it stayed in the past, but even then they didn’t enter into meditation by the masses.

Neither we nor they have any clarity. But in the East, they are following authorities.  

It’s inspiring and motivating them — they have a FAITH in Buddha. Faith in Buddha doesn’t inspire or motivate us. They are motivated by faith and inspired by Buddha, by Buddha’s predecessors, and also their followers. They — in fact — have a meditative past. Where billions of people are involved. And nevertheless only very few go through.

There is no such faith in the West, that’s why their few don’t inspire us; all of this somehow is unconvincing for us. We have a different inspiration and a different motivation, and their motives are not directives for us. This is our snobbishness. You ask a question: what is missing? Our snobbishness doesn’t allow us to follow the authority. “What is missing?” — BUDDHA IS MISSING. You don’t see BUDDHA, — how are you going to hear O Sensei?

Maybe if it was Jesus, we would have been motivated by him and inspired by him. I am sure: that is the reason.

I can’t restrain myself: Buddha’s indications should be regarded somewhat with more accuracy and attention. These very few don’t inspire a western man to infatuation (see my conception of AI in the text above). That is the whole problem.

At the end of the answer I’ll give You such motivation and inspiration that will not be less than those by which the East is inspired and motivated —

I motivate infatuation in such meditation, for the whole world, for infinite time, without separation on the West and the East. But inspiration — is the matter of Your AI.

Let’s continue: meaning of the words “mind”, “body” as well as “love” is completely different in the East. And they, as well, stayed somewhere far in the past.

We should search for the energetic meaning of words somewhere in their far past, and with psyche that is far in their past, but not in our past. As you can see today we don’t understand each others’ words — hear them, but don’t hear them. Well, in the far past it wasn’t much better, it was worse, — much worse. We and they were strangers in our antiquity, and to be honest just aggressively hostile. On an unrelated note: suddenly out of nowhere we fell in love with Japan, India, China… and it happened all of a sudden. Before that — exclusive hostility. 

For them behind the same words is not the same meaning what it is for us, but for us — it is vise versa. Our mind and body are absolutely different. We are so unlike each other that you can’t even imagine. What good can I say? We are still from the same Tree of Life.

We can’t go back in our traditions, but we are trying to go back in their traditions, at a minimum, to go back 500 years. Do you seriously suggest that by putting on their clothes it’s possible to do this? I am not talking about the techniques, I am talking about DO. I am not talking about love, I am talking about AI. I am not talking about the energy, I am talking about KI.

Let’s say the realization of a mind and body in you somehow — successfully materialized. I guarantee: you won’t even know it.

You won’t guess iteven if you are a genius. As a proof: billions of people bouncing around on every step on planet Earth go through this center daily and constantly, and their mind and body always unites as well as separates, and they don’t even know about it. The simplest logical chain of correlation (see above) didn’t happen for them. But the problem is somewhat very primitive: how to connect a bouncing brain with a bouncing body. I assure you: the problem is PAINFULLY primitive. You are trying to do it in the very first of positions in Aikido — You and the vast majority of other followers of the Eastern martial arts. In all of them, the first position is the key for all meditative realization of the body and mind. Do it — and the questions about KI, yours as well as your opponent’s, with your mind, as well as your opponent’s, will be solved.

Each Zen position requires different coordination of you in the spatial field. Speaking in evolutionary language, different coordination in the spatial field — is different psyche, a different creature.

I’ll make it more clear on a primitive level once and forever, so that it is comprehensive for the East as well as for the West: what is a different psyche — mind and body unity, is a different creature. I want to make things clear for the modern man, which is necessary for the mobilization of his mind toward a goal. And I’ll make an effort to take him out of the Eastern poetic blurriness.

I am reminding you: their way — is how to depart to a better world. And expectation (hope) of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

My way — is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth without hope and expectation — through realization.

We dropped out from natural evolution, — in other words, dropped out from natural life. The only option — is the conscious evolution of Life, which never happened. It’s taking Life in your hands. Unity of mind, body, meditation — these are the elements of life, which all creatures are using, except for thoughtful humans. All creatures are blindly following the Way, only a human is capable of following DO — the Way – with his eyes open.

A few more words about Eastern martial arts: To face the truth, none of them are the Tree of Life, they are meditative branches.

About the Tree of Life on one page: Follow the thought.

What is considered the unity of mind and body in the East, for the left-hemispheric civilization (West), it would be more accurate to define as the unity of brain and body. Clear and understandable.

BUT, it’s clear: that a brain — is not a mind. It’s also clear in the East, that the connection between brain and body — is a proven fact. The logic is obvious both for left-hemispheric as well as for right-hemispheric people.

The unity of mind and body — is the skill of joining a brain and body in one SMART WHOLE, thus transforming yourself to a completely different level — a level which only very few have achieved.

The center of a mind-body unity is indicated by ancients (meditative center in Buddhism — it is to look at the abdomen). Thus, the center of a personality is shown (see the reasoning above: the unity of desire and attention), and it is — the center where a personality is transforming to a different level — deliberately transforming to a different level, manifesting a conscious effort. It is the center where in a period of time, human being have realized his/her personality, and a center where he can be free from himself and move forward in his development. How this center of a personality came to existence will be described below. Follow my reasoning.

Meditation is a conscious effort. Attention, which is in your head — I recommend this experiment: concentrate with simultaneous relaxation. Anyway, you’ll have a pressure between the eyes — there, deeply. Your individuality came through this door, from this door your individuality will leave — leaving clothes of a personality behind — only taking the necessary evolutionary experience.

This center of the forehead, between the eyes, is indicated by Hindus as the third eye, the eye of a God Shiva, a destroyer and a creator, and most importantly — incredibly sexually lovable God. And the most surprising: when we cross ourselves, we are indicating toward the same center. We are pointing to this center, referring to it as Father, i.e. Creator.

It’s surprising that Buddhists are following Christ — concentrating their attention in the abdomen (center in the body is referred to as Son), but Hindus are concentrating their attention in between the eyebrows — it turns out that they are following our Father (body center in the forehead between eyes).

All Masters ate the fruit from the same religious, mystic, scientific, philosophic Tree and scattered around the world.

As if they took the fruit from the same Tree of Knowledge, divided and ate it. It is a mystic-yoga, it is a religion and a philosophy and a science and everything that follows.

I am not lying when I say that Master’s heart is one for all — one fruit. And one Tree.

A few words about this fruit.

When a child is learning to walk, he/she is not identifying himself/herself with the body — he/she is talking about his/her body as he/she or we. This is a place, where upper and lower worlds are joining together in one. So, when they say “there’s a way from above and a way from below for a human being” — a lie, they are all lying. There’s only one way of development, both spiritual and evolutionary — through this door. This door, a bouncing human — with a center in the head and a center in the abdomen, has sealed him/her self. Everything is simple: stop bouncing.

I am giving you a motivation that is as good as what Buddha gave them in the East.

He motivated them with faith, but I — with proof. But proof that work on us as well as on them, despite the circumstances — ideologies and so on — for endless time forward.

I showed You more than comprehensible, more than clear connections — for the East and for the West for endless time forward — of why the anchoring of attention in an abdomen is needed. Only a small problem remains to be solved: how to do it so comprehensively and clearly. So it would not turn out as it is in the East: among the billions of meditating only a very few achieve the results.

I hope now You understand the unconscious, underlying reason of Your question — how to overcome billions and become one of the few. You are not alone, EVERYONE wants this.

I am returning to the beginning: are You able to go through the world? 

Let’s continue: When a child is learning to walk, he/she is referring to body and “I” in side — i.e. mind, consciousness — as he/she or we. His gyroscope in the head is connected with the astral body. He hasn’t yet become assimilated with the physical gyroscope, which is in the abdomen. And this child, not a human yet, but no longer an angel, is fluttering his/her hands, looking for balance — like a bird trying to fly, and cannot; like an angel bound by a body and can no longer fly. It’s important to see a demonstration of the wings here. A child is raising on his/her toes, wants to fly…and can’t.

The center of inspiration power, the center of an attempt to overcome, despite any barriers. This is where hope is. Gradually, wings fall, a child comes down from his/her toes to heels. Thus appears a bouncing human, not soaring, not in love, not meditative. Searching for a Way, searching for DO, searching for the same Gates — like immortality in other world, another (free from the chains of the body) and immortality in physical life, not bound with the chains of the body, connecting mind and body, connecting words in the heart. A human is followed by a king of life in two worlds.

The chest center — is the same center, which is indicated by ancients as the 12 signs of the Zodiac, as a

12-petalled heart chakra by Hindus, by the Chinese as a center through which 12 channels pass, by Christians it’s indicated as a King on a throne surrounded by his 12 devoted apostles (reigning princes). As you can see, not a single religion, not one mystical way contradicts one another in their origin. All of them — are fruits of one Tree of Knowledge. They took a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, divided and ate it, and those who ate scattered around the world.  

There, I said what is missing in Aikido — and not only in Aikido, in all esotericisms of the East — lost are comprehensible, clear connections. When they are missing, reason appears to juggle with amorousness, love and infatuation.

I showed you more than comprehensible, more than clear connections — for the East and for the West — of why we should anchor our attention on the abdomen. These proofs work for us as well as for them, despite the circumstances, — ideologies etc — for endless time forward.

I did everything for you to be motivated and inspired no less than in the East, —

Being in love in such meditation,

in the whole world,

for endless time,

without dividing the East and the West.

Master HORA®

July 9, 2009 – August 8, 2009


My answer to You was long. But everything is very simple and fairly short:

Master’s heart — Infatuation, 12.

Egg is — 3, there’s 7 Heavens in it

And in the center — a Cross.

The one who finds the answer will open a Door in himself to two worlds and will connect them in himself.

And this is only the beginning.

Master HORA® 
August 8, 2009

Deep Snake Track®

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    Book Intro. What is this book about, in short from the author:

    In great ancient civilizations like: (Egypt, China, Greece, etc.) the trance-mysticism, a trance-religion, a trance-science were a single whole.

    Time, and development of civilization brought in its own corrections: what was a single whole, was divided into components.
    Then once again, and again, and yet again.

    After thousands of years that what was divided, has met again — in a new trance-gravitational space of consciousness and became whole.
    Merger of three main centers on a human body (a forehead, heart and a stomach) makes the person a trance-gravitational person —  and makes him to be of another type.

    And that, what was divided by a civilization into components, is reunites once again in such a new trance-gravitational person.
    And, as you will see, it re-unites in a normal, clear, and understandable language for the modern person.

    Master HORA®

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    This book is about finding your way out of deadlock. It is made with a positive attitude.

    It is the best NOT to read this book in the usual order, page by page. Rather, this book should be read while in the process of contemplation.The objective of this book is to awaken in a person the desire to change, to make a step towards real life.

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    Where the internal knowledge is psycho-method of an immersion into an object and reasoning about it. The external knowledge, is an experience, which has been collected through generations, described in books and passed along, as in a relay race, to the following generations.

    “These methods differ from each other in such a way, that the internal knowledge doesn't allow for a possibility of selection information based on a principle "this is or this is not," "correct or incorrect." That is what the external knowledge is occupied with.”

    As a result, two informational streams are revealed. In one, where mystical priests dwelt in ancient times, and in another, the world developed through exterior, scientific changes of the environment and adaptation of it for the human being.

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