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Seven Skies

Seven Skies
by Master HORA®

 pdfSeven Skies and Informational Booklet HORA® # 5

The system of the seven skies, the chakra system, the essence is the same. The seven main centers in the spine from the tailbone to the crown in the head are called seven skies and the chakra system. semi nebesieThis system is duplicated in a slightly different form in the human brain. The correlation between the brain-spine-body is obvious today and natural.

The line of clean hands (snake tracks) is born by evolution. You can only see what is on the outside, the result. The process of evolution, memory lies within the line of clean hands, in three centers of strength, etc. It’s imprinted in our spine and in our brain…

The snake track (the line of clean hands), not Kundalini, is only its evolutionary established route. I will repeat myself — route. Seven centers are the main destination points on this route. And this route (its physical aspects) lies in your spine, which looks like a snake. While the Kundalini is being awakened, it is moving in a spiral motion on this route from the lower center (tailbone) to the highest one (crown), opening seven doors.

A camel in the desert moves from one source of water to another along the river stream that lies deep under the sand. Via the same principles the Kundalini, moves within its route, not awakened consciousness of a human being, like falling asleep (turning off feelings), and similarly as to when one is coming out of the dream state (awakening of feelings). Refer to informational article #4 by Master HORA – [not translated yet]. The difference between a conscious movement along a river stream and an unconscious movement on the surface is obvious.

The inner “I” of a human being is moving every day from conscious to unconsciousness. The real feelings of this world are changing with the feeling of the dream state. In this context, I am speaking about a transition from consciousness towards unconsciousness in relationship to the Kundalini process. What I would like to point out: all people in this world unconsciously, like in the example of the camel, are tied together to a Kundalini route on many levels. While time is passing by, the river stream (the Kundalini route), is moving into the sand deeper and deeper; aging approaches and our civilization is still accumulating the evolutionary fatigue for humankind.

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