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Seven Skies

In his own time Bodhidharma went from India to China. Then Chan Buddhism (Zen) was born. Very important to understand: it happened not in India, but in China. The reason for this is because in India, even today, everybody knows what meditation is and how to do it. It was impossible to teach the knowledgeable ones; that is the reason why the wise Bodhidharma left for China.

In China they knew formal Buddhism, but they didn't know the essence of it, which is the Dhyana (Chan Zen meditation). Bodhidharma breathed life into what was already there through his own realized meditative consciousness and the alive Chan Buddhism was born. What is important to understand is that before this became possible, Buddhism, in the Chinese culture, existed for several hundred years before Bodhidharma arrived. Today, we all can sense of the refined noble influence of ancient Chan Buddhism, including the martial arts.

Let’s look at an example from our mentality. I'm looking at our history and I'm getting a sense that Christianity came from the East to the Europe...not on anything else but a slow turtle. More than that, this turtle was a cripple that was left with one leg or maybe two: AFTER SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS, the religion of humanity, patience, and forgiveness finally came to us and even became part of the law. And after 2,000 years… and even after two world wars… all of a sudden Europe gave birth to human rights: humanity, patience and forgiveness...

But the method of transformation got lost somewhere in those centuries along with the lost legs of the turtle. And during those 2,000 years, with this lack of a transformational method in Europe, a “container” was developed for a Freudian psycho type... (Reference to Master HORA articles, “Another — Part Two”, “The Stream” – [not translated yet]).

We have a saying among us — “The best is the enemy of the good” which means that “muddling through” is our norm and it is our “passport.

With such a passport, of “muddling through,” “may be with luck,” “may be by some means,” any development is under a big question mark.

Why do I speak about all of this? It turns out that the simple essence messages are coming to us in a very strange way. We are defending until the last one left standing the idea of the earth being flat; we developed such a character, a special one. Accordingly, in order to understand the answers that I give to your questions, there is a need to make a step toward understanding the roots of today’s situation.

This step toward understanding is possible only with a foundation when your own culture and mentality does not weigh on over the inner “I.” Is this possible? Yes, it's possible, and there is no other variation of normal development to exist. Otherwise, it will turn out to be the same as has already happened in history; Christianity blossomed not in the place where it was born and not where it was awaited for, for centuries...

We can do this step forward without losing hundreds of years only if we learn from our own past. Our mentality formed in time in such a way that it was rejecting everything. It was always implanted with the thought that someone is trying to destroy it and thus it was destroying everything around it including what came before it. As a result of a long cultivation of fear, it became afraid of changes, it became afraid of anything new and it became afraid of development without which evolution is impossible. I'm talking about this because I know — the projection of non-acceptance and rejection in Europe is not taking roots. The people of Europe are uniting and this is a fact.

Today, it doesn't matter that a singer doesn't have a voice; the equipment will “sing” for him. The importance is for the look to be marketable: today’s authority and image, created by commercials.

The Kundalini symbols, like the Christian symbols, were demonstrated by the Immortal Masters. Over time, this information became overgrown with enormous additions from the “knowledgeable” ones. The number of these “knowledgeable” ones is growing every day and it turned out that field of esoteric is a good sustainable business to be in... It is possible to end this situation only through understanding that the market has been created for “spirituality.” All the rules that exist in this market are also applicable toward “spirituality.”...

To re-establish the original order and place everything back to where it belongs, I demonstrated the natural signs. In this way the symbols of Kundalini (the spiral of 3 and a half turns, snake track, etc.) was cleaned from all kinds of fantasies. It was cleaned through instinct, without any mind games, detached from any kind of market profit and without any kind of mental or cultural pressure towards the inner “I.”

Furthermore, through the signs, the interrelation was opened between the symbols of the Kundalini system and the main Christian symbols (three centers of strength — the cross, number 33, etc.). In this way, through the Christian symbols, the foundation of the Kundalini system was shown and the natural evolutionary interrelation between those two systems was proven by me, Master HORA.

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