Seven Skies

This cannot be replaced, even with very in-depth information from the East — our daily life, in any case, takes place in a completely different atmosphere, in a different rhythm. The information from a different culture appeals to a person with completely different psyche and corresponds to a different reality. Therefore, it cannot harmoniously transform us in real time and place.

Please note: that which in India is called Dhyana, in China has become Chan, and in Japan — Zen.
In essence, it amounts to the same thing, but it is clear that these are completely different cultures and psycho types of people. We have the word "meditation." Who can say that the European word "meditation" has any relation with the above-mentioned concept? We have not been taught meditation by a Buddhist apostle (otherwise we would have been a civilization of Buddhism).

My answers are based on the language of the culture and education that we have today. Evolutionary- meditative consciousness (ritual) is not alien to the above mentioned Eastern meditation techniques, and they are not alien to it. This is just another cycle.

I am describing the processes involved in different aspects of kundalini, from the moment of conception to departure from life. [See "The Place, The Role and Purpose of Yoga” located at]. And it is the most modern and comprehensible overview. It's not about the evolution of consciousness — it has occurred long ago. Its
outcome is the human himself. It's about taking the next conscious evolutionary step — the one and only way of development for the human
. In this world, each species has only one evolutionarily justified path associated with the local habitat, with a whole (species — habitat — whole). For a human this path can only be conscious (see article "Streem” by Master HORA, a ritual– [not translated yet]).

While responding to your question, I have to first open the foundational interconnections of civilizations and natural evolutionary developmental experience within the human. The answers to your questions are based on my personal, practical, mystical experience — my direct, immediate knowledge.

Such knowledge is independent of any human culture or mentality, and it always has been. This knowledge is not taken from books, even the most ancient. In other words, do not look for the confirmation of my words in yoga, because I show, prove, explain the irrational in the language of the rational, which has never been done before by anyone. That is, I know the other side of the mountain, and I am showing this one side. And from this one side of the mountain, the other is not visible (the interconnections, explanations that are accessible to a normal person, not mystics). That is why at the start of the answer it says: we don’t have too much in common. Those aspects of kundalini opened in this article, have never been considered in any yoga.

What I am writing about, yogis will understand and accept, but "craftsmen/knowledgeable ones" are unlikely to do so; they need not a mountain, but a "vacuum" (see above).

On his elbow human has a specific point which if you hit it, there is a sensation of an electric current — as if the hand grows numb. This is familiar to all. As kundalini awakens there is almost the same feeling, only the point of impact is the tailbone, and the feeling of a strong electric shock occurs throughout entire spine, enhanced thousandfold and takes hold entirely over the human. Here, it is similar to the hand example, but the whole body grows numb. It is inconceivable even to imagine the shock of the impact of the cerebro-spinal liquid, which instantly floods the brain. The soul leaves the body and may not come back …

As kundalini rises (in a successful version), the seven centers — both in the spine and in the head open up. These centers can be called the chakras, and the skies (see informational article number 4 by Master HORA – [not translated yet]). If a person is not prepared for it, the consequences would be more than dire ...

Books by Master HORA

  • Book Three: Gravitaneer

    Available for download! 

    pdfHORA. Gravitaneer™ Part 1 PDF Version
    pdfHORA. Gravitaneer™, Part III PDF Version  (New 5.18.18)

    Book Intro. What is this book about, in short from the author:

    In great ancient civilizations like: (Egypt, China, Greece, etc.) the trance-mysticism, a trance-religion, a trance-science were a single whole.

    Time, and development of civilization brought in its own corrections: what was a single whole, was divided into components.
    Then once again, and again, and yet again.

    After thousands of years that what was divided, has met again — in a new trance-gravitational space of consciousness and became whole.
    Merger of three main centers on a human body (a forehead, heart and a stomach) makes the person a trance-gravitational person —  and makes him to be of another type.

    And that, what was divided by a civilization into components, is reunites once again in such a new trance-gravitational person.
    And, as you will see, it re-unites in a normal, clear, and understandable language for the modern person.

    Master HORA®

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  • Book One: Zen Tales by Master HORA

    Available for Sale •The Book of Destiny•The Book of Time•The Book of Answers

    There are 112 Zen Master answers to the questions from doctors, musicians, business people, scientists, stay at home parents, and students from different parts of the world.  It is divided into four sections:

    About Path
    About Life
    About Family
    About Business

    This book is about finding your way out of deadlock. It is made with a positive attitude.

    It is the best NOT to read this book in the usual order, page by page. Rather, this book should be read while in the process of contemplation.The objective of this book is to awaken in a person the desire to change, to make a step towards real life.

    Read more

  • Book Two: “Either Me or The Whole World” Conversation with Master HORA

    In translation. For the Intellectual Youth: Annotation from Master HORA  

    In the book “Either Me or The Whole World” there is a discussion about the difference in methods of acquiring the knowledge — internal knowledge and external knowledge.

    Where the internal knowledge is psycho-method of an immersion into an object and reasoning about it. The external knowledge, is an experience, which has been collected through generations, described in books and passed along, as in a relay race, to the following generations.

    “These methods differ from each other in such a way, that the internal knowledge doesn't allow for a possibility of selection information based on a principle "this is or this is not," "correct or incorrect." That is what the external knowledge is occupied with.”

    As a result, two informational streams are revealed. In one, where mystical priests dwelt in ancient times, and in another, the world developed through exterior, scientific changes of the environment and adaptation of it for the human being.

    Read more

Video: HORA Gravitaneer

Gravitarneer, Part 1: The Heir of Earth

Who will inherit the Earth and what modern person has to do with this? How can a human make the next evolutionary step as a species consciously? The film about the gravitational trinity of nature. English and Russian - Subtitles are available

Gravitarneer, Part II: Evolution of the Soul

For thousands of years people have been searching for the ideal harmony. In the other words, human history is filled with wars and injustice. The global world today build on double standards and endless division into “us vs. them”. What is needs to happen for Humanity to prevail? For thousands of years people have been searching for the ideal harmony. In the other words, human history is filled with wars and injustice. The global world today build on double standards and endless division into “us vs. them”. The new documentary film “Gravitaneer, Part II: Evolution of the Soul" explains the root causes of this division. Human is the only known species on the Earth who can make consciously the next evolutionary step as a species. English and Russian - Subtitles are available

Gravitaneer, Part III: Smallest force In search of self, in search of the soul

Film Gravitaneer, Part III “Smallest force In search of self, in search of the soul” “Liberation of the soul — it is to become liberated from your inner-I; be able to stop it If this liberation happens, you become whole. The spirit itself, the soul itself and its power which resides in the body — is smaller than the power of the breath.” Master HORA The film is based on material taken from Master HORA’s conversations with youth at HORA Camp, August 2018. Watch previous parts I and II of the film at our Youtube playlist. Gravitaneer Part I, "The Heir of Earth" Gravitaneer Part II, “Evolution of the Soul”

HORA Trance Fitness in Chicago by Teens and Youth

Promoting healthy student lifestyle with the trance athletic training/work out exercises for youth. HORA Trance Fitness is a new and fun athletic training/work out exercises with the goal of preventing the decision fatigue, stress, anxiety, and reliance on substances as a relief. HORA USA Facebook Youth

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