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Seven Skies

I have added a third type of evolution to the ones mentioned above, specificaly — Conscious Evolution of Human (Another), and this kind of contradicts everything said so far. Another — is the third phase of a universal evolutionary cycle. When Kundalini opens up the head center it harmoniously connects human with the elements, with the planets and with the cosmos into a single whole, etc. This knowledge is knowledge as such.

One can guess that kundalini is a subtle phenomenon. It is the energy that does not only open certain centers, chakras, it is the energy that promotes unlatching of super-consciousness, and then a human really becomes a receptacle of Knowledge. Occasionally this happens. Yogis believe it; Gods, Masters, bequeathed this to them. Their desire to manifest this is justified, because such a Yogi is liberated from any technique and is able to unify all of the yoga in himself into one Ritual. Sometimes it happens...

The symbols of the two civilizations (East — West) are widely known. And one must admit, their ideologies do not get along with each other. To assume that the conflict between them will disappear on its own is more than naive. But despite this thousand years of alienation, a theme that is new and foreign to both, supported by evidence given by me (see above: Signs, etc.), was adjoined to them; it is the theme of evolution of a kind. And as you can see, now these three mutually antagonistic ideologies in essence form a coherent whole within the human himself, as it always has been.

Here is what I would like to add, without going too deeply into it. For the Chinese civilization, the concepts of

"Earth, Human, and Sky" are just as fundamental as the trinity is for Christian civilization and Kundalini is for Indian civilization. I, as Master HORA, speak about the practice, pragmatically prove the foundations on which great civilizations were built — such different from each other. But at least they have one singular mother — Nature (see above: Three Evolutions). The other side of the coin proves — these civilizations by their very existence affirm the authority of their teachers, thus confirming symbols left by them, and through these symbols confirm Practice HORA.

This is the definition of SEVEN SKIES. In Indian terminology it is the chakra system, kundalini, and yoga (mysticism). Their differences are very obvious, but also are their similarities. When you know this through yourself, the differences become erased, rejections disappear and something new is born — ANOTHER [see video Moscow lecture by Master HORA, 1999: Father (West) — Mother (East) located at horausa.com]. In our practice, everything described above is naturally present; it cannot be otherwise, since in the practice there is unity of Sky and Earthly (natures) yoga [see article "Stream” by Master HORA:, the transformation — a ritual — the evolutionary-meditative consciousness – [not translated yet]).


1. Signs are disclosed phenomena, objective and easily verifiable experimentally. They can be easily connected with Christian symbols, and symbols of the Kundalini system.

2. That is, the kundalini system (seven heavens) and Christianity are connected through the sign system, intelligently and without contradiction; in fact, they are the continuation of each other.

3. In other words, if you recognize the symbols of Christianity, you have to accept the kundalini system of symbols and vice versa, since this experimental basis for one serves as an experimental support for the other. Outside of these symbols, proven through the signs, there is no civilization or human race or the Tree of Life in general.

4. I am repeating myself here. Signs are the experimentally observed phenomena. The fact that they are inherent to all people without exception is a demonstrable reality. They are instinctive. Connection: evolution-instinct- signs, known to modern science — and used by it — the connection: hand — consciousness — psyche. (see Moscow Lecture by Master HORA, 1999, located at horausa.com)

The result — the interconnection: signs — instinct — consciousness — conscious evolution.

5. Signs — not as badge, but as a fact of life connect all of the mentioned above. They lead us to where the Kundalini system, Christianity and modern science meet. This is not just a meeting place, but a place where they begin to understand each other, cleanse each other and reconcile with each other. This optimization is the foundation for further development — the third civilization. Such a "turtle" cannot be hurt — but I understand that in the beginning the speed will be "turtle like." But this is only in the beginning …

6. Signs — is provable phenomenon, it is a fact. You choose to recognize it or not. This is a fact that does not need recognition. I repeat: I, for my side, have shown a third type of evolution — namely, the conscious evolution of human (Another), and that is contrary to all that has been so far.

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