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Seven Skies

7. To refute the signs — is to deny the very existence of civilization, of the religion that gave rise to them, and mysticism (yoga) that gave birth to both. It is impossible to refute it.

What I present will be supported by the prior knowledge and at the same time will enter into conflict with it. It is natural — when the process moves to a new quality, there is no other way.

8. The Another — is the third phase of a single evolutionary cycle. So meditation HORA (Ritual) is different from what has been until now. Namely, this is not a method/path directed into meditation, this is the meditation which is directed into LIFE.

If you attend information seminars on the theme of "Kundalini," "Sky Man," "Evolutionary-meditative consciousness," etc., you will be able to delve further into understanding these issues.

If anyone after listening to me decides to take up yoga, they need to keep several things in mind. Any type of yoga has a profound effect on the mind (mental restructuring, etc.) It is also necessary to know: this kind of influence on the mind, on the psyche occurs in any ideology, and in any religion, even in sports. One just needs to examine the closest 10 to 50 years of our history in order to see this, and to understand that as of today little has changed.

The result of such effects can be both positive and negative. If my texts, Practice HORA® and its results are not clear or not attractive, and someone decides to seriously take up the "yoga" that is popular today). [refer to “Informational article #4 by Master HORA” – [not translated yet] ]., I recommend to think twice... three times. Perhaps, instead of practicing such "yoga," it would be more useful to run, swim dance, play basketball ...

Master HORA, 07.08.03

Question: Master HORA in the lecture you said that the reptiles are our forefathers. Do you accept the divine creation of human or Darwin’s theory?

Anatoly, 59, Associate Professor of Information Technology, Kiev (A question arose after watching the Moscow lectures by Master HORA, 1999).


A philosopher asks the wise man: "What is more important the brain or the stomach?

Answer: "That which a person can live without is less important.”

The moral of the parable is this: we have lived without God for 70 years. We lived, as it turns out, without a head. For us the stomach (materialism) was very important. Now we are talking about the head, but for some reason the stomach became even greater. Historically evidence shows that the stomach is more important. But there is a small problem — it turns out you cannot do without a head …

I recognize the divine creation of Evolution as such. In general, this is the answer to your question.


Master HORA, 11.06.03

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