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Seven Skies


Question:  A. What are the seven skies (chakra system)? B. What is Kundalini Yoga? C. What is Kundalini?

Natalia, 27, entrepreneur, Kiev, Ukraine


The answers to those questions you can find in any bookstore of esoteric literature, but the truth is that those answers will surely be without proof. You may read and it is your choice to believe it or not. I can recommend to you a European classic that everyone knows; the author is A. Avalon, and the book is The Strength of the Snake. The information in this book does not have any proof, but behind it there are no fantasies and no modern esoteric-charlatans.

In this book, there is a very small amount of information that is similar to Practice HORA®. The reason is that the theme that I am opening is filling with information that no one knew about before. The seven skies (the chakra system of Practice HORA®) anchors itself not on statements but on proof, and in this way, this is how it differentiates itself from Kundalini yoga and the Kundalini theory — the chakra systems.

These proofs contradict what was made up by the modern “authorities” around ancient, unproven knowledge (as we know it today) that was passed to us not in the best form. The ancient people were not in need of such proofs; they could spot a lie immediately. A need for proof became necessary not too long ago; crooks…

This is an explanation for why the proof that I present is not easily accepted by the public, even though to understand the information you just need a minimum amount of common sense. The answers to such questions are given in my booklets. I would recommend that in the beginning, you become familiar with the information in booklets #2 and #4, but even without them my answer to you will be pretty clear.

As in the case of hands, legs, spine, eyes, and the head of a human, all is one whole; the terms “Kundalini”, “chakra” and so forth in the system of yoga are also one whole as well. If everyone knows what the chakra is, then surely they know about the chakra's system (the seven skies). It could not be any other way. That is how it should be logically, but in life it could be different.

I will give you an example: There is a huge auditorium and there is a known comedian telling a joke using the word chakra. This joke is about a character whose “chakra is lower” than it's supposed to be. The whole auditorium is laughing together. This number was moving through all the TV channels, so then this joke was seen or heard by almost everybody. I'm sure that you have seen it as well. In order to be able to laugh so hard about the “chakras” or the term “Kundalini yoga,” these words should be widely known among us. It's like words such as soccer penalty or offsides; they are familiar only where there is English football — these words are not also Russian. Then you have a reason to make a joke or play with these words and so forth. However, the whole country was laughing at that time about something and it was understood what we were laughing at. It is not clear why, since we do not know anything about the Kundalini system. We have just heard of these words. Otherwise, I would not receive questions similar to yours for the past 15 years.

The Christian civilization, without a Cross, without the Trinity, is just impossible, just as it is impossible for the Hindi civilization to be without Mediation, Kundalini and the Triad. I will remind you of several factors regarding this theme and will add even more to it. I demonstrated the natural line of movement of "clean hands" (snake track); in it — is the evolutionary program. (refer to: 1999, Moscow lecture by Master HORA®) The three centers of strength; the places where the hands are turning within this line correspond to a Christian symbol. Also, it was demonstrated how to draw this symbol, which looks like a snake that is curled into three and a half circles (a symbol of Kundalini); chakra signs. All of this the hands did this instinctively just like the line of “clean hands” that looks like a reversed Latin letter S, with the three centers of strength. Compared to the mind, instincts do not play around and there is no space for mind games. That which is embedded in us through instincts, i.e. nature, is manifesting externally, through the mystics, the enlightened ones in mysticism (yoga) and etc. On these deep insights, the civilizations, cultures, and psyche types have been built...

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