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Seven Skies

In order to really hear what we are talking about we need to reconsider several dogmas that have developed within our mentality. This is why I will say several not-so-very-nice words about ourselves.

The proof (signs, etc.) -- this is not a fantasy of my mind. The proof is corresponding to the modern, experimental culture. It is so easy that everybody can grasp it. More than that, if you do not want to believe yourself, then whatever is demonstrated by me, you can repeat experiments with the whole population of the earth, and you do not need any specialized equipment for this. It seems that such a natural experiment is very difficult to understand and to take in by the Europeans because there is no measurement equipment with blinking lights and moving arrows, and how to trust themselves has been forgotten long ago. In addition, what we love more than food is esoteric and near-spiritual fantasies. We like illusions more than real life. And here I am, with some kind of proof, incredible …

Something similar took place with my dynamic trainings' themes. At that time, I was presenting the same natural principles of Practice HORA, physical and psychological. Those principles, in their turn, were opening up nature within a person himself. They were taking him to his own path of individual realization within minimal time. In other words, I was proving the effectiveness of Practice HORA's principles and the effectiveness of evolutionary-meditative consciousness.

As a result, all kinds of entrepreneurs are copying tiny pieces that I have shown and compensating for their lack of knowledge of Practice HORA principles and correlations with their own virtual illusions. This is our reality. The norm of life; we are laughing at and creating illusions toward areas that we do not understand much about. Even in the beginning of the 1990s, in one of my articles, I was trying to explain what came to us through Karate Do, Aiki Do (i.e. different styles). However, the styles are not Zen. Even all of those styles together would not be able to come up to a level of Zen. In other words Do (the path) did not arrive to us. The Do without Zen is impossible. It is impossible to substitute it either with Freud or Jung.

Zen is a method of transformation, culture, school, civilization, mentality that never existed in European culture before. It does not mean that within the high civilization of Hellenistic period there weren't any capable people with Zen abilities. But this is not a school, not a method and even more, not a Zen culture. And that particular civilization has a very distant relationship to us (to say the least).

It just so happens that in our religion, our body is a container for the soul. Additionally, it is a sinful container and even more, it is born from a sinful container. Today, within a formed container, two parallel worlds exist: sports, the culture (physique) of a body, physical health on one side and religion, which is spirituality and spiritual health, on the other side. Those two worlds existed and continue to exist now in one social environment, like two parallel lines. The inner-I of a human exists in (is in a state of) a constant conflict of inner division within itself and within the social environment and he has to choose one of those two sides of life. The method of transformation, when the spirit and the body and spiritual life and the physical life, are united by the meaning of “LIFE” itself does not exist.

The need for overcoming this incomprehensible discrepancy is huge (a spiritual crisis). The demand is giving birth to the supply — that is why these “magicians” have to fulfill the need with their "magic." They do all kinds of things. They create traditions, they make up connections from the Ancient Egyptian times as a minimum. This is understandable: they would like to have their oping stand at the right spot. But because they are not capable of proving the effectiveness of their creation, they have no choice but to steal from what has already been shown. By tearing out a piece from the unity they will surely distort it, they will lie about it and then through collective, self-suggestion they will make it appear as “if it came from” the traditions of ancient Egyptian times. The kind of relationship we have with Hellenistic period is the same kind of relationship we have with the ancient Egyptians. We simply destroyed the inheritance and we did it so much that there is no tradition left…

But today we like to think differently; that we did not destroy anything and that we were very carefully caring for the inheritance. Traditionally, the passing of knowledge that was given from the awakened one to another turned out to be “magically” possessed by those relatives who were destroying them all. All of this is not about us: we are flying to the cosmos; we are not barbarians. With this kind of aspiration, speculations begin. In history, the true meaning is substituted because we like to think that we aren't ancestors of primitive and savage man.

Let’s see those virtual specialists, with their baggage of thousands of years of knowledge, trying to enlighten those people to the level that is presented by Master HORA in the video [refer to Moscow lecture by Master HORA, 1999 located at horausa.com]], even after thousands of years! You can't substitute Zen by those stolen “traditions” (taken in by little pieces). And I am proving here in Europe, on specific people, many times, that evolutionary meditative consciousness (the method of evolutionary focused transformation in HORA) is more than effective.

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