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Practice HORA Training Programs and Prices

Class Fees:  (Wilmette, IL)

Within a typical month, Practice HORA USA offers 10 classes per program. Monthly fee covers 8 classes. Individuals can take 9th and 10th class as a bonus at no charge after completing 8 classes
within the month of payment. 

"50 Minutes" Regular Monthly Training Program Class Pricing for 8 Prepaid Classes + (2 Bonus Classes*)
Evolutionary Basic Practice HORA Programs Kids, Teenagers, Youth Under 30 yrs

31 yrs +

Educators who actively teach (kids, teens, university students)

Level 1 Promotion Pricing $100 off *

(call for more details)

$180  $260  $180
Level 1 $280 ($35), (*$28) $360 ($45), (*$36)  $280 ($35), (*$28)
Level 1 Strengthening, (12+4) $480 ($60), (*$48) $720 ($90), (*$72)  $480 ($60), (*$48)


"50 Minutes" For Super Busy Professionals (without health complications)
Prices Per Class

Evolutionary Basic Practice HORA Program

Kids, Teenagers, Youth Under 30 yrs

Young Adults
31 to 40 yrs

Adults with health complications **
Level 1 Promotional Pricing (call for more details) $36 $50 N/A
Level 1 $50 $65 N/A
Saturday Retreat Classes*** $70 $90 N/A

*Note: As an incentive to encourage continuous training and development, a person takes up to 2 bonus classes. Individuals who are on the monthly program receive an additional
consistent training discount and take 2 extra bonus classes.
**Note: Health conditions require pre-qualification with Practice HORA leader.

***Saturday HORA Retreat Classes @ Whilmette, IL:

    • HORA Trance Fitness Exercises @ 9:00 a.m.
    • Information Session [Development and Conscious Evolution of Human Being] @ 9:30 a.m.
    • Basic Level 1 Practice HORA Class @ 10:00 a.m. 

Individuals who are not able to attend classes regularly and miss more than 2 months a year will have the following terms:

  • Depending on the health conditions, individual might be required to take private classes before getting back to the group classes. The amount of classes, if any, will be determent by the leader.
  • All classes will be priced at the full standard rate: “prices per class with no monthly commitment.”
  • The price will return to “regular training prices” after 3 months of consistent attendance. 
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Practice HORA Programs

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