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Comparing Training Options and Benefits for Socially Active Ambitious Individuals

Comparing Practice HORA v1Making Choices: Cost & Benefit Analysis of a Training Method

  1. Do you feel tired after exercise?

  2. Can you sustain the intensity of your exercise without injuries when aging?

  3. Is your program helping you to achieve your social & personal goals?

  4. Do you need various methods to keep yourself balanced, healthy and productive?

  5. Does your training program provide personal developmental benefits/growth?

Most methods are temporary without permanent resolution. Although they are better than no method at all, exercises such as running, aerobics, weight lifting and/or yoga can actually cause bodily injuries and fatigue with aging. With Practice HORA, on the other hand, the more you train the stronger you get and previous weaknesses or injuries will be eliminated. 

Practice HORA does not have exercises that twist joins, or require lifting weights, or wrestle or move at fast speed. Our exercises are low-intensity movement exercises and a low-intensity short burst of pressure and resistance that are gentle on organs, muscles, joints, or bones.  Disclaimer: This is a summary of what we have noticed in ourselves and in others. The depth of your results is subject to your current state of physical, emotional, and mental health. One can try the exercises in our open classes, at no cost, and see it for him/herself and make a judgment on benefits, intensity, and degree of motion.

Mental Health

Practice HORA®

May help to reduce depression and stress

Highly effective

Helps to discover your strength and reduce weaknesses

Assists in maintaining body weight and good natural health

Yes. Continuously increasing

No negative side effects on other organs or body parts

Physical Health

Practice HORA®

Overall strength

Yes. Continuously increasing

No negative side effects on other organs or body parts

Enhances performance
(physical and intellectual)

Jump in the improvement of physical and intellectual endurance

Mental and physical rebooting Do not feel tired after exercise

Feel calm and ready for action & work
Ability to sustain training throughout life and aging

This practice is sustainable from the early age of ~ 9 to the end


Business & Social Impact

Practice HORA®

Can the training method be applied during business hours,
during meetings, at one's desk or at one's computer?      

Can be consciously training every day in
the middle of work and school or while walking and sitting …

No need for a meditative, closed eye position   
Do you still need other methods to keep
oneself balanced, healthy and productive?
This method does not need other supplementary methods
to achieve fast, impactful results

 The next evolutionary step of humankind a human will make consciously. Master HORA®

Brief Practice HORA USA Videos

TEDxWilmetteWomen: Mobilize Yourself To Transform Stress Into Productivity | Svetlana Baklanova |

Svetlana Baklanova shows us how to transform stress into productivity using simple, physical exercises in this groundbreaking talk. Through Principles of Nature and Evolution, Baklanova demonstrates how to consciously release tension and stress using gravity and the power of attention. Listen to the talk to learn more about productivity in your personal and professional life. Svetlana Baklanova is an entrepreneur who trains attention through fitness at her Wilmette studio, Practice HORA USA. Svetlana has spent 20,000+ hours teaching people how to transform their stress into more productive personal and professional lives. She trains ambitious individuals to develop new trance-evolutionary skills for success.

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